AMA Twitter for Marketers Updated 9-29-2010
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AMA Twitter for Marketers Updated 9-29-2010

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  • Insert into twitter
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  • Content of TweetsPointless babble – 41% Conversational – 38% Pass-along value – 9% Self-promotion – 6% Spam – 4% News – 4%
  • Note change facebook after tweaks
  • Location?By turning on this feature, you can include location information like neighborhood, town, or exact point when you tweetProtect my Tweets?Do not use if your objective is branding
  • Managing connections add slide
  • So be careful in choosing names for your listsTwitter lists are viewed by everyone following you so be careful how you identify your lists.Use Twitter lists to track influential followersMaximum on any list is 500 friends (following)Avoid words such as competitor, etcCheck the lists you are on and be sure to follow back those that have listed you
  • http://www.listorious.comWhat is itHow do you useBuild list find lists find peopleCan you add people to list?
  • loginFollow StreamsManage tweets and view specific criteria in multiple columnsManage PeopleManage lists, followers and friends by profileStudy StatsView up to 30-days geographical summary statsIndividual tweet statsManage Settings & AssignmentsManage social networks, invite team members for profile accessAssign dutiesLogin http://hootsuite.comClick on confirmation email
  • TweetersA verified account TrueTwit profile that who you are following is who they say they are.Low ratio of followers to followingThey are social and are following best practicesTweets are relevant to followersProfile has picture or avatarProvides name, website and bioNote: Do not just follow profiles with high number of followers. Follow people regardless of size of following that are relevant to you
  • Large number of tweetsOften signifies bot
  • http://tweetreach.comhttp://twitter.grader.comhttp://www.mrtweet.comhttp://www.klout.com
  • http:www.twellow.comChoose 10 categories that fit your profileYou will be found by others searching the categories.Search and follow people via geo target, categories, or keyword search.
  • http://manaBegin at last page (oldest) Review list and select those to
  • Tweetmeme has code for web, email, RSS and word plug-inDiscuss Pros and Cons of integrating Tweets into other social networks
  • Free and fee
  • and fee Offer featured user
  • In the words of Twitter creator and co-founder Jack Dorsey during his morning keynote, “Twitter is about approach, transparency, and immediacy.” It’s about real people.It’s about emotion. It’s about empathy. News is global and Twitter is one of the leading social networks that connects us to other human beings through the stories that affect them and us.
  • White Paper
  • Imagine the following Walmart would have if they joined in
  • Could it be because news sources do not follow back like other info sources?
  • Less social media friendly news outlet
  • Engagement strategyWebsite offers Facebook connection which takes you to landing page to share NY times with friends
  • Encouraging reports and community to report news as they see itStory:One of the big stories of the night was that of a huge sinkhole on Milwaukee’s East Side that swallowed a Cadillac Escalade. The local news carried the story, but the first media report didn’t come from a TV news crew. It came from a “reporter” named “@matt_is_a_nerd” who scooped all the other media outlets at 7:08 with his Tweet:Before the local news was able to scramble their trucks to go set up a live shot, Twitterer “@theGlenn” published the first photo:Minutes later,  @Mike_Thieltwitpic’ed the photo of the actual SUV in the hole that has since gone viral:That photo ended up on all the local TV stations and by the next morning, even NBC’s Today Show was showing it.
  • Alternative news
  • Brian Roberts, CEO of comCast stated at Web 2.0 Summit “It has changed the culture of our company,”Frank Eliason, head of comcastCares has 11 people focused on solving CustServ comments across Twitter
  • Egads to social connections on website 
  • Sign up as an advertiser or tweeter Twitter term Promoted Tweets3rd Party term Sponsored Tweets
  • Twitter sponsored tweetsStarbuck’s and Best Buy part of Twitter’s Sponsored Tweets launched in April
  • 3rd party – Twitter banned in April – removed auto feature to comply – going strong
  • media guru, communications and emerging technology consultant, speaker and author
  • Personalized the brandUses Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Delicious, YouTube, FlickrSarasota Memorial Hospital – Top 100 hospitals in USImplemented social media 18 months agoUses SM “divide and conquer” strategy and now includes employees as part of engagementTwitter just one aspect of social media strategyNote: The compete graph is for unique visitors only – not all visitors – as a local website that may explain it or there was something going on with their website, etc, maybe it was just redesigned…
  • profile since Nov 2008Also on FoursquareOver 10,000 returns on Google search for “Explore Chicago”Chicago Office of Tourism tasked with promoting the city, activites and community
  • planner, entrepreneur, philanthropist, innovator, social media extraordinaire.Engages with followersShares great contentDoesn’t “shout” his business model but draws interest by delivering great content to his audience
  • is odd about this profile?http://www.chicagotribune.comTwitter profile since Nov 2008Also on FoursquareChicago Tribune – leading industry newspaper
  • 37 signals check out
  • B2C retail and online social media - community based tee shirt company based in ChicagoTwitter profile since April 2007Inbound marketing focused retailer
  • It is not about the number of followers


  • 1. Twitter for Marketers
    Bernie Borges
    September 29, 2010
  • 2. Goals
    Learn how to use twitter in productive and measurable ways in business.
