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iPhone Biz Meetup



Fighting the battle of iPhone Release Date ranking

Fighting the battle of iPhone Release Date ranking



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iPhone Biz Meetup Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Building Dream Over a Simple Concept Bess Ho UI & iPhone Developer iPhoneBiz Meetup June 23, 2009 Santa Clara CA
  • 2. UI Developer / Architect Spock Bess Half Vulcan Half Developer Half Human Half Designer Pointed Ears Pointed Eyes “I am a Developer, Not a Designer”
  • 3. + Mobile 10+ Web Architect UI Developer + Payment Experience Web + Mobile Consumer + Adobe Technology One-Girl-Shop Bootstrap Female Power + Google Platforms & APIs + Social Network experience
  • 4. 1st / 2nd App Sound Tricroder & Doctor Tricorder 1st iPhone SDK Trekkie from TV to Movies Star Trek Movie Release in May Loyal Star Trek Fans Worldwide Tricorders in App Store Suck Poor Interface Old Generation Tricorder Few Low-quality Sound Barely Any Animations Entertainment Only
  • 5. My Story When plan fails adjust positioning & strategy on the fly In Review 3 months Instead of crying Or beating up Apple iPhone Review Team Convert my anger & frustration to creating new app 2 months wait Shorten Development Not related to Cycle & Release Early technical issues
  • 6. Product Definition Dancing Series - Use Accelerometer Interests Target Strengths Want anyone without music I love music training can play I play music for years It is more entertaining and engaging to design app I love dancing involved movement I love design Music is universal with no language barrier All age groups All genders
  • 7. Competition: Leading Drum Apps in Top 100 Drum Kit DigitDrummer $1.99 / Free $0.99 / Free Volume Control No Volume Control (Flip View) Pay $1.99 Extra Recording Recording
  • 8. Marketing Positioning: Competitive Differentiation 1st Drum App uses Dancing Drum Accelerometer $0.99 Volume Control - Same View Brighter Cheerful More Sound Touch Play Motion Play Casual Play - All Ages Accelerometer > Record
  • 9. Drum Kit Drum Kit Lite Free Rank: 12 Drum $1.99 Rank: 55 DigitDrummer DigiDrummer Lite Free Rank: 14 DigiDrummer Micro $0.99 Rank: 485 DigiDrummer $0.99 Rank: 62
  • 10. Dancing Drum Dancing Drum $0.99 Rank: 1496 Not Perfect Shorten Development Cycle Release Early 1st Release 1.0 Bad Timing OS2.2.1 - OS3.0 Buried at the bottom in Release Date due to inexperience
  • 11. Drum Kit DigitDrummer Dancing Drum 6 Drums 5 Cymbals 4 Drums 4 Cymbals 5 Drums 6 Cymbals + 5 Extra DigiDrummer Lite Free Rank: 14 Dancing Drum $0.99 Rank: 1495 Drum Kit Lite Free Rank: 12 DigiDrummer Micro $0.99 Rank: 485 Drum $1.99 Rank: 55 DigiDrummer $0.99 Rank: 62 2.2 Versions 1.0 Versions 2.6 Versions 1.1 Versions 54266 ratings 0 ratings 3035 ratings 18207 ratings 1.7 Versions 3.3 Versions 1212 ratings 2904 ratings Data from Moblix 6/22/09
  • 12. Deserve? Dancing Drum 1496 Ranking 0 Rating 0 Review
  • 13. DEMO Rank within Top 100 Rank: 1495 DigitDrummer Dancing Drum Drum Kit
  • 14. Product Strategy Dancing Series Music Band Dancing Piano Dancing Drum Dancing Steel Drum Dancing Tambourine
  • 15. Dancing Series Keyword Dancing Or Tricorder Follow news Twitter: bayareaparty Doctor Tricorder Sound Tricorder Accept Consulting Contracts Bess Ho bess dot ho @gmail.com