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Last 15 Years on Wall Street - FULL
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Last 15 Years on Wall Street - FULL



A Fifteen Year History of Wall Street, more at outsider-trading.com

A Fifteen Year History of Wall Street, more at outsider-trading.com



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Last 15 Years on Wall Street - FULL Last 15 Years on Wall Street - FULL Presentation Transcript

  • A Fifteen Year History of Wall Street by www.outsider-trading.com
  • Analyst Desk at a Major Wall Street BankWe really need torate these techstocks a strong buy!
  • They dont seem tomake any money?
  • Our investmentbank makes akilling takingthese bad boyspublic, its our jobto make surethese things sell!
  • Isnt it against ourmoral oath as CFAs torecommend stocks thatare loosing money?
  • Brokerage Branch of same Wall Street BankOur firm rates thesetech stocks a strongbuy, we need to geton the horn and sellthese bad boys......theres also a 15%commission!!!!
  • Yes?
  • These tech stocks dont seem tobe making any money though??
  • Its a new economy...earnings are prehistoric
  • Isnt it against our code asseries 7 to worry aboutcommissions?? We aresupposed to put our clientsinterest before our own...
  • Client Meeting Inside Same BrokerageAre you sure abouthomegrocer.com? Itsloosing money... whatabout valuations??
  • Its a new economy... you wontbe worrying about valuationswhen youre buying a yacht!!
  • Lets do it!!
  • I love the smell of commissions in the morning!!
  • Fat-Cat Boardroom at same Wall Street Bank Well... those tech stocks didnt work out so hot.
  • It was a bubble...investors shouldveknown better
  • Now we have areal opportunityto sell bundlesof mortgages
  • Real Estate hasdone nothing butgo up... and manyof these mortgagesseem to have weakcredit quality??
  • We need to sellthem to get emoff our books!Plus, we make aridiculous profitfor packagingthem up, its awin-win... for us!!
  • Dont we have amoral obligation tolook out for all thestakeholders?
  • Institutional Sales Desk - same Wall Street Bank Are you sure about the credit quality on these mortgage securities?
  • Of course, thesethings are solid!!
  • Look, we know thesethings are going todefault... thats whybuying our credit defaultswaps is a no-brainer!
  • Same Fat-Cat Boardroom(several years later) Well, that didnt work out so hot...
  • The good news is wehave been givingmoney to both parties...so this bail-out thing isvirtually guaranteed!!
  • Hey, didnt the treasurysecretary used to work here?
  • Yeah, and the FedChairman too
  • Look guys... this isgoing to workout justfine! Our actions willput most of the smallbanks out of business
  • Yeah... and theones that are leftmust be reallyconservative andhave great assets!!
  • EXACTLY! Nowwe have ourtakeover targets
  • The End