    Understand the “rules of engagement.”
    Minimize mistakes.
    Maximize positive results.
    Page 2
  • 3. Expectations
    Learn what is Twitter and why it is so popular
    Design and launch a Twitter profile
    Learn how to develop a profitable content strategy on Twitter
    Twitter etiquette, rules of engagement and community-building “best practices” that increase engagement and relationships that spread your great content and messaging across the web
    Use Twitter for corporate branding
    Tools and techniques to expand, manage and measure your branding efforts through Twitter
    Integrating Twitter into other social networks e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn
    Join and follow Twitter conversations, respond appropriately to comments and how to use Twitter while attending an event or conference
    Integrate Twitter into all other aspects of your marketing strategies
    Page 3
  • 4. Skills to Acquire
    The “social networking mindset”
    The “content marketing” mindset
    The habit of “Tweeting” daily
    How to engage with people and other brands
    How to build your personal and company brand
    How to maintain and manage your profile, followers and following
    Integrate Twitter into your marketing plan
    How to measure and refine results
    Page 4
  • 5. Agenda
    This Morning
    This Afternoon
    A Twittle Thought
    Getting Started…
    Twitter Basics
    Management Tools for the Twittersphere
    Getting the Most Out of Twitter
    Measuring Results
    Marketing with Twitter
    In the Trenches
    Page 5
  • 6. Section OneA Twittle Thought
    • What Is Twitter
    • 7. Objectives
    • 8. Setting and Measuring Goals
  • 9. What Is Twitter?
    Twitter is a social networking and micro-blogging service that allows you to efficiently share ideas, thoughts and content in 140 characters or less
    1 of 50 most popular websites on the web
    Twitter is about
    Spreading content
    Making connections
    Building relationship
    Expanding brand
    The result can be
    Driving traffic
    Increasing leads
    Generating revenue
    Page 7
  • 10. Before We Begin…What Are Your Objectives?
    What is your company or client’s mission?
    What do you(they) want to accomplish?
    Who are your target audiences and subgroups?
    How well do you know them?
    What is important to them?
    Connect what you want to accomplish with what is important to your audience
    Page 8
  • 11. Setting and Measuring Goals
    Source: Facebook Marketing an Hour a Day.
  • 12. Section TwoGetting Started
    • Setting Up Your Profile
    • 13. Settings
  • 14.
    Link to My Profile
    Notie Social Icons
  • 15. Setting Up a Profile
    Email addresses must be different if you are setting up a personal and business profile.
    Tip: Create a specific Gmail account for your Twitter profile to avoid clogging up your email.
    Page 12
  • 16. SettingsAccount
    Fill in the basics.
    Add location?
    Protect my tweets?
    Use to change password
    Page 13
  • 17. SettingsMobile
    Add your mobile number to start mobile (text) verification process
    Page 14
  • 18. SettingsNotices
    Unless you choose a 3rd party app that offers auto-follow feature – you will need to receive emails when someone chooses to follow you to accept.
    Page 15
  • 19. SettingsProfile
    Tip: Keep image less than 72k
    Be sure to add a URL
    Can be your website
    Can be your blog
    Can be Facebook or LinkedIn profile
    160 characters
    Use keywords for SEO value
    Make it interesting
    Page 16
  • 20. SettingsDesign
    Customize your background to reflect your personality or brand
    Select Change background image
    Can upload any image
    Max 800k
    1600px wide X 1200px tall
    Change design colors
    Can customize your colors
    More options
    Page 17
  • 21. Settings…design
    A few more background options:
    Page 18
  • 22. Settings
    Listing of 3rd party apps that you have given permission to connect to your Twitter profile
    Some 3rd party apps allow you to use different password
    Keep a list
    Toggle Revoke Access
    Page 19
  • 23. Common Twitter Shortcuts
    @username – Sends reply to individual, but in public timeline
    dusername – Sends private, direct message to individual
    RT = Retweet – Forwarding someone else’s tweet
    # (hashtag) – Used with a keyword/topic to create streams (#AMAtweet)
    Twitter Stream – Use of a specific hashtag, e.g. #FF (follow Friday) to follow a particular conversation
    SO – Shout Out – Using @username to thank, call attention to, etc
    Page 20
  • 24. What is a Twitter Stream?
