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A social business creates content like a movie producer. By Bernie Borges, CEO, Find and Convert.

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  • Let’s look at the five characteristics of a social business. In full disclosure these are my opinion. You may or may not find these characteristics in someone else’s definition of social business. I’ve been a practitioner of social business since 2006 both as a user and as a digital marketing agency and a speaker and trainer, not to mention author of one book and a top 100 digital marketing blog, though it wasn’t called social business until more recently. So, I am confident that my perspective is grounded in sound reasoning.
  • Jerry Bruckheimer
  • What began as “social media” has evolved. The journey for businesses around the world is not unlike the phases we all experience from infant to mature adulthood. I believe we are approximately 7 years into this journey and I would characterize our current state in social business as early adulthood. My reason is that we’re finally talking about what it means to be a social business. This was not a conversation we were having 2 years ago.
  • Francis Ford Coppola
  • Bill Westenhofer
  • Indium Corp is a NY based manufacturer of industrial solder paste. They were an early adopter of blogging. It didn’t happen overnight, but today more than 70 engineers write blog articles on obscure, long tail technical topics that would glaze over most of our eyes. Their blog content is well received by their audience resulting in a healthy steady supply of qualified sales leads.
  • When a brand delivers utility to the consumer through social technology, a strong relationship can be built. Mobile technology is one of the best ways to do that. Delta airlines allows me to manage my travel plans from my smartphone. Charmin (yes, the makers of toilet paper) allows me to find available rest rooms wherever I am. The user community rates each bathroom a “sit or a squat” based on how clean it is. And, of course Starbucks allows me to find store locations as well add money to my card. These examples illustrate how a social business connects with their consumer in ways that really matter to the consumer, not by selling but rather by offering them value on their mobile device.
  • Each business is unique. In order to consider what’s next for you ask yourself these questions. Chances are you have competition, your employees are connected in social networks and you already use some form of social technology whether it’s free or fee based. Remember that being a social business is a journey. A social business mindset is not an option. A strategic plan is not an option. Data driven social technology is not an option. I encourage you to take the action that is appropriate for you in your situation. Lack of action can be very risky.
  • Create Content Like a Movie Producer

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    2. @BernieBorges #cmworld 2 Characteristics of a Social Business C Suite Gets It Marketing is Not a Department Employee Branding is Embraced Investment in Social Technology Data Driven Marketing Mindset
    3. What is a Social Business? A social business embraces the culture and technology of the social revolution for strategic business outcomes. It understands that employees across the organization should contribute to brand excellence, through external and internal engagement.
    4. @BernieBorges #cmworld 4 Social Media to Social Business Fans Followers Likes Retweets Shares Shoutouts Buzz Engagement Market Feedback New Ideas Employee Collaboration Customer Support Customer Acquisition Launch New Initiatives
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    6. @BernieBorges #cmworld 6 2013 Social Business Study
    7. @BernieBorges #cmworld Content Creation in a Social Business
    8. @BernieBorges #cmworld Think Like a Movie Producer
    9. @BernieBorges #cmworld Producers A Producer initiates a project and oversees it from the conceptual stage through completion. Producers are responsible for initiating, coordinating, supervising, and controlling all aspects of the motion picture and/or television production process. They are involved on a daily basis with the creative, financial, technological and administrative processes. This includes supervising all phases of production from inception to completion.
    10. @BernieBorges #cmworld Social Business is a Journey
    11. @BernieBorges #cmworld 11 Directors A director interprets the script, coaches the performers, works together with the cast, interrelating them all to create a work of art. He gains most when others are given their freedom to show what they know. The film director is seen as a leader of others, as providing a kind of guiding force. The final outcome is more or less predetermined by requirements of the script, camerawork, acting, and editing; the director providing certain organizational context to the picture.
    12. @BernieBorges #cmworld 12 Actors Actors give life to the ideas of writers and directors with a magic that exists only in the soul of a performer. Whether performed live or captured on film, the craft of the professional actor is one that aspiring thespians around the world seek to master. It’s the power to transform a story into something that not only entertains an audience, but also whisks them away to another world and moves them in a deeply emotional manner.
    13. @BernieBorges #cmworld 13 Screenwriters Screenwriters, scenarists, or script writers, are authors who write the screenplays from which movies and television programs are made. Screenwriters, the folks who develop stories into the screenplays and scripts that take our imaginations to new heights, are the source for all the great movies and films we as fans enjoy. screenplay-story/
    14. @BernieBorges #cmworld 14 Visual Effects Visual effects involves high-end post production polish to create an amazing visual experience. It involves use of HD cameras & pro gear, basic and advanced camera techniques, basic and advanced video editing techniques, motion graphics, outputting media for Web, YouTube and mobile devices. academies/academy-for-hollywood-visual-effects/
    15. @BernieBorges #cmworld 15 Artists Artists are the brainchild of visual effects and special effects from the simplest tricks of editing on through the total visual immersion available in current computer generated images (CGI), the combination of art and technology delivers whole new worlds for audiences to enjoy. training-post-production/
    16. @BernieBorges #cmworld 16 Content Marketing Like Film Producers Producer Director Actor Screen Writer Visual Effects Specialist Artist CMO/VP Marketing Project Manager Subject Matter Experts Writer/Story Teller Designer Technical Editor
    17. @BernieBorges #cmworld Social Business in Action
    18. @BernieBorges #cmworld Scott’s External Community
    19. @BernieBorges #cmworld Scott’s Internal Community
    20. @BernieBorges #cmworld Make Employee Engagement a Priority
    21. @BernieBorges #cmworld Dell’s Social Business Journey
    22. @BernieBorges #cmworld 22 Employee Branding at Kinaxis
    23. @BernieBorges #cmworld 23 Marketing is Not a Department • 70+ engineer bloggers • About solder paste! • Measurable lead flow
    24. @BernieBorges #cmworld Marketing is Not a Department
    25. @BernieBorges #cmworld EMC: Compelling Internal Content “It’s embedded in our culture!”
    26. @BernieBorges #cmworld EMC: Compelling External Content “It’s embedded in our culture!”
    27. @BernieBorges #cmworld EMC: Compelling Community Content “It’s embedded in our culture!”
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    29. @BernieBorges #cmworld Two Take Aways…. Become a Social Business Create Content Like a Movie Producer
    30. @BernieBorges #cmworld Bernie Borges
    31. @BernieBorges #cmworld Sources Dell Social Business: s-social-evolution-from-a-corporate-blog-to-a-social-business.aspx MIT Sloan Management/Deloitte Study: State of Social Business Eduardo Conrado: The New MIT Movie Production Definitions: visual-effects/