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Orange Hills GmbH: From ideas to market success

Orange Hills GmbH: From ideas to market success






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    Orange Hills GmbH: From ideas to market success Orange Hills GmbH: From ideas to market success Presentation Transcript

    • ©  Copyright  by  Orange  Hills  GmbH.  All  rights  reserved.   MANAGEMENT  CONSULTING  AND  COACHING   From  ideas  to  market  success   Introduc�on  of  Orange  Hills  GmbH  |  Dr.  Bernhard  Doll  |  doll@orangehills.de   Munich  |  October  1st,  2013  
    • ©  Copyright  by  Orange  Hills  GmbH.  All  rights  reserved    –    2   Who  we  are:  New  thinking  for  new  business   Orange  Hills  is  a  a  specialized  strategy   consultancy.  We  support  managing  directors,   board  members  and  business  owners  of  IT   and  service  companies  to  develop  and   implement  innova�ve  strategies,  services   and  business  models.   01   We  develop  innova�on   We  analyze  your  customers,  markets  and  your     business,  and  develop  winning  strategies  and   business  models  –  to  make  sure  you  will  stay   successful  in  the  future.   02   We  implement  innova�on   We  implement  innova�ve  strategies  and   business  models  close  to  the  market.  In  short   project  cycles,  we  test  and  evaluate  what  works   in  reality  and  contributes  to  your  success.     03   We  teach  innova�on   We  teach  your  employees  to  setup,  manage   and  control  innova�on  processes   independently,  to  turn  ideas  into  business  for   your  company.   Our  focus  lies  on:   +  behavioral  field  research  on  customers,   markets  and  compe�tors,   +  visual  modeling  of  innova�ve  strategies,   services  and  business  models,   +  hypotheses-­‐driven  evalua�on  of  future   scenarios  and  prototyping,   +  agile  implementa�on  and  accelera�on   of  innova�on  processes.   We  have  been  working  for  clients,  e.g.:   Our  partners  in  research  and  teaching:   “Orange  Hills  is  THE  benchmark  in  the  field  of  rapid   prototyping.  [...]  We  have  been  able  to  exceed  our  set   targets  and  more  importantly  –  create  a  movement!   Looking  forward  to  the  next  gig  with  this  innova�ve,   professional  and  passionate  crew!“     -­‐  Wilfrid  Kroath,  Tieto  Finland   Finland   Sweden   CZ  
    • ©  Copyright  by  Orange  Hills  GmbH.  All  rights  reserved    –    3   01  |  We  develop  innova�on   02  |  We  implement  innova�on   -  We  help  you  be�er  understand  what   your  customers  think,  feel  and  how   they  behave.   -  We  iden�fy  opportuni�es  for   innova�on  and  op�miza�on.   +  We  design  with  you  innova�ve  IT   strategies,  services  and  business   models.   +  We  make  innova�on  tangible  and   more  accessible  with  visual  tools  and   (social)  prototyping.   +  We  iden�fy  business  cri�cal   hypotheses  and  test  them  in  the  field   to  mi�gate  risks.   +  We  manage  “agile”  implementa�on   processes  to  reduce  �me-­‐to-­‐market   and  improve  innova�on  step  by  step.   Itera�on  1   Itera�on  2   Itera�on  3   Understanding  customers   ...and  implemen�ng  your  ideas  Visualizing  scenarios   We  develop  more  than  just  ideas.  We  are   passionate  about  implemen�ng  ideas  to  create   the  desired  impact  on  your  business.   See  &     hear   Think  &     feel   Pains  Gains   How  we  make  a  difference:  From  ideas  to  market   Customer   CEO   R&D   Sales   Behavior   Implementa�on    Hypotheses  Business  models  Business  ideas  Analysis   Effect  
    • ©  Copyright  by  Orange  Hills  GmbH.  All  rights  reserved    –    4   How  we  work:  Pragma�c,  visual,  fast   B.  Business  model(s)   C.  Hypotheses   E.  Ac�on  Plan  D.  MVP  /  B   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   Reflec�on  Workshop  1   Workshop  2  Field  research   A.  Setup   Data   7  weeks   1  day   1  day  1  day   +  Business  targets   +  Innova�on  team   +  Field  research   F.  KPIs   +  “Customer  Journey“   +  Customer  matrix   +  Market   +  Trends   +  Organiza�onal   strengths   +  Business  ideas   +  Business  models   +  “Profit  Formula“   +  Business  DNA   +  KPIs   +  Risks   +  Hypotheses   +  Experiments   +  Minimum  Viable   Business  (MVB)   +  Experiments:  e.g.   +  Expert  interviews   +  Prototyping   +  Crowd  sourcing   +  Implementa�on  of  MVP  /  B   +  Evalua�on  of  team  performance   +  Analysis  of  results   +  Matching  with  KPIs   +  Evalua�on   +  Op�onal:  Modifica�on  of   +  Business  model   +  MVP  /  B   Feedback   min.   Success   min.   Success   min.   Success   This  illustra�on  depicts  an  exemplified  process   how  we  organize  projects.  Adapta�ons  are   usually  required.   01  |  We  develop  innova�on   02  |  We  implement  innova�on   Visual  tools  –  physical  and  virtual  