    A tweeter stream uses a “#” hashtag to identify streams of conversation based on an event, topic or person
    What the Hash Tag
    A pre-defined time to tweet about a specific topic or event
    Our Twitter stream –
    Page 21
  • 25. Join our Tweet-Up #AMATwitter
    Urban Dictionary:
    An organized or impromptu gathering of people that use Twitter. (A meet up of people that 'tweet' using Twitter.)
    Are you going to the "tweetup" tonight?
    Page 22
  • 26. Section ThreeTwitter Basics
    • Who To Follow
    • 27. Content Strategy
    • 28. Brand Strategy
    • 29. Tweeting Etiquette
    • 30. A Few Things Twitter Can and Cannot Do
    • 31. Twitter Lists
  • 32. Defining Who To Follow
    Identify Your Target Audiences and SubGroups
    Think in terms of what associated groups are important to your audience that connect to (touch) your product or service
    Page 24
  • 33. Develop Your Content Strategy
    Align your business objectives with your audience’s interests and needs
    Then develop content that addresses “them” not “you”
    Share your content using URL shorteners
    Blog posts
    White Papers
    Pictures or 3rd party app like HootSuite or TweetDeck
    Videos – YouTube
    Share other people’s content
    Blogs, articles, pictures, videos
    Retweet other people’s content
    Page 25
  • 34. THEN Develop Your Brand Strategy
    It’s social media…not shouting media
    • Listen to your audience and learn
    • 35. Create tweets that are interesting to “them”
    • 36. More informational than advertorial
    • 37. Building trust and authority builds relationships that will help you achieve your goals
    • 38. Deliver content around the 3 E’s (educate, enlighten, entertain)
  • Tweeting Etiquette and Guidelines
    Be Consistent
    • Spread your tweets out
    • 39. Do not send out multiple tweets at the same time
    Be Social
    • Give shout-outs, aka SO, using @name to those that retweet your content
    • 40. Follow back those that follow you (excluding bots, inappropriate followers)
    • 41. Follow others proactively
    • 42. SO to those that consistently post good content
    Ignore Spam and Bots
    • Exception – RSS feeds with great content
    • 43. Report Spammers
    Target Your Content
    • Track & retweet their influential followers content
    • 44. Use to track keyword conversations
    • 45. Use #hashtags to start & follow topical conversation streams
    Show personality…especially with your brands
    • Think of your tweets as headlines
    • 46. Think of your tweets as short bursts of a relevant thought
    Hint: It is called social media not “shouting” media
    Page 27
  • 47. A Little Reminder…
    Keep your objectives in the forefront but…
    Focus on the interests of your target audiences and subgroups.
    Then create tweets and retweet content that will engage and generate interaction.
    Page 28
    Its about them
  • 48. What Are Lists and Why Are They Valuable?
    Twitter lists are viewed by everyone following you
    • Organize groups and followers
    • 49. Manage influential followers
    • 50. Follow back those that have listed you
    • 51. Universal search value
    • 52. Use private lists for reputation management
    • 53. Good chi
    • 54. Bad chi
    Page 29
  • 55. Listorious
    Anything Twitter can do - an app can help Twitter do better…Listorious:
    Is a people search tool
    Helps you get found
    Allows you to tag your lists
    Helps you find influencers within your target groups
    Logon to
    Add yourself
    Add your top 6 best keywords
    Page 30
  • 56. Keep Your Ratio Low
    Follow people whose lifestyle and interests may find your brand, products and tweets interesting enough to
    Follow up back
    May retweet your content to their followers.
    Might wish to engage in conversation
    This will increase the amount of people that may see your tweets.
    As you reach the 2000 follower mark, you must have a ratio of 110% or less
    E.G. 1800 followers or less, you can not follow more than 2,000.
