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Fluffy Puffy Cloud Pets App Engine Meetup
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Fluffy Puffy Cloud Pets App Engine Meetup


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Build social app in OpenSocial v0.8 and launch at MySpace in 3 days. Port over to Google App Engine.

Build social app in OpenSocial v0.8 and launch at MySpace in 3 days. Port over to Google App Engine.

Published in: Technology, News & Politics

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  • 1. Fluffy Puffy Cloud Pets Birthday: Feb 22, 2009 Sun Birth Place: Google campus, Mountain View CA Grandparent: Weekend App Google App Engine Meetup Palo Alto CA Mar 17, 2009
  • 2. Why Clouds? • Cloud concept is coming from Audrey • “Fluffy” = Cute • “Puffy” = Cute • Join the “Environmental Movement” • Healthy Clouds = balanced ecosystem • More Rains = More Cooling • Generate awareness on Global Warming Fluffy Puffy Cloud Pets
  • 3. Cloud Parents • Audrey Roy, Pretty Cloud Officer • Bess Ho, Pinky Cloud Officer • Waleed Abdulla, Weekend Cloud Officer • Dave Doolin, Admin Cloud Officer • Jeff Roberts, Architect Cloud Officer • Hitesh Parashar, Money Cloud Officer • Bill Overstreet,Virtual Cloud Officer • Nicolas Kokkalis, Idea Cloud Officer Fluffy Puffy Cloud Pets
  • 4. Cloud Machine • Extreme Agile Development Cycle • Work on the same table • Divide the work • Design & Layout • Product Definition & Application Design • API Integration & Server-side • Database Design • Server Admin • Acceptance Testing Fluffy Puffy Cloud Pets
  • 5. Art of Making Clouds Sleepless Hours Hand-draw Adobe Illustrator Drawing Tablet Fluffy Puffy Cloud Pets
  • 6. 3 Day Madness FRI SAT SUN Team Building Server SVN MySpace v0.8 Database Orkut v0.8 Product Business Logic APIs Definition MySpace Offerpal API Select Canvas/Profile/ Technology Home Surfaces Optimize MySpace Surfaces PHP/MySQL JavaScript Offerpal HTML/CSS Acceptance Testing Fluffy Puffy Cloud Pets
  • 7. Sun Twilight • Bite Me if we get rejected again? • Happy Ending • Launch Official at MySpace 6:15PM • Singing and Dancing in the RAIN • RAIN IN SPAIN STAY MAINLY IN THE PLAINS • DEMO at 8PM Fluffy Puffy Cloud Pets
  • 8. Sun Night Delivery Sky (Virtual Pet) Shop (Virtual Good) Gifts (Invite) Stars (Virtual Currency) • Let’s fluff ‘n puff a virtual cloud pet! Get together to adopt, care and nurture pet cloud, let it grow and then rain on someone. Hey, that’s a cool way to save our planet. Show your carin’ and sharin’ side by loving this little cutie. Adopt and get going. Feed it water and it would swell with affection. Give it colored water and see its beautiful character. After eating the animal crackers it cracks up to shape like camels and hippos. Fluffy Puffy Cloud Pets
  • 9. Fluffy Puffy Cloud Pets
  • 10. 10 from Hungry (Feed) 10 from Loneliness (Fluff) = 20 Happiness (Daily Max) Gift = Invitation MySpace allow to invite 1 friend per click Food (Feeding) Water, Purple Water, Emotion (Fluffing) Animal Cracker Fluffy Hand
  • 11. Virtual Good Stars = Drops = Virtual Points Currency Fluffy Puffy Cloud Pets
  • 12. Invitations / Gifts Design Decision Engaging Invitation via Virtual Good FREE Gifts Technical Challenge MySpace v0.7 != v0.8 Fluffy Puffy Cloud Pets
  • 13. Virtual Currency Design Decision Integrate Social App with Virtual Currency Offerpal Fluffy Puffy Cloud Pets
  • 14. MySpace Platform Day 1
  • 15. MySpace Platform Day 3
  • 16. Weekend Launch 2 Weeks After Launch Scalable MySpace Container Google App Engine Not Scalable Python / Datastore PHP / MySQL (LAMP) Add Graphics Working Prototype Add Animations Minimal Animation Improve Scoring 2 Gifts Improve Installation Page SVN Add up to 9 Gifts Domain Project Mgmt Wiki Fluffy Puffy Cloud Blog Add Facebook Group Fluffy Puffy Website Add Facebook Fan Page Add Twitter Fluffy Puffy Cloud Pets
  • 17. Fluffy Puffy Cloud Pets
  • 18. Joy Luck Club • over 3,000 users in less than 7 days • move from private shared web server • move to Google App Engine • Continue to work for fun • Happy Donut at Wee Hours Fluffy Puffy Cloud Pets
  • 19. Fluffy Puffy Cloud Pets FROM YOU Open for ideas NEXT Cloud Sky Backgrounds Activity Feeds Improve UI Focus on UXP