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Greek dance and music jime
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Greek dance and music jime

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  • 1. Greek Dance and Music By:Jimena Pereira 5C
  • 2. greek danceand music. Ithink Greece it Introductionis a very niceplace and thatit is ainterestingcountry toinvestigateabout. Itscapital isAthens and it islocated inEurope. I havebeen there!Dance was veryimportant tothe ancientGreeks. Theybelieved thatdance improvedboth physicaland emotional
  • 3. Music
  • 4. Lyra Pontos The LYRA ofthe Greeks ofPontos. It isalso known asthe Kementse.It is playedlike a violinwith a primitivestyle bow, butthe musicianshold the lyrain an uprightposition.
  • 5. popularmelody Lyra Creteinstrument on theisland ofCrete. Itis a bowedinstrument similarto theviolin, andit usuallyhas threestringswhich aretuned infifths. TheLyra
  • 6. The Santouriis a type ofhammered Santouridulcimer. Itprobablyevolvedfrom harp-likeinstrumentssuch as thelyra of theancientGreeks. It isplayed withtwo "hammer-like" stickswhose endsare wrappedin Cotten.
  • 7. of theZorba theGreek dance Zorba the Greekis to makepeopleenjoy orcelebrate.Theyusuallydance it inweddings,funeralsand othercelebrations. I thinkthis dance isa veryreligiousand specialfor them.
  • 8. purposeof the Pasxalis TunePasxalisTune wastoaccompanyreligiousfestivals,Marriagesandfuneralrites andalsobanquetgatherings. I think
  • 9. MusicMusic is important tothe Greeks becausethey had a god of music.So they like to sing ordance to him. It reallyrepresent theirculture and how theyare so dont laughabout them!
  • 10. Dance
  • 11. Zorba the GreekZorba the greek videoThis dance is very important.Is the most traditional one.They dance it on weddings,funerals and othercelebrations.
  • 12. DanceDance isimportant forthe Greeksbecause theyhad a god andthey would liketo dance forhim.
  • 13. LanguageHello= γειά σου (geiá sou)How are you= Τι κάνετε; (Ti kánete?)What is your name?= Ποιο είναι το όνομά σου;(Poio eínai to ónomá sou?)Have a great day=Έχετε μια μεγάλη ημέρα (Échete mia megáli̱ iméra) ̱Goodbye= Αντίο (Antío)
  • 14. ConclusionI have learned lots of things. Like that they had agod that inspired them to dance. There musicinstrument are very different to ours also theredances.
  • 15. Bibliographyhttp://greece.mrdonn.org/dance.htmlhttp://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=Ip-XQ1FJ3rEhttp://m.youtube.com/#/results?q=music%20pice%20of%20the%20greek%20lyra%20ponto%20onley&search_sort=relevance&search_type=search_all&uploadedhttp://www.greekfolkmusicanddance.com/instruments.phphttp://m.youtube.com/?reload=3&rdm=mc3dk83yv#/watch?feature=related&v=AlNtTMJAQpg