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  • 1. Time Line 1857-1917 By:Autumn Berry
  • 2. Homestead Act 1862 Passed by congress, offering 160 acres in the west to any citizen or intended citizen who was head of the household and would cultivate the land for 5 years. 1857 1862 1863George Pullman Angel March 3, 1831-October 19,1887 IslandHe designed and 1863-1949manufactured the Pullman An Island in SanSleeping Car, and founded Francisco Bay thata town, Pullman, for the was the chiefworkers who immigration stationmanufactured it. on the U.S. western coast.
  • 3. Sand Creek Oliver Kelly Massacre January 20,1826-January 20, 1913 November 9, 1864 Considered the “Father” of The 700-men force of Colorado the Order of the Patrons Territory militia attacked and of Husbandry. November destroyed a village of friendlyCheyenne and Arapaho encamped in 15, 1867, he laid the southeastern Colorado Territory, groundwork to build a new killing/mutilating an estimated 70- foundation for American 163 Indians, about Agriculture through the2/3 whom were women and children. organization of the Grange. 1864 1866 1867 Wild Bill Hickok (May 27, 1837-August 2, 1876) Gained his fame as a gunfighter, deputy U.S. Marshal at Fort Riley (1866), marshal at Hails, Kansas (1869), marshal of Abilene (1871). He went on a tour with Buffalo Bill and was murdered by Jack McCall.
  • 4. Transcontinental Fredrick Laws Railroad Olmsted 1869 April 26, 1822-August 28, 1903 A railroad line linking the Journalist, socialist, public Atlantic and the Pacific administrator and landscape Coasts of the United States, designer. He designed the completed 1869. Biltmore House and Central Park New York in 1869, 1868 1869 Tweed RingApril 3, 1823- April 12, 1878 GeorgeWidely known as“Boss” Tweed, Westinghouse October 6, 1846-March 12, 1914American Politician Entrepreneur andmost notable for being engineer who inventedthe “Boss” of Tammany the railway air brake andHall.(1868) was a pioneer of the electrical company.
  • 5. Grandfather Chief Joseph Clause March 3,1840-September 21, 1904 The Leader of the Walt-lam- 1870 Wat-kain band of Ne z Perce on A provision that exempts certain the 1870s in a desperate people from a law from a basis attempt to reach Canada rather of previously existing than being put on a reservation. circumstances- especially a He was forced to surrender by clause formerly in some southern U.S. Troops just before reaching states constitution that the border. exempted whites from the strict voting requirements used to keep African Americans from the polls. 1870 1872 Great Plains 1870s-1880sThe grasslands extending through thewest-central portion of the United National CreditStates. Farmers Alliance Mobilier John D. 1870s-1880s 1872 Rockefeller An organized agrarian A joint stock company, July 8, 1839-May 23, 1937 economic movement among formed for general bankingIndustrialist and American farmers that business, or for the developed and flourished. construction of public works,philanthropist. In the by means of loans or personal1870 he founded the estate, after the manner ofStandard Oil Company Credit Foncier on realand ran it aggressively estate, practice not really observed.
  • 6. Jim Crow Laws Alexander Telephone Enacted in 1876 1876 Laws enacted by Southern Graham Belle An instrument that States and local 1847-1922 converts both voice and governments to separate Inventor, born in other sound signals into a white and black people in Sscotland, who invented form that can be the telephone. transmitted to remote public and private places. locations that receives and then reconverts into sound signals. 1876 Battle of Little Big George Armstrong Custer Horn December 5,1839- June 25,1876 1876 A United States Army officerA battle in Montana and cavalry commander in thenear the Little Big American Civil War and theHorn River between Indian Wars. Graduated lastthe the United States in his class. He was killedCavalry (Custer) and during the Battle of Little Bigseveral groups of Horn.Native Americans.Custer was killed
  • 7. Southern Vaudeville 1877 Alliance Stage entertainment 1877 offering a variety of short Helped farmers in the west acts such as slapstick and south deal with affliction turns, song-and-dance by falling prices, mounting routines, and juggling debt, and climbing interest performances; a variety rates. show. 1877 1878 Gilded Age Jacob Riis May 3,1849-May 26,1914 Started in 1877 A danish American socialThe period following the Civil reformer, “muckraking”War, characterized by a journalist and socialgreatly expanding economy and documentarythe emergence of plutocratic photographer. He was ainfluences in government and police reporter in 1878.society.
  • 8. Dumbbell Robber Barons Tammany Hall 1880 Late 1800s-early1900s Tenements First used by an anti- Political organization within the 1879 monopoly pamphlet in Democratic Party in New York Are tenements built in New which Kansas Farmers City, originally founded as a York City and the Tenement benevolent society in 1789, was applied the term to notorious for the corruption in House Act of 1879 and before railroad magnets. city and state politics that it the New York State Tenement fostered in the 19th century and House Act of 1901. early 20th century. 1879 1880 Thomas Alva Joseph Pulitzer April 10,1847-October 29,1911 Edison A Hungarian American 1874-1931 newspaper publisher ofU.S. Inventor; inventions the St. Louis Postincluded: photograph (1877), Dispatch and the Newincandescent electric lamp York World, introduced(1879), microphone (1877), the techniques of “newkinetoscope (1897). journalism” to the newspaper he acquired in the 1880s..
