Saint valentine's day


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Saint valentine's day

  1. 1. Saint Valentines day
  2. 2. Summary• Whats Saint Valentines day?• Why in 14th of February?• Where do people celebrate it?• How do people celebrate it?• Most popular love phrases
  3. 3. Whats Saint Valentines day?In 14th of February its a special day for people who is in love. You can enjoy the whole day with your boyfriend or girlfriend, you can prepare something special for she or he, or, if your love doesnt know you love him or her, tell it.
  4. 4. Why in 14th of February?Valentine was a priest in Rome in the third century, when Claudio II was the emperor.Claudio thought that man who were married, were worse for being soldiers, and he ban the marriage. Valentine, who was in favour of the christian marriage, continued marrying young people who were in love.
  5. 5. When Claudio knew that, ordered to take him to the jail. Asterius, who was the men mandated to took Valentine to the jail, decided to give an opportunity to him, his Daughter, called Julia, was blind. Valentine returned her the eyesight. In 14th of February of 270 Valentine was assassinated. Julia cried and cried, but there werent tears that run in his chicks, were leaves of an almond-tree.
  6. 6. Where and how do people celebrate it?In Japan, people use to climb to the top of the Fuji mountain and touch three times the love bell, and meanwhile its ringing, they say three times his loves name.In Denmark its usually to give some white roses and send some cards, which are wrote with all the vowels like points, and if she discover who is sending this card, for Easter he have to give her one easter egg.
  7. 7. Korean people all the girls who are in love must give to her love chocolate, and a month after, all the boys have to give them a present.In Britain and in Italywho are in love or who have a partner, and single celebrate this daypeople too. Tradition says when the single girl peoplewakes up, have to look through the window, andthe first man who she see, will marry him.Somewhere in Britain people use to bake somemuffins or cakes.
  8. 8. Most popular love phrases "Your heart is free, have the courage to follow it." – Braveheart
  9. 9. the end (shot us well, PLEASE)