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IAEP TESOL Teacher Training and Certification Program
IAEP TESOL Teacher Training and Certification Program
IAEP TESOL Teacher Training and Certification Program
IAEP TESOL Teacher Training and Certification Program
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IAEP TESOL Teacher Training and Certification Program


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Our TESOL/TEFL/TESL Certification Program exceeds industry and international standards. Our course is comprised of 60 hour training, 40 hour practicum, teaching resource portfolio, mentoring, …

Our TESOL/TEFL/TESL Certification Program exceeds industry and international standards. Our course is comprised of 60 hour training, 40 hour practicum, teaching resource portfolio, mentoring, intercultural training and career/business development.

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  • 1. Teacher to Teacher TESOL|TEFL|TESL Training and Certification
  • 2. International American English Programs (IAEP)
    Mission: The mission of IAEP is to develop, train, equip and inspire intercultural educators and students to be interculturally effective1.
    Vision: We are a global community of interculturally effective professionals, educators and students who are able relate and communicate cross-culturally, live contentedly and work successfully in other cultures.
    Services: We offer TESOL/TEFL/ESL Teacher Training, Teacher Certification and Language Coaching to aspiring and existing educators and students of primary, secondary and adult education. In addition to foundational and relevant competencies for TESOL/TEFL/TESL teachers, our course is enriched with intercultural effectiveness training and resources taught by Certified Teacher Trainers with extensive intercultural experience.
    Ownership: International American English Programs (IAEP) is a Visions International, LLC company in partnership with Tri-County Technical College
    Founded: 2007 International American English Programs (IAEP)
    2000 Visions International, LLC
    1962 Tri-County Technical College
    Leadership: Bernell King Ingram, President & CEO
    Dr. Debra A. King, Founder & Program Director
    1An Inteculturally effective person, as defined by the Centre for Intercultural Learning, is someone who is able to live contentedly and work successfully in another culture. The interculturally effective person has three main attributes: (1) an ability to communicate with people of another culture in a way that earns their respect and trust (2) the capacity to adapt his/her professional skills (both technical and managerial) to fit local conditions and constraints (3) the capacity to adjust personally so that s/he is content and generally at ease in the host culture.
  • 3. Course Content and Certification
    Training Includes:
    Teaching Across Age Levels
    Evaluating Special Needs
    Teaching Across Proficiency Levels
    Assessment of Language Level and Placement
    Cross Cultural Information and Training
    Teaching the Four Language Skills
    Form-Focused Instruction Within a Communicative Framework
    Curriculum Development and Lesson Planning
    Development of Games and Activities
    Facilitating Students Vocabulary, Listening, Reading & Writing Skills
    Behavior Management and Classroom structure
    Getting a Job or Starting a Business
    Lifelong Learning
    and more . . .
    Distinction of Terms:
    TESL – Teaching English as a Second Language (in an English speaking Country i.e. United States).
    TEFL – Teaching English as a Foreign Language (in a non-English speaking country i.e. Mexico).
    TESOL – Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (umbrella for both TESL and TEFL)
    Training program may be delivered through open enrollment or as independent study.
    Participants will receive an embossed, notarized certificate of completion for 100 contact hours in TESOL/TEFL/TESL training and 10Continuing Education Units (CEUs)
    At the completion of this certification course, successful trainees will develop a Teaching Resource Portfolio demonstrating the ability to:
    Develop a 52 week sequential lesson plan for one level of student, supplementary activities for enrichment and practice and a proposed daily schedule of 45 minutes of activities.
    Establish 12 monthly units to correspond topically with the months of the year to use for program planning and resource development.
    Develop 3 complete level-specific interactive games/activities
    Develop topical folders and picture files (visual aides) for several grade levels
    Establish a plan for classroom management – letters, checklists, rules, follow-up
    Present in class an oral lesson from plans
    Review and write a written summary/critique of 3 textbooks which may be used for ESL and related classes
    Reference Manual: Compile a notebook of resources from numerous sources – other trainees, libraries and newspapers – to use for supplements, homework, extra credit, etc.
    Attend class
    Complete homework assignments
    Practice assessing 5 people
    Total Hours 100 = 60 in class and 40 practicum
  • 4. Dr. Debra A. King
    Certified Executive Teacher TrainerFounder and Program Director
    IAEP Team50 Years of Combined Experience
    Bernell K. Ingram
    Certified Professional Teacher TrainerPresident & CEO
    Teaching Experience: Over 26 years of classroom experience from early childhood to post secondary level.
    TESOL Teaching/Training Experience:
    2 years
    Languages: English
    Abroad Experience: Nigeria, Hong Kong, the Philippines, France, Spain, Canada and Russia
    Education: PhD Educational Psychology, Ed.S. Learning Disabilities, M.Ed. Special Education-Behavior Disorder, B.S. Elementary and Special Education
    TESOL Teaching/Training Experience: 10 years of private and corporate TESOL for children and global executives from around the world; 6 years of teaching beginner Japanese
    Languages: English, Japanese, German
    Abroad Experience: Japan, Canada, Mexico
    Education: B.A. Japanese and International Trade, Professional Coaching Core Essentials Graduate
    Business Experience: 9 years business ownership, small business consulting, coaching, training
    Our Partners
    Over 100 Years of Combined Experience
    Rebecca Moore Certified Professional Teacher Trainer
    Teaching Experience: 14 years Homeschooling
    TESOL Teaching/Training Experience:
    14 years ESL instruction since adopting her first child
    Languages: English, French, Creole, Romanian
    Abroad Experience: Egypt, Romania
    Education: B.S. Social Work, Masters candidate in Social Work
    Tri-County Technical College
    TESOL|TEFL|TESL Teacher Training and Certification
    American Girls and Boys Book Club Society
    Partners with Russia
    Visions International LLC
    Language Coaching | Career and Business Development