    Page 31
  • 57. Set up RSS Tweets for Keywords
    Page 32
  • 58. Section FourManagement Tools for the Twittersphere
  • 61. Twitter Can and Cannot Do
    Home Tab
    Can retweet in real time but cannot schedule a tweet for later
    Can select direct messages and view Inbox or Sent
    Page 34
  • 62. Twitter Can and Cannot Do
    Home or Profile Tab
    Can view 20 at a time who you are following and who is following you. But cannot tell who is following you back
    Page 35
  • 63. Twitter Can and Cannot Do
    Home or Profile Tab
    • Can view lists - view tweets from those lists and can reply but cannot retweet
    Page 36
  • 64. Twitter Can and Cannot Do
    Settings Tab
    Can adjust or change Twitter settings
    Can search for people
    Page 37
  • 65. Twitter Can and Cannot Do
    Can search by #hashtags and keywords to find relevant tweets and twitterers to follow
    Page 38
  • 66. With HootSuite…you can
    Follow Streams
    Manage People
    Study Stats
    Page 39
    Manage Settings/Assignments
    Click on confirmation email
  • 67. Or…TweetDeck
    Page 40
  • 68. HootSuite or TweetDeck or Both?
    Browser based
    Can schedule tweets
    Can save drafts
    Follow and unfollow management
    List directory
    Statistics per tweet & link
    Collaborative tweeting and assignments
    Page 41
    Both offer:
    Multiple Account monitoring and tweeting
    Scheduled Tweets
    Tweet and upload pictures or images to Twitter
    Allow respond, follow, view profile, add to list
    Keyword and hashtag search
    Create custom columns
    Social network integration, i.e., Facebook, LinkedIn
    Desktop application (Adobe Air)
    New tweet notification
    Can email tweets
    Customizable settings
    Search and List Directory on website
    Can schedule tweets
    Tweet management filters
    Translate Tweets
  • 69. Advanced Tweeting with SocialOomph is a fee-based multiple Twitter management software platform with automation tools and tracking analytics.
    Professional version offers:
    Recurring updates
    Filters on most automation features
    Schedule & Publish Blog Posts and Pages
    Find Quality Friends to Follow Using Keywords
    Private Tweet Viewing/Grouping Channels
    Discover Which Followers Have The Most Clout
    Manage Many Accounts with TweetCOCKPIT
    Much more
    Page 42
  • 70. Key Feature: Recurring Tweets
    Create rotating tweets that expands opportunity for your content to be found
    Create shortened URL
    Enclose with brackets
    { tweet 1 http;//shortURL | tweet 2 http;//shortURL | tweet 3 }
    3. Schedule 1st tweet followed by “|”
    4. Schedule 2nd tweet followed by “|”
    5. And so on… close with “}”
    Page 43
  • 71. Best Practice Stuff To Remember
    Establish a pattern of consistency in your tweeting strategy
    Keep your “it is all about them” hat on when tweeting
    RT other people’s stuff
    Maintain and update lists
    Follow social “white hat” best practices
    Follow those that follow you but maintain low follower to following ratios – recommend 1.25 to 1 or less
    Respond to RTs (retweets) and SOs (Shout Outs)
    Tweet consistently and set up a good maintenance schedule
    Measure which content resonates best with your target groups
    Page 44
  • 72. Finding Time for Twitter
    Create a Twitter team and share tweeting engagement
    Set aside dedicated time for tweeting
    Find daily activities that do not generate results and replace them
    Use 3rd party apps to increase quality and efficiency
    Page 45
  • 73. Sue
    Atlanta, GA
    Section FiveGetting the Most Out of Twitter
    • Guidelines on Who To Follow
    • 74. Guidelines on Who NOT to Follow
    • 75. Keep Your Ratio Low
    • 76. Follow Back
    • 77. Follow Others
    • 78. Managing Your Following List
    • 79. Other 3rd Party Apps
    1. Bookmarking Profiles
  • 80. Guidelines on Who to Follow
    Influential Tweeters
    A verified account TrueTwit profile that who you are following is who they say they are.
    Low ratio of followers to following
    Tweets are relevant to followers
    Profile has picture or avatar
    Provides name, website and bio
    Note: Do not just follow profiles with high number of followers. Follow people regardless of size of following that are relevant to you
    Page 47
  • 81. Guidelines on Who Not to Follow
    No photo or image
    Does not follow back
    Large number of tweets
    Tweets multiple tweets at one time
    No website or bio
    Tweets rarely
    Exception: News portals with quality content
    Page 48
  • 82. So How Do You Know Who Is Influential?
