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Closing Loop Marketing Sales Bernie Borges
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Closing Loop Marketing Sales Bernie Borges


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Strategies to close the loop between marketing and sales for measurement and effective planning. This presentation was delivered at the Inbound Marketing Summit, September 8, 2008.

Strategies to close the loop between marketing and sales for measurement and effective planning. This presentation was delivered at the Inbound Marketing Summit, September 8, 2008.

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • Transcript

    • 1. Closing the Loop Between Marketing and Sales September 8, 2008
    • 2. Bernie Borges Background
      • 20 + years marketing experience
      • Enterprise Software & Internet Industries
      • Since 2002 Providing:
        • Internet Marketing Strategies
        • Search Engine Optimization
        • Pay per Click Advertising Management
        • Visitor Conversion Strategies
        • Social Media Marketing Strategies
      • Help clients drive sales opportunities through the web. 
    • 3.
      • B2B
      • B2C
      • Geographic Sales Coverage
      • Roles/Titles
      • Experience w/Internet Marketing
      • Company Size
      Audience Poll
    • 4.
      • Marketing Tee’s up Sales for Success
      • Sales Produces Revenue
      Role of Marketing Basics
    • 5.
      • Online Marketing
        • Organic SEO
        • Paid Search
        • Social Media
        • Webcasts/Email
      • Offline Marketing
        • Direct Mail
        • Print Advertising
        • Events
        • PR
      Types of Marketing
    • 6.
      • Developing, implementing, managing and measuring marketing plans that have a tangible result on the business.
      Closing Loop Between Marketing & Sales
    • 7.
      • Relationship
      • Strategy
      • Best Practices
      • Measurement
      Closing Loop Pillars
    • 8. Relationship Pillar Set up manage financial systems & budgets Develop sales model, recruit, manage, measure Identify target markets, set promotion strategy Align with company vision/strategy Finance/IT Sales Marketing Exec. Mgmt.
    • 9.
      • Align w/Stakeholders
      • Understand Strengths/Weaknesses
      • Clarity of Messaging
      • Define “A” & “B” Opportunities
      • Understand Behavior of Target Market
      • Listen to Customers/Online Community
      • Allocate Resources Wisely
      • Think “small”
      Strategy Pillar Long Tail
    • 10.
      • Eat Lunch w/Stakeholders
      • Know Competition Inside & Out
      • Know Industry Thought Leaders
      • Produce Lots of Content
      • Test, Measure, Revise
      • Don’t Be Afraid To:
        • Experiment
        • Fail
      Best Practices Pillar
    • 11.
      • Measurement Goals/Criteria
        • Sales
        • Leads
        • “Buzz”
        • Traffic
        • Brand Improvement
        • Cost per ….
      Measurement Strategies Pillar
    • 12. Measurement Strategies Track company name searches in web analytics Track company name mentions in media Invitations to write, speak, interview, etc. Sales staff feedback Increased awareness Brand CRM Integration Media coverage increases Employment applications increase Speaking opportunities increase Bounce rates Market share grows Cost per lead Industry thought leaders write about you Pages visited Competitive threats weaken Downloads Increased size of groups, followers, RSS subscribers, etc. Unique/Repeat Visitors Sales cycles shorten Live chat session requests “ you’re everywhere” factor Keywords Revenue increases Forms filled requesting info Viral growth of content Referring sites Sales Leads Buzz Traffic
    • 13. Measurement Strategies High level of automated tools Reasonable level of automated tools with some manual tracking 100% Manual & Subjective Real time synchronization of marketing data with CRM system Call tracking: toll free and local phone numbers tied to keywords & landing pages Apply known conversion rates and stakeholder agreed assumptions Track campaign results all the way to closure Measure sales per keyword, referral source, tie to marketing events, etc. Vendor fees, click fees, free tools Score and profile leads, screen before passing to sales CRM tracking to Calculate Social Media costs Manage multi-channel campaigns Search Marketing analytics Calculate SEO/SEM costs Eloqua Hubspot Manual $1,000 $100 $1
    • 14.
      • Understand Cost of Sales
      • Do More or Less of Something
      • Experiment More
      • Re-Allocate Budget/Resources
      • Create More Content
      • Stay Aligned w/Stakeholders
      Turning Information Into Action
    • 15. Case Studies: Sales follow up Track page views Lead Lander Prioritize keywords Track keywords Google Analytics Maximize frequency Increased traffic Press Releases More content Increased traffic SEO Actions Results Marketing
    • 16. Case Studies: Based on industry topics w/success history TBD Webcasts Reinvest in select keywords Track source of leads & keywords Hubspot Maintain budget Qualified leads Capterra Industry specific content Increased traffic SEO Actions Results Marketing
    • 17. Case Studies: Exact tracking of lead PURL Lead Capture Re-allocated marketing more to one product 137 leads, $223 cost/lead, 25% higher than planned, 20 sales Direct Mail Actions Results Marketing
    • 18. Case Studies: Email Marketing Direct Mail Affiliates Recognize brand improvement Track keywords Google Analytics Tradeshows More content, link building SEO Increased traffic: one recent sale (accelerated) SEO & PPC Actions Results Marketing
    • 19. Case Studies: Maintain, seek to measure better Perceived to drive website traffic Print Advertising Seek to allocate budget based on better metrics Aim to increase tracking Hubspot (new) Maintain select shows Qualified sales leads Tradeshows More content, link building, PPC Increased traffic/leads SEO & PPC Actions Results Marketing
    • 20. Case Studies: Direct Mail Print/Banner Advertising Email Marketing Tradeshows More content, link building, PPC Seek to tie metrics together better Seek to allocate budget based on better metrics Increased traffic/leads Robust sales pipeline Alignment w/CEO, VP Sales, CFO SEO & PPC Actions Results Marketing
    • 21. Case Studies: PPC Email Marketing
      • Content Marketing
      • Best Practices
      • Training Content
      Webinars Selected Hubspot for single-point management Studying buyer patterns (new category) Creating more content Refining keyword strategy Tripled traffic/leads Keyword visibility into Social media traffic tripled SEO Actions Results Marketing
    • 22. Case Studies: Telemarketing Lead Lander Print Advertising Direct Mail More content, link building Maintain print advert. Re-allocate budget based on lead metrics Increased traffic/leads Better able to measure source of leads SEO & PPC Actions Results Marketing
    • 23. Case Studies:
    • 24. Case Studies:
    • 25. Case Studies: Eloqua Tradeshows Other Tactics… More campaign planning w/alignment Improved sales execution Standardized marketing processes Doubled # marketing campaigns Reduced campaign execution time 50% Webinars Actions Results Marketing
    • 26.
      • Relationships w/Stakeholders
        • Build, sustain, reinforce
      • Strategy
        • Set, check often, experiment
      • Best Practices
        • Test, measure, revise
      • Measurement
        • Agree on criteria
      Closing the Loop Summary
    • 27. Which Marketing V.P. is Closing the Loop?
    • 28. Bernie Borges Contact Details [email_address] Email http:// /blog/ Blog http:// / Facebook http:// Twitter http:// LinkedIn To Continue Conversations…