Penguins on a mission V2


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Penguins on a mission V2

  1. 1. Penguins on a mission
  2. 2. 19:52… Somewhere in theNorth PoleOleg: I just received an instructionfrom the PentagonDavo: What is it Oleg? I hope itis something interesting.Oleg: I believe so. We are totravel to a distant far.Harry: Yes!!!. It’s about time. Iam already bored here, you know.Everywhere is just snow… I needaction.Oleg: Get ready boys. The missionwill begin in 3..2..1..
  3. 3. And so their journey begins…
  4. 4. Having been stationed in sub zerotemperatures, Oleg, Davo and Harry werehappy to be sent to a tropical island in Asia.First stop: A cup of coffee. “Just what Ineed!” said HarryHmmm…. the place looks really nice,Ambiance is light and cozy… comfortablechairs and sofa…. And there’s wifi! “ I canemail my mom” Davo happily exclaimed.Wait, Davo let’s get our orders first… longqueue, whew!. “Well. because there is only onecashier and the customer at the front hasn’tyet made up her mind what to order”.I’ll get us a table, Oleg said… we can doalfresco and get me that oatmeal cookie,please – it looks really good.Fifteen minutes later, the friends are happilychatting as they let the morning pass by.
  5. 5. “Oleg , Davo, I think we need to get ourselves a map”said Harry. “We are new to this place and we do notwant to get lost as our mission is time sensitive. I saw abookshop at the corner. Stay here and I’ll be quick”“Where have you been Harry? Oleg and I were a bitworried that you got lost”“Well, I went to the bookshop and I tell you, it was like amaze. I couldn’t find a map quickly because there was nosignage. Besides, the security guard was ratherthorough in checking bags of incoming customers.Anyways, good thing the customer service was open and Iasked for a map. After that it was smooth since therewere not too many people at the cashiers”“But Harry, you don’t have a map, it’s a globe” duet byOleg and Davo.“I know” replied Harry. “I thought we can ride the globeto roll us to next destination”
  6. 6. With filled stomach and rested sufficiently, thetrio decided that no time to be wasted and starttheir exploration…..Turn left, turn right, walk straight….“Wait guys” Davo shouted from behind. “I’d liketo get inside that store”. “Why?” asked Oleg.“Well, the window display is colorful! For a change,we can enjoy colors. Besides, the prices are shownin those cards by the window and they areaffordable. I think I’d like to check it out. Mymom would love to get some of those nice glovesand a new scarf”.You’re right! replied Harry. “the store has stocksfor male and female. I need new socks anywaysand new bonnet”. Common, Oleg buy your Dadsome cashmere sweater”!“Alright!” replied Oleg.
  7. 7. Good to know guys! Our mission is to be observant and learn from things aroundWhat a day! us! Mission accomplishedWe have seen and and we are going back toa learn a lot of new base!things about theplaces we visited! Agree! But I do miss home already!
  8. 8. The End.