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Excel Spreadsheets If statements
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Excel Spreadsheets If statements



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  • 1. What is an IF statement?
    • IF(Logical_test , value_if_true , value_if_false)
    • A statement that checks the contents of a cell against a given expression. If the expression is TRUE the first value is returned. If the expression is FALSE the second value is returned.
  • 2. Examples of IF Statements
  • 3. Example 1
    • =IF(A3=A1+A2, “Correct”, “Wrong”)
    • The Logical_test is A3=A1+A2 i.e. does cell A3 equal cell A1 plus cell A2?
    • The Value_if_true is “Correct” i.e. if cell A3 equals cell A1 plus cell A2 display “Correct”
    • The Value_if_false is “Wrong” i.e. if cell A3 does NOT equal cell A1 plus cell A2 display “Wrong”
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  • 4. Example 2
    • =IF(A1>A2, “A1 is bigger than A2” , “A2 is bigger than A1”)
    • The Logical_test is A1>A2 i.e. is cell A1 bigger than cell A2?
    • The Value_if_true is “A1 is bigger than A2”
    • The Value_if_false is “A2 is bigger than A1”
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  • 5. Example 3
    • =IF( AND( ISBLANK(C1), ISBLANK(C2), ISBLANK(C3) ) , “This column is empty” , “This column is not empty” )
    • The Logical_test is AND( ISBLANK(C1), ISBLANK(C2), ISBLANK(C3) ) i.e. Is cell C1 AND C2 AND C3 empty?
    • The Value_if_true is “This column is empty”
    • The Value_if_false is “This column is not empty”
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  • 6. Example 4
    • =IF( OR( D1=7, D2=7, D3=7) , “There is a seven in this column” , “There is no seven in this column” )
    • The Logical_test is OR( D1=7, D2=7, D3=7)
    • The Value_if_true is “There is a seven in this column”
    • The Value_if_false is “There is no seven in this column”
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  • 7. Example 5
    • =IF( AND( E1<=10, E1>=1) , E1 , “This number is too big”)
    • The Logical_test is AND( E1<=10, E1>=1)
    • The Value_if_true is E1 i.e. It displays the content of cell E1
    • The Value_if_false is “This number is too big”
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  • 8. General Comments
    • We are creating a formula, so we must start with an equals, =
    • Excel can be very fussy, so we should always double-check that our brackets and commas match up
    • Excel only accepts round brackets, ( )
    • If we want to display text we must use speech marks, “ ”
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