ROI of Social Media November 2011
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ROI of Social Media November 2011



If you want ROI in your social media efforts, you need a content strategy. ...

If you want ROI in your social media efforts, you need a content strategy.

Bernie Borges provides a 15 step plan to organize, execute and measure a digital strategy through a content strategy, using social media.



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  • Traditional Marketing Venues
  • direct(direct) / (none)Searchgoogle / organicSearchsearch / organicSearchbing / organicSearchyahoo / organicPPCgoogle / / referralPPCGoogle / / referralCampaignmicrosoft / / / referralCampaignIT+Toolkit / / / / / / / / / / referralBlog / referralSocial / referralSocial / referral
  • As you can see in this chart, we worked with this IT Productivity Software client a couple of years ago. Prior to September 2008, HubSpot was not in place, therefore there was no simple way to track organic leads correlating to our SEO plan. Starting in September 2008 HubSpot allowed us to track leads. As you can see, organic leads more than tripled from 40 per month to about 140 per month.

ROI of Social Media November 2011 ROI of Social Media November 2011 Presentation Transcript

  • November 9, 2011
  • Social Media isStill a Frontier
  • You Are Unique
  • 3 Stages of the Social Media ROI Cycle framework-4539106
  • Stage 1: Launch 50% of businesses framework-4539106
  • Stage 2: Management 40% of businesses framework-4539106
  • Stage 3: Optimization 10% of businesses framework-4539106
  • A Little History… 1990 to 1999  2000 to 2010 8
  • Social Media Today Publish Publish MMO Share Social Apps / Discuss Games Social Media Social Virtual Net- Worlds works Live Micro- Cast blog Like Stream
  • Outbound vs. Inbound Marketing Outbound Marketing Inbound Marketing 10
  • Because…76% of people think advertisers LIE
  • Most Trusted Advertising1. Recommendations from “friends”2. Other people’s opinions online3. Company websites4. Editorial content5. Brand Sponsorships
  • Adopting Social Media Strategies Measuring ROIFully Developed Strategy Have a Social Media Policy Social MediaChampioned by Highest LeadershipAt Least One Full-TimeEmployee Dedicated To Social-Media Strategy Heidi Cohen | April 18, 2011
  • There Are Many Qualitative Benefits Loyalty Trust Passion Interaction But…how do Brand Awareness they impact the bottom line???
  • Think of Social Media as an Integrated Ingredient Channels Search Social Media Jay Baer 2010, convince and Convert
  • Must Be Organizationally in DNA
  • Integrate Social Media into Your Cultural DNA Content Blogs, Videos, white Papers, eBooks Social SEO Media On-page, off- Twitter, page, link LinkedIn, building, analysis Facebook, Forums, Blogs
  • New Marketing Paradigm… a Mindset Shift Relationship /Content Strategy Engagement 20
  • Content StrategyPersona Content StrategyKeywords 21
  • What is Content Marketing? marketing is an umbrella termencompassing all marketing formats that involve thecreation or sharing of content for the purpose ofengaging current and potential consumer bases.Content marketing subscribes to the notion thatdelivering high-quality, relevant and valuableinformation to prospects and customers drivesprofitable consumer action. Content marketing hasbenefits in terms of retaining reader attention andimproving brand loyalty.[1] 22
  • What is Content Marketing? 23
  • What is Content Marketing? 24
  • Content is YourMarketing Foundation
  • Content is Your Currency!
  • Your Content Can Spread Online Re- Tweeted tweeted 10 on Twitter Times Share on Facebook Bookmark ed on “Stumble Your blog Upon is published
  • Focus on the audience
  • The 3 E’s of Content… EntertainEducate Enlighten Engagement
  • Understand Your Target Audience Focus your content on “them”
  • Decision Influencers Promoters End-usersMakers
  • Indentify Their Wants and Needs
  • 1. Identify the “personas” of your target audience. 35
  • 2. Develop content that speaks to the pain points of each of your target personas. 36
  • 3. Identifythe sourcesof content inyourorganization. 37
  • 4. Develop content for each stage of your customer’s lifecycle. 38
  • 5. Create an editorial calendar of your content plan. 39
  • 6. Assign content production responsibilities to as many people as possible. Customer Sales Marketing Editorial Service 40
  • 7. Marketing department is traffic coordinator, not producer of all content. 41
  • 8. Develop a diversified portfolio ofcontent across different media andformats. 42
  • 9. Leveragesocial media ascommunicationandengagementchannels foryour content. 43
  • 10. Define many success metrics andmeasure them to gauge impact ofyour content strategy. 44
  • 11. C Level support is a must forresource allocation & alignmenton success metrics. 45
  • 12. Produce content thathas a measurable impacton sales to align withcorporate goals. 46
  • 13. Focus on educational content, not on sales-centric content (3 E’s). 47
  • 14. Be willingto experiment with content. 48
  • 15. Study content marketing in andoutside your industry for new ideas. 49
  • Skills Needed? SME Listening Writing Story-telling Authentic Responsive Analytical 50
  • Measuring Results Trust, Authority, Leads CTAs Engagement Sharing/S ocial Networks Content
  • Define Relevant Success MetricsQuantitative Qualitative  Sales  Sentiment  New leads  Loyalty  New qualified  Authority subscribers  Interaction  Reach  Feedback
  • Measure Brand Search Findings Brand Social media Influencer content Non-relevant
  • Measure Website Traffic Sources Blog referral traffic was 508 visits* (down 7% from September) *less than 1% of website traffic in September even though in top 25 sources October 2011 54
  • Measure Leads: Organic Search
  • Measure Leads: Social Media
  • Measurement Goals 2011
  • 100 Ways to Measure Social Media
  • 100 Ways to Measure Social Media
  • ROI of Social Media Summary Have a strategy
  • ROI of Social Media Summary Know your customer
  • ROI of Social Media Summary Measure KPIs
  • ROI of Social Media Summary Make it a family affair
  • ROI of Social Media Summary Invest in the right tools
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • YouTube
  • Be A Magnet 70
  • More conversation…Bernie Twitter: ext. 1001 LinkedIn:Websites: ges Facebook: vert Google+