    Page 49
  • 83. HubSpot’s Twitter Grader
    Score includes
    Tag cloud
    Follower graph
    Follower comparison
    Page 50
  • 84. Be personable…even as a brand
    Follow back those that follow you
    Manually respond to emails from Twitter
    Use the follow back feature in Twitter management software such as Hootsuite and TweetDeck
    Use the automated feature in SocialOomph and other apps with filter options
    Use the people management tool in HootSuite
    Page 51
  • 85. Find Others to Follow
    • Follow people from streams and keywords
    • 86. Search Google with “keyword Twitter”
    • 87. Follow people from LinkedIn and Facebook
    • 88. Use 3rd party apps
    • 89.
    Page 52
  • 90.
    • Follow back mentions from SO’s and RTs
    • 91. In HootSuite / TweetDeck set up “specific keywords” column
    • 92. Follow people who have listed you
    • 93. Follow the followers of influential people that you follow or follow you
    • 94. Use 3rd party apps to find relevant followers
    Grow Your Followers
    Page 53
  • 95. Finding Influencers with WeFollow
    Page 54
  • 96. Using Twellow to Find Communities
    Page 55
    Suggested Users
    Manage Follow / Unfollow
  • 97. Unfollow using
    • Use weekly to:
    Unfollow Twitterers that have not tweeted in a month
    Unfollow Twitterers that have not followed you back within a few days or weeks
    Page 56
  • 98. Integrating Twitter into Your Marketing Strategy
    Email signature “Follow us on Twitter”
    On your website, blog email, newsletter
    Direct mail & media campaigns
    Other social networks e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook, Myspace
    Page 57
    Point your audience to your Twitter profile in your off-line and on-line marketing activities
  • 99. Integrate Your Social Media into Twitter
    Page 58
  • 100. Section SixMeasuring Results
  • 110. Measure – Review - Revise
    Social Media Strategies are long term – not short
    Use metrics for
    Understanding target audiences
    Building better relationships
    Understanding behaviors
    Refining targeting
    Understanding results
    Refining processes
    Improving relationships
    Refining content
    Page 60
  • 111. Google Analytics
    Google can help you understand traffic that Twitter is driving to your website or blog
    (Some 3rd party apps are co-mingled within direct traffic results)
    Can set alerts to specific URLs, landing pages, campaigns
    Can export data to create client specific reports
    Page 61
  • 112. Twitalyzer – Free and Fee Based
    Provides metrics to refine your Twitter methods
    Measure the influence of specific Tweeters
    Page 62
  • 113. Twitter Analyzer
    Much like Twitalyzer
    Matter of preference
    Does not provide the scoring
    Page 63
  • 114. Klout
    Dynamic Analysis:
    Page 64
  • 115. SocialOomph Stats
    Twitter click traffic across all Twitter profile streams
    Twitter click details - exportable
    Page 65
  • 116. Unilyzer
    Relationship metrics
    Fee based
    Page 66
  • 117. A few of the 70,000+ 3rd Party Apps for Twitter
    Twitter Grader
    Nutshell Mail
    Page 67
    Free Basic or Premium (fee based)
    • BudUrlhttp://www.bud.url
    • 118. SocialOomph
    • 119. Unilyzer
    • 120. Radian6
    • 121. ObjectiveMarketer
    • Tweetie (iPhone_
    • 124. TweetDeck (iPhoneiPad)
    • 125. Twitterberry (Blackberry)
    • 126. TinyTwitter (Blackberry)
    • 127. HootSuite (iPhone, Android)
    • 128.
    • 129.
    • 130.
    • 131.
    • 132.
    • 133.
  • Section SevenMarketing with Twitter
  • 134. Twitter is about approach, transparency, and immediacy
    Page 69
  • 135. Social Media as a Business Strategy
    From The SocialCustomer White Paper
    Management buy-in is a must
    Integrate social channels with traditional service and marketing processes
    Identify the social channels that your customers engage in.
    Engage with social customers in multiple channels if necessary.
    Customer support staff should take time to engage with customers on social channels.
