Battle of Music: SDK from iPhone, Nokia, BlackBerry, Android, Palm


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Review most popular mobile SDK

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  • Battle of Music: SDK from iPhone, Nokia, BlackBerry, Android, Palm

    1. 1. Battle of Music iPhone, Nokia, BlackBerry, Android, Palm SDK Bess Ho Opportunity Camp Dec 5, 2009 City of Oakland Oakland CA
    2. 2. UI Developer / Architect Spock Bess Half Vulcan Half Developer Half Human Half Designer Pointed Ears Pointed Eyes “I am a Developer, Not a Designer”
    3. 3. Dancing Piano Dancing Drum Dancing Steel Drum Doctor Tricorder Sound Tricorder Twitter: bayareaparty
    4. 4. Founder of Silicon Valley Web Builder (SVWB) Lead Contributor Google Technology User Group (GTUG) Open Source Project “Chief Medical Officer” based on Google Health
    5. 5. 1st Book on Myspace Technical Editor 1st Book on Open Social Building OpenSocial Apps: A Field Guide to Working with the MySpace Platform Authors: Chris Cole, Chad Russell, Jessica Whyte Published Oct 23, 2009 Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional. Part of the Developer's Library series.
    6. 6. Mobie Developer Networks iPhone iPhone Developer Center Nokia Nokia Forum BlackBerry BlackBerry Developer Zone Android Android Developer Community Palm Pre Palm Developer Network
    7. 7. Device Atlas Mobile Device Intelligence is the most comprehensive mobile database
    8. 8. Mobie Developer Networks iPhone 2 Devices Nokia 434 Devices BlackBerry 78 Devices Android 1 Device Palm 25 Devices
    9. 9. Earning Potential $ iPhone $$$$$ Nokia $$$ BlackBerry $$$ Android $ Palm $
    10. 10. Popular Mobile SDK iPhone Objective-C Android BlackBerry Nokia Palm Pre Java Java Java Java WD WRT WebOS Flash Symbian
    11. 11. iPhone SDK NEW! iPhone SDK 3.1.4 iPhone OS 3.1.2 iPhone SDK 3.0 iPhone OS 3.0 Mac OS 10.5.8+ iTunes 9.0.2 Leopard / Snow Leopard
    12. 12. Nokia SDK Nokia Forum Device Specifications matrix_all_1.html
    13. 13. Nokia SDK Nokia Forum Library Web Developer’s Library 1.7 S60 5th Edition C++ Developer’s Library v2.1 Qt for Symbian Developer’s Library v1.0 Flash Lite Developer’s Library 1.5 Java Developer’s Library 3.3 S60 3rd Edition C++ Developer Libary v1.1
    14. 14. BlackBerry SDK BlackBerry SDK v5.0 Beta NEW! Blackberry SDK v4.7 Blackberry SDK v4.6 Blackberry SDK v4.5 Blackberry SDK v4.4 Blackberry SDK v4.3 Blackberry SDK v4.2 WIN Vista WIN XP (32-bit) (32-bit) devbetasoftware/javasdk5.jsp
    15. 15. Android SDK NEW! Dec 2009 Android 2.0.1 Android 1.6 NEW! Dec 2009 Android 1.5 Apr 2009 WIN XP Mac OS X Ubuntu (32-bit) 10.4.8+ Hardy WIN Vista (x86 only) Heron (32- or 64-bit)
    16. 16. Android SDK Android 1.5 Android 1.6 Android 2.0.1 Apr 2009 Dec 2009 Dec 2009 Major Release Minor Release Minor Release API Level: 3 API Level: 4 API Level: 6 Improve UI Expand Search Built-in Flash & Performance Camera Video Text-to-speech Search SMS Recording engine Stereo Bluetooth 2.1 GestureBuilder Bluetooth HTML5 Support Speech VPN 802.1x Recognition
    17. 17. Palm SDK Palm OS SDK Palm WebOS SDK Windows Mobile SDK
    18. 18. iPhone SDK Screen Size iPhone iTouch One-Size (320x480)
    19. 19. Nokia SDK Screen Sizes 84x48 240x320 128x128 360x640 176x208 120x160 Screen Width 1) Tiny 84, 96, 101, 128, 130, 132 2) Small 160, 176 3) Medium 208, 220, 240 4) Large 320, 360, 480
    20. 20. Android SDK Screen Sizes Android 1.5 & Android 1.6+ Earlier Large One-Size Normal Small HVGA (320x480) 3.2” screen High (hdpi) Medium (mdpi) Low (ldpi)
    21. 21. Android SDK Tools SDK Tools, Revision 4 “layoutopt” = command-line tool analyzes hierarchies and inform you of ineffciencies and potential issues on your layout files
    22. 22. Audio-Driven Mobile App iPhone $$$$$ Nokia $$$ BlackBerry $ Android $ Palm $
    23. 23. Audio-Driven Mobile App iPhone 5 Audio Frameworks Nokia 1 Audio Framework BlackBerry 1 Audio Framework Android 1 Audio Framework Palm 1 Audio Framework
    24. 24. iPhone SDK Audio 1) Media Player Framework 2) AV Foundation Framework 3) Audio Toolbox Framework 4) Audio Unit Framework 5) OpenAL Framework
    25. 25. Android SDK Audio 1) From a raw resource 2) From a file 3) From an available network Play back audio data to standard output device Device Speaker Audio Bluebooth Headset
    26. 26. Android SDK Audio 1) From a raw resource MediaPlayer mp = MediaPlayer.create(context, R.raw.sound_file_1); mp.start(); 2 & 3) From a file or stream MediaPlayer mp = new MediaPlayer(); mp.setDataSource(PATH_TO_FILE); mp.prepare(); mp.start();
