Link real & virtual world


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How to see on- and offline mixed?
- Internet of things
- Virtual Goods
- Location based services
- Mobile devices
- Mixing real and virtual world in cross-media campaigns

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Link real & virtual world

  1. 1. digital fuel Link real & virtual World
  2. 2. - Bert Van - Bert Van Wassenhove Managing Director at Amphion digital fuelManaging Director at Amphion digital fuel Actief in interactief sinds ... langActief in interactief sinds ... lang Publiceer in Inside/Digimedia/De Morgen/...Publiceer in Inside/Digimedia/De Morgen/... http://www.ibert.be (blog)(blog) (voor professionele verzoeken)(voor professionele verzoeken) (voor interactieve tips en fun)(voor interactieve tips en fun) (vriendschap niet gegarandeerd)(vriendschap niet gegarandeerd) http://www.gowalla.com (als je wil weten waar ik uithang )(als je wil weten waar ik uithang )
  3. 3. digital fuel TRENDS
  4. 4. digital fuel TRENDS Online Symbols turned into objects Cristian Zuzunaga The Houston Fence
  5. 5. digital fuel TRENDS Born online
  6. 6. digital fuel TRENDS Digital lifestyle lubricants
  7. 7. digital fuel TRENDS Mirroring online behavior
  8. 8. digital fuel TRENDS The TRYSUMER
  9. 9. digital fuel TRENDS The Experience Economy
  10. 10. digital fuel 10 ways to apply OFF=ON It doesn’t take marketing genius to apply OFF=ON and ON=OFF to your own brand. Here’s what you can set in motion today: Incorporate online symbols into one of your next designs. Have customers design something from scratch online, then bring it into the real world. Add any kind of online functionality or access feature to existing physical products. Study and then incorporate winning characteristics of living and doing business online into your offline processes. Infuse your campaigns with the language of the online-versed. Give your online brand an offline presence. Partner with any kind of relevant meet-up venture. Hop on the mobile-meets-web bandwagon. Start with introducing an iPhone app.
  11. 11. digital fuel How do you see on- and offline mixed? Internet of things Virtual Goods Location based services Mobile devices Mixing real and virtual world in cross-media campaigns
  12. 12. digital fuel Internet of things
  13. 13. digital fuel The Internet of things What? The web as “one big computer” All data moves into the cloud Why not add physical objects ... Phones Cars Household electronics Consumer goods
  14. 14. digital fuel The Internet of things How? Build into a device Perfect for new electronic devices Connect with the web via WiFi or Bluetooth (or wire) Add an “electronic label” High tech: RFID Read from a defined distance Need to “program” the chip Requires a reader QR code or 2D barcode Read with any Camera (Phone, ...) Print yourself Needs visual contact
  15. 15. digital fuel The Internet of things
  16. 16. digital fuel The Internet of things
  17. 17. digital fuel The Internet of things
  18. 18. digital fuel The Internet of things In Practice? e-coupons quick links to extra info loyalty cards entry tickets add value to objects (e.g. scan product and see movie) ...
  19. 19. digital fuel QuickTime™ and a decompressor are needed to see this picture.
  20. 20. digital fuel
  21. 21. digital fuel Virtual Goods
  22. 22. digital fuel Virtual Goods
  23. 23. digital fuel Virtual Goods What? Goods that only exist in a virtual world Derive value from the “right to entertain” or “right to be part of a virtual world”. Typically exist within a closed network A great way to make money
  24. 24. digital fuel Virtual Goods How? Put a perceived value against virtual rewards. Work with existing networks for credibility (unless you are famous): Facebook WOW ...
  25. 25. digital fuel Virtual Goods In practice Farmville GoSupermodel HabboHotel Facebook credits
  26. 26. digital fuel Location Based Services
  27. 27. digital fuel Location Based Services What? All kinds services of taking advantage of knowing where the consumer is. Started about 10 years ago through triangulation on mobile phone networks. Never really worked, because: Privacy “feel” (opt-in) Lack of mobile internet availability Came to the surface with the introduction of the iPhone with: GPS function Easy mobile internet
  28. 28. digital fuel Location Based Services How: Location based games Gowalla & Foursquare Holiday Inn promotion Check In products Augmented Reality Gouden Gids Immo Vacatures ... Bluecasting
  29. 29. digital fueldigital fuel Location Based Services
  30. 30. digital fuel Mobile
  31. 31. digital fuel Mobile What? The ultimate link between real and virtual New devices make the mobile “dream” come true Smart phones iPad Mini computers WiFi ubiquity and/or affordable mobile internet
  32. 32. Activation in real life in real life
  33. 33. digital fuel Real & virtual in cross-media campaigns
  34. 34. digital fuel Real & virtual in cross-media campaigns In a post-digital marketing world, you need to build bridges between the digital and the real world. Consumers still live their lives mostly in the real world, and they live the same life in a different way online. Case: Palm Parkies
  35. 35. Palm Social networking the smart way
  36. 36. Can you build a community around an FMCG product?
  37. 37. Yes, if you find the right angle
  38. 38. Start from an existing/phy sical community.
  39. 39. Make sure there’s a relevant “reason for”
  40. 40. Activate in real life in real life
  41. 41. Launch/Nur ture a conversation
  42. 42. digital fuel Real & virtual in cross-media campaigns 360° campaigns Field activation interacting with real world Cases Coke Zero Coke Christmas
  43. 43. Coca Cola Wishmas 2009
  44. 44. Link Coca-Cola and the magic of Christmas Three consumer insights: Digital Christmas wishes Customization Charity Mission
  45. 45. Digital & Real live encounters Digital: One tree full of Xmas wishes Each wish supports Cliniclowns Facebook, Netlog & Skyrock Personal picture wishes Real Life All daily touchpoints 5 real-life Christmas trucks Action
  46. 46. Did it work? 601.120 visitors 1.6 million wishes sent 600 000 last year 1 million more through social media 17.000 fotos uploaded 50.136 euro to Cliniclowns Uplift brand love (post-research) 37% reach of target 12-44 y.o.Results
  47. 47. Coca Cola Zero Dodge Campaign 2010
  48. 48. digital fuel