    Page 70
  • 136. Continued…
    From The SocialCustomer White Paper
    More interactions generate a higher positive impact with social customers
    Companies that have a longer history of engaging customers on social channels from a service perspective experience a more positive impact on their service goals
    Facebook and Twitter ranked similarly for effective engagement overall
    Page 71
  • 137. 33% of Fortune 100 on Twitter60% of the Top 10
    Page 72
  • 138.
    GE – protected Tweets
    But not all are well versed or committed yet
  • 139. Real-time Interfacing Builds Trust
    People trust more those companies who use microblogging websites like Twitter to provide real-time responses.
    75% polled say they view companies who microblog sending frequent messages on sites like Twitter or updating their status on social networks like Facebook as more trustworthy than those who don’t.
    Note: 76 percent said they were less likely to trust information from a blogger getting free samples from companies they write about.
    Survey by Fleishman-Hillard with Research by Harris Interactive
    Page 74
  • 140.
  • 141. Twitter Is An Information and News and Media Websites
    But people are bypassing News and Media websites
    60% going directly to social networking and entertainment sites instead
    Page 76
  • 142.
  • 143.
  • 144.
  • 145. Twitter Forcing Change in Media Culture
  • 146.
  • 147.
  • 148. How Does a New Domain Build Website Traffic?
    Page 83
    3 week old domain
    1/3rd of traffic driven by social networking
  • 149.
  • 150.
  • 151. Etsy – Just Wanted to Have Fun
    Alert followers to particularly creative products from Etsy sellers
    Share valuable tips & tricks
    Provide information about upcoming events and promotions on the site.
    Share information from individual Etsy sellers (via “retweets”)
    Page 86
    • Monitor and respond to Etsy-related questions and concerns that users express via Twitter
    • 152. Garner feedback and ideas instantaneously, effectively creating focus groups from the @Etsy followers.
    • 153. Discover users’ favorite Etsy items, design blogs, and projects
    • 154. Tool for impromptu surveys and feedback
  • 155. HubSpot Employees Are Active on Twitter
  • 156. Promote Business through Building Relationships
    Teusner Winery
    Used Twitter search to find related keywords
    Keeps tweets relaxed and stays away from selling
    Customer-to-customer conversations, not just customer-to-you
    Use conversations to learn what customers like
    Twitter 101 Case Study
    Page 89
  • 157.
  • 158. Twitter as A Cultural Catalyst
    Page 91
  • 159.
  • 160. Jet Blue’s Modest Goal – Better Customer Service
    Jet Blue was an early adopter of social media in 2007. They began a Twitter profile with the objective of improving customer service.
    What began as a small experiment, tore down walls and lead to better qualitative rather than quantitative improvements.
    1M+ followers later, they are an often studied example of a successful corporate driven Twitter Strategy.
    Twitter 101 Case Study
    Page 93
  • 161.
  • 162. Twitter’s Promoted Tweets (beta)
    Page 95
  • 163.
  • 164.
  • 165.
  • 166.
  • 167. Convergence – Mobile Twitter Apps
    Page 100
  • 168.
  • 169. Coupon Tweeting
    Page 102
  • 170. Coupon Tweet
    Page 103
  • 171. Create Coupons with twtQpon
    Page 104
  • 172. Integrate Twitter Into Your Contests, Giveways and Coupon On/Off-Line Marketing Plans
    Page 105
    Give away something in return for your visitors to take action
    Use 3rd party platforms:
  • 173.
  • 174. Section SevenIn the Trenches
  • 175. 108
    Thought Leaders
  • 176.
  • 177.
  • 178. 111
    Community Syndicators
  • 179.
  • 180.
  • 181. 114
  • 182. 115
    Content Sharers
  • 183.
  • 184.
  • 185.
  • 186. 119
  • 187.
  • 188.
  • 189.
  • 190.
  • 191.
  • 192. 125
  • 193.
  • 194.
  • 195.
  • 196. Summary
    “Your Twitter strategy should be a component of your overall social communication strategy to expand your brand across the web and produce measurable results.”
    Remember to:
    Define your goals
    Define and follow your target audience
    Tweet consistently everyday
    Engage your audience proactively and reactively
    Share content links
    Offer Twitter-only specials
    Follow people back (unless their tweets are inappropriate)
    Retweet great content from influencers you wish to engage
    Report spammers
    Consistently manage your lists and followers
    Always be interesting
    Page 129
  • 197. Marketing 2.0: Bridging the Gap between Seller and Buyer through Social Media Marketing
    Read more…
    Page 130
    Wheatmark's online bookstore
    Facebook Fan Page: