SME Energiser - June 2011


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If you want to increase market share, make your brand stand out and get fast growth-low cost sales….we can help you smash your targets

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SME Energiser - June 2011

  1. 1. Winning in the SME Marketplace
  2. 2. SME Energiser: How we can help make you famousYour focus is on cracking the Small and Medium Business market – and your bonusdepends on it. You’re going to tailor your ICT products to really hit the spot, find outwhere your prospective customers are, how to talk to them and how to get them tocommit to a profitable sale and long term relationship – NOW.So, you’re all set up for that aren’t you?!We can help you win in the SME marketplace. If you want to increase market share,make your brand stand out and get fast growth-low cost sales come and talk tous….we can help you smash your targetsWhether it’s a move to cloud computing, white labelling, solution sales or moving todominate in your existing market, we’re ideally placed to put strategy into action. Wecover all the critical aspects of designing and implementing a SME sales strategy - people, proposition, channels, processes. We help our clients to build sales capabilitythat delivers results fast.
  3. 3. We’re experts in the Channel… •Get a clear message and allow channel partners to make more money •Keep pricing as transparent as•The Business team needs to the right possible with discount structures thatskills to be confident in proactively are fairdealing with channel partners anddriving for aggressive revenue /margintargets•Long term contracts will •Compensation for the channelalways require mid term price should be aligned withrenegotiations Channel business strategies •A big challenge is to encourage the •Establish and maintain clear, open channel partner to cross and up sell lines of communication between the products and services if the Business and the Channel to ensure Business does not own the end there are no misunderstandings user. Focus on the rewards package •Partners need to feel that they can share details of their business without it helping any direct business
  4. 4. …and we understand SMEs Small and Medium sized businesses provide a highly challenging and very lucrative market especially for ICT corporates who want to drive volume and increase revenues. We know SMEs because we’ve worked with them and for them. If you want to be successful then work with us – we know what we’re talking about. We provide a global network of resources • One stop shop for the territory target. • Business expertise: The experience and expertise to deliver • Best practice channel management: Big enough to get results, small enough to execute quickly • Clear trackable sales process • Knowledge of channel partner characteristics • Knowledge of channel partner end user base • Clear communication
  5. 5. What does the SME Energiser offer?
  6. 6. SME Energiser – the details For the majority of ICT Vendors having an effective Channel Partner strategy is paramount for continued growth and success but managing a productive and well- balanced Channel has its challenges. It is at the heart of many Vendors’ go-to-market strategies and is a customer, as well as an extended workforce. Key to making it work is to build and maintain a healthy working relationship. We will review your current relationships, recommend new ones and close ineffective ones, whatever is relevant to your business strategy. We test the new proposition and/or review existing proposition, competitor review for now and new world, org design with full mapping of core competencies for new roles, transition programme for existing team members, review of marketing plans with recommendations to maximise results. We understand the starting point, the need for change, the timescales and the measures of success. We’ll handpick a highly motivated team of Field Sales Managers and Inside Sales Executives, and brief them fully on your products and services. We want to know about where your competitors score and where they miss. We want an edge. Armed with a full understanding of your business, your products and services, and your market, we’ll put together a detailed plan with written deliverables and agreed sales targets. Our Sales Lead Generation service brings your sales force real business opportunities. We assign a dedicated account manager -an experienced professional, responsible for every part of the relationship We want to know about your product or service. Why it is unique. Why people buy it and, just as importantly, why some people don’t. We want to know about your competitors: where they score and where they miss. We want, in short, to be on your team.
  7. 7. SME Energiser – the details We understanding what the new /tweaked proposition looks like and who is going to deliver it, review full sales technology and supporting CRM to ensure day-to-day activity is tracked effectively and unnecessary process is avoided. Does MS Dynamics suit the team best, is it, Netsuite or TAS? Do you have the right system that needs to be finessed? Are you measuring the right stuff? So the proposition works, the marketing plan is signed off, the new org design is agreed and ready to implement. Boost speed to market and change efficiency with strategically placed senior leaders who can make it happen. Brought in to do a specific task for a set time, the interim leaders kick start the transition to success. The new team is being put in place, there are leaders in the business driving for success, the technology is there to support the role out of the sales transformation. Support the team to ensure a positive outcome with planned and relevant training and coaching interventions including full sales training, communications strategy for stakeholders, customers and, most importantly, the team that is going through the change.
  8. 8. Our credentials• Our founding directors have excellent track •We provide ICT corporations with best records in delivering results in tough, practice in business strategy and tactics competitive environments – with particular specific to channel.
We achieve this through expertise in iCT. proven methodologies, constant innovation• We are experts not generalists and we can and leadership, with customer satisfaction at call upon our extensive Associate database the core of our mission. according to client’s challenges • Our experience includes working with IBM,• One or both of the directors will be involved HP, Oracle/Sun, Cisco, McAfee, Apple, in every project or programme – it’s important Avaya, Alcatel, BT, Telefonica, Symantec, to us that our clients have our absolute focus Motorola and Microsoft. on their business. • We use our network of experienced• Some of our recent projects include helping a partners to create and deliver quality, Technology company explore the full effective campaigns around the world, using implications of moving to a packaged solution proven, experienced, senior- level channel vs bespoke offer and establishing a executives. This gives us points of presence wholesale channel division of major telco in more than 20 countries, giving our clients provider with revenues >£115m global vision and localised delivery capabilities.
  9. 9. If you are ready to win in the SME market call us now • Jam Today Ann Ritchie-Cox +44(0) 7787 153892 Anne-Marie Molloy +44(0) 7775 600700 • Gorilla Corporation Carlo Tortora di Belvedere +44(0) 1483 685 170 Berta Armenteras Andreu +44(0) 7833 542 824