  • 9. Mugwumps 1884 Sitting Bull A person who wishes to 1831-December 15,1839 remain aloof or A Hunk papa Lakota Sioux holy independent, esp. from man who lead his people as a political parties; A tribal chief during years of Republican who in 1884 the resistance of the United refused to support James States government policies. G. Blaine, the Republican nominee for president. 1881 1884 Booker T. Mark Twain Washington November 30,1835-April 21,1910 April 5,1868-November 14,1915 American author andAfrican American educator, humorist. Organized theauthor, orator, and adviser to C.L. Webster Publishingthe Republican Presidents, Company in 1884, lost hisdominant teacher in the fortune to its failure inAfrican American community 1904.from 1890-1915. Founded theTuskegee University in 1881
  • 10. Haymarket Affair May 4, 1886 Mail Order Refers to the afternoon of a Catalog bombing that took place at a 1886 labor demonstration. A publication containing a list of general merchandise from a company. 1886 Colored Farmers Alliance Samuel Gompers 1886 January 20,1850-December 31,1924An alliance of African American English-American who was afarmers that worked to help its cigar maker and became amembers economically by labor union leader, key figuresetting up cooperatives in American Labor History.
  • 11. Interstate Commerce Commission 1887The governmental commission chargedwith making and enforcing regulationsconforming Interstate drivers. 1887 1888 Dawes Act Andrew Carnegie 1887 November 25, 1835-August 11,1919A law that was intended to U.S. Industrialist and“Americanize” Native philanthropist who endowedAmericans by distributing educations and publicreservation land to individual libraries and research trusts.owners Founded the Carnegie Steel Company in 1888.
  • 12. George Eastman July 12,,1854-March 14,1932Innovator, entrepreneur, founded the Ida B. WellsEastman Kodak Company in 1889, and July 16,1862-March 25,1931popularized the use of roll film, helping African American Journalist, newspaperto bring photography to the mainstream. editor, suffragist, with her husband, a civil rights movement leader. She was a partner in the Free Speech and Headlight. (1889) 1889Vanderbilt Family Jane Adams 1889-1895 September 6,1860-May 21,1935)A very prominent family, dutch, Pioneer settlement worker,empires of railroads and founder of Hull House inshipping, had a lot of estates, Chicago (1889), publicincluding the Biltmore House philosopher, sociologist,(1889-1895). author, and a leader in women suffrage and world peace.
  • 13. Ragtime 1890A style of American music having this Shermanrhythm-a style of jazz piano music,developed by Scott Joplin, having a two- Antitrust Act 1890four rhythm base and a syncopated A law that was intended to prevent themelody . creation of monopolies by making it illegal to establish trusts that interfered with free trade. 1890 William Jennings Wounded Knee Bryan December 29. 1890 March 19,1860-July 26,1925 Some 200 Native AmericansLeading politician from the are massacred by U.S.1890s until his death. A Troops.dominant force in the populistwing of the Democratic Party,standing 3 times as its for President.
  • 14. Ellis Island 1892-1942Upper New York Bay, a gateway formillions of immigrants into the UnitedStates as the nations busiest immigrantinspection station. Pullman Strike 1894 A nationwide conflict in the summer between the new American Railroads that occurred in the United States. 1892 1894 1895 Omaha Platform William July 4, 1890The party program adopted at Randolph Hearstthe formative convention of April 29,1863-August 14,1951the Populist Party held in United States publisherOmaha, Nebraska. whose introduction of large headlines and sensational reporting changed American journalism. Purchased the New York Morning Journal in 1895.
  • 15. “Cross of Gold Speech” July 9, 191896Delivered by William Jennings Bryan at William McKinleythe Democratic National Convention in January 29,1843-September 14, 1901Chicago. It supported Bimetallism, 25th President, assassinated, Spanish American War (1898), Annexation ofhelped catapult Bryan to the Democratic Hawaii (1898), Open Door Policy BoxerPartys presidential nomination. Rebellion(1899-1900), Gold Standard Act (1900) 1896 1900 1901 Plessy vs. W.E.B. T. Ferguson Washington 1896 February 23, 1868-August 27,1963Case in which the Supreme An American sociologist,Court ruled that separation of historian, civil rights activist,the races in public author and editor. Co-accommodations was legal, thus founder of the sustainedestablishing the “separate but heavier than air humanequal” doctrine. fighter on December 17,1903.
  • 16. Eugene V. Debs November 5, 1855-October 20,1926 Union Leader, one of the founding members of the Industrial workers of the world (1905), several times candidate for the Socialist Party of America for president. 1903 1905 1917 Orville and Literacy Test Wilbur Wright Began in 1917 December 17, 1903 Refers to the governmentInventors who invented the practice of testing thefirst successful airplane and literacy of potential citizensmaking the first controlled, at the federal level, andpowered, and sustained potential voters at stateheavier-than-air human flight. level.