    • ©  Copyright  by  Orange  Hills  GmbH.  All  rights  reserved    –    5   Examples:  Tools  for  Business  Design   Business  model   +  Development  of  business  models   as  future  scenarios   +  Visualizing  links  and  connec�ons   between  elements  of  a  business   models   1.  Analogs   2.  An�logs   3.  Test  focus   4.  Hypotheses   5.  Experiments   1.  Ac�vi�es  for  experiments  (7  weeks)   2.  Ac�vi�es  for  MVP  /  B  (7  weeks)   3.  Output   4.  Team  performance   5.  Reflec�on   Hypotheses   +  Iden�fica�on  of  uncertain�es  and   hypotheses  that  can  be  validated   +  Design  of  experiments  to  test   hypotheses  based  on  collected   data  in  the  field   Ac�on  plan   +  Defini�on  and  control  of  the   innova�on  team’s  ac�vi�es     (MVP  /  B    and  experiments)     +  Reflec�on  of  output  a�er  each   cycle     +  Modifica�on  of  business  model   and  products,  if  required  (MVP  /  B)   1   2   3   4   5   1   2   3   4   5   MVP  /  B   +  Design  of  ini�al  market  offering  that   can  be  easily  implemented  and  fits   to  the  DNA  of  the  business  model   +  Defini�on  of  non-­‐func�onal   requirements   +  Focus  on  minimum  viable  business   model  (MVB)   1.  Customers  &  users   2.  Brand  &  messages   3.  Channels   4.  Rela�onships   5.  Offerings  &  value   6.  Resources   7.  Processes   8.  Partners   9.  Profit  formula   DNA   1   2   3   4   5   5   1.  User  stories  “must  have“   2.  User  stories  “should  have“     3.  User  stories  “could  have   4.  Non-­‐func�onal  requirements   5.  Minimum  viable  business   Download   URL:  bit.ly/13zc222   Download   URL:  bit.ly/10FImm6   Download   URL:  bit.ly/17PUx4h   Download   URL:  bit.ly/10cz2TI   2   3   4   5   6   3   7   8   9   1  
    • ©  Copyright  by  Orange  Hills  GmbH.  All  rights  reserved    –    6   Rapid  Modeler:  Team  so�ware  for  Business  Design   +  Collaborate  with  your  colleagues   online  while  saving  on  travel   expenses  and  �me.   +  Collect  ideas,  develop  business   models  and  manage  innova�on   projects  in  your  browser.   +  Share  your  results  with  partners,   customers  and  other  externals  –   visually,  securely  and  fast.   powered  by     HTML  5   www.rapidmodeler.de   Are  you  interested  in     a  customized  solu�on?   e.g.   +  Adapta�on  of  UI  look  &  feel     (e.g.    your  logo,  colors)   +  New  features   (e.g.  Powerpoint  export)   +  Integra�on  in  your  IT  environment     (e.g.  single  sign-­‐on)     Please  contact  us!  
    • ©  Copyright  by  Orange  Hills  GmbH.  All  rights  reserved    –    7   You  are  looking  for  a  new  challenge  and  a   job  that  gives  you  meaning?  Drop  us  a  line   or  give  us  a  call:   Sabine  Schön   E.  jobs@orangehills.de   T.  +49-­‐89-­‐4520545-­‐21   Who  we  are:  Interdisciplinary  excellence  and  passion   Dr.  Bernhard  Doll   +  Expert  for  business  design   and  prototyping   +  Major  in  Computer  Science   and  Social  Sciences   +  PhD  in  Management  from     TU  München   E.  doll@orangehills.de   Guido  Redlich   +  Expert  for  marke�ng  and   communica�on   +  Studied  Communica�on  and   Adver�sement     +  Founder  of  mul�media   agency  a.f.i.m.  /  TBWA   Prof.  Kathrin  Möslein   +  Chair  of  Informa�on  Systems   I  -­‐  Innova�on  and  Value   Crea�on  at  University   Erlangen-­‐Nürnberg   +  Director  of  CLIC  at  Leipzig   Graduate  School  of   Management  (HHL)   +  PhD  in  Management   Sabine  Schön   +  Expert  for  field  research  on   customer  /  market  behavior   +  Major  in  Computer  Science   and  Media   E.  schoen@orangehills.de   Dr.  Chris�an  Schüller   +  Expert  for  so�ware   engineering  &  prototyping   +  PhD  in  Computer  Science   from  TU  München   E.  schueller@orangehills.de   Oliver  Schmid   +  Expert  for  communica�on   and  interac�on  processes  in   organiza�ons   +  Studied  Communica�on,   Psychology  and   Management   Fritz  R.  Pabel   +  Expert  for  learning   organiza�ons  and   communica�on   +  Major  in  Educa�on  and  Fine   Arts   Jonas  Viczian   +  Intern     +  Studies  in  Management  at   TU  München    
    • ©  Copyright  by  Orange  Hills  GmbH.  All  rights  reserved.   Orange  Hills  GmbH   Sendlinger  Str.  29   80331  Munich  |  GERMANY   T.  +49  (89)  4520545-­‐0   F.  +49  (89)  4520545-­‐69   E.  info@orangehills.de   W.  www.orangehills.de   Follow  us  on  Twi�er:     @orangehillsgmbh   Orange  Hills  GmbH   By  car:   +  Direc�on  Munich  Center  /  Marienplatz     +  Public  parking  area  Oberanger  (Oberanger  35)   within  walking  distance  (2  min.)   Dr.  Bernhard  Doll   T.  +49  (89)  4520545-­‐14   E.  doll@orangehills.de   Direc�ons   By  public  transport:     +  U-­‐Bahn:  Sta�on  Sendlinger  Tor  –  or  –     +  S-­‐Bahn:  Sta�on  Marienplatz   within    walking  distance  (2  min.)   Free   (up  to  10  users  per  team)