    27. 27. Android SDK Audio Audio/Video Playback: MediaPlayer MediaPlayer mp = new MediaPlayer(); mp.prepare(); mp.start(); mp.pause(); mp.stop(); Audio Capture: MediaRecorder recorder = new MediaRecorder(); recorder.prepare(); recorder.start(); recorder.stop(); recorder.release();
    28. 28. Android SDK Audio / Video / Image Formats
    29. 29. Approval Process Based on approvals process for iPhone applications, in a filing to the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in 2009 95% apps are approved within 14 days of submission Apple has 40 Full Time trained reviewers studying 8,500 new apps a week 20% “not approved as original submitted” but sent back to developer for tweaks & changes Store-approval-process
    30. 30. Controversial Apps Based on approvals process for iPhone applications, in a filing to the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in 2009 “established an App Store executive review board that determines procedures and sets policy for the review process, as well as reviews applications that are escalated to the board because they raise new or complex issues.” The board meets once a week. Store-approval-process
    31. 31. Do Not DO NOT use Copy-Right Materials (Image, Audio, etc) DO NOT use License Materials unless you have written documents to prove your ownership DO NOT use any Brand or Trademark names DO NOT use any images too similar to iphone system icons DO NOT submit app with warnings & errors DO NOT treat Apple Review Team as QA
    32. 32. Debug & Audit Test your app in both iPhone Simulator & Device Test your app in both iTouch & iPhone 50% users are on iTouch No Warning Console No Error Xcode Device
    33. 33. 1st / 2nd App Sound Tricroder & Doctor Tricorder 1st iPhone SDK Trekkie from TV to Movies Star Trek Movie Release in May Loyal Star Trek Fans Worldwide Tricorders in App Store Suck Poor Interface Old Generation Tricorder Few Low-quality Sound Barely Any Animations Entertainment Only
    34. 34. My Story When plan fails adjust positioning & strategy on the fly In Review 3 months Instead of crying Or beating up Apple iPhone Review Team Convert my anger & frustration to create new app 2 months wait Shorten Development Not related to Cycle & Release Early technical issues
    35. 35. Product Definition Solve a sticky problem Create your own niche Create new market
    36. 36. Product Definition Solve a sticky problem Apple won’t approve SDK app that is similar to web Create your own niche app Create new market Apple won’t approve your app if it is similar to existing app in App Store Apple won’t approve your app if it doesn’t have enough features
    37. 37. Design Rules Keep it Simple Make it Fun Design for Dummies Use interesting images No Guessing Use movements Picture worths thousand words Engage users Do One Thing Really Well Less Touch = Clicks Fewer Screens = Page Load Fast Loading Lower Latency
    38. 38. Product Definition Dancing Series - Use Accelerometer Interests Target Strengths Want anyone without music I love music training can play I play music for years It is more entertaining and engaging to design app I love dancing involved movement I love design Music is universal with no language barrier All age groups All genders
    39. 39. Product Strategy Dancing Series Music Band Dancing Piano Dancing Drum Dancing Steel Drum Dancing Tambourine
    40. 40. Competition: Leading Drum Apps in Top 100 Drum Kit DigitDrummer $1.99 / Free $0.99 / Free Volume Control No Volume Control (Flip View) Pay $1.99 Extra Recording Recording
    41. 41. Marketing Positioning: Competitive Differentiation 1st Drum App uses Dancing Drum $0.99 Accelerometer Volume Control - Same View Brighter Cheerful More Sound Touch Play Motion Play Casual Play - All Ages Accelerometer > Record
    42. 42. Drum Kit DigitDrummer Dancing Drum 6 Drums 5 Cymbals 4 Drums 4 Cymbals 5 Drums 6 Cymbals + 5 Extra DigiDrummer Lite Free Rank: 14 Dancing Drum $0.99 Rank: 1495 Drum Kit Lite Free Rank: 12 DigiDrummer Micro $0.99 Rank: 485 Drum $1.99 Rank: 55 DigiDrummer $0.99 Rank: 62 2.2 Versions 1.0 Versions 2.6 Versions 1.1 Versions 54266 ratings 0 ratings 3035 ratings 18207 ratings 1.7 Versions 3.3 Versions 1212 ratings 2904 ratings Data from Moblix 6/22/09
    43. 43. DEMO Rank within Top 100 Rank: 1495 DigitDrummer Dancing Drum Drum Kit
    44. 44. Branding Revenue Model
    45. 45. Music Artist 50 cent
    46. 46. Music Artist Lady Gaga
    47. 47. App Review Tap Tap Revenge Lady Gaga iPhone App
    48. 48.
    49. 49. Questions & Answers