AMA Facebook for Marketers 12-7-2010

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Live workshop delivered by Bernie Borges on Facebook for Marketers through the American Marketing Association. Visit for details.

Live workshop delivered by Bernie Borges on Facebook for Marketers through the American Marketing Association. Visit for details.

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  • ·      Over 500,000 Facebook applications – 1 million developers from 170·   ·       You’ll learn from actual examples of successful Facebook        marketing.·       You’ll conduct hands-on exercises in Facebook.
  • Personal Profile Business!/group.php?gid=383956791997&v=app_2373072738&ref=ts Event!/event.php?eid=112523825454549&ref=search&sid=1081028954.3229641054..1Cause!/event.php?eid=105664296143097&ref=search&sid=1081028954.3229641054..1Community Page
  • Animate sequence
  • http://www.facebook.comHelp
  • yearbook : show bookmarkedEdit YearbookProfile Tab Select Other
  • your Fans:!/business/insights/?pages&i=9930176882Get more Fans with Facebook Ads:
  • access via settings
  • to linkedin App PageClick on AppAdd in LinkedIn URL (Facebook may find it for you)Click on Add TabOn Profile, tab will be on bottom, click on it to move up to main display
  • - hard to find without searchAlso lists by what apps friends are using and suggestions!/apps/directory.php?app_type=0&category=100&order=2&seeall=true
  •“If you were trying to promote your group by posting a link to join it in a message, on a wall, or in a discussion board, this can be construed as spam. We suggest making your friends administrators of this group so that they can invite their friends using the Invite functionality built into the group. You can do this by clicking on "Edit Group Members" and then on "make admin" next to the users’ names. Each admin can invite his/her own friends to the group.”
  •!/event.php?eid=124532754224778Note: Because Jonny is a promoter…his personal profile privacy settings are set to everyone
  • If you have a profile attached to your business address settings
  • Chris Brogan Blog for example
  • Facebook LBS may reignite the privacy uproar that has plagued the company in recent months. With location-based functionality in place, Facebook would be able to make "public" not only what you write in your profile, but also where you were when you wrote it.
  • Link to pdf
  • managerClick on Specific campaign, click again, adjust “Daily stats for the week of:” drop down
  • Social media campaigns have a place
  •!/group.php?gid=121646667846792&v=app_2344061033Site was designed to get volunteers for oil leak cleanupHave both page and group
  • page tied in beautifully to websiteGreat use of influenceProfile skippers of the month tabVideo / YouTube tabUse sense of urgency – Skip Because – emphasize current project or need
  •!/sara.lamrouex1?ref=ts!/event.php?eid=125637667455877&ref=ts A small community and group of kids decided to raise money for playground equipment and used Facebook to spread the wordCreate public event on right side of homepage “what are you planning” or go to events dashboard on left side
  •!/apps/application.php?id=4240867762&ref=appd!/apps/application.php?id=2588290420&ref=appd!/webaddresses!/apps/application.php?id=2490221586&ref=appdBusiness!/advancedsearch!/apps/application.php?id=48008362724&ref=appd!/payvment!/apps/application.php?id=100986888577&ref=appd!/apps/application.php?id=224396475227&ref=appd!/apps/application.php?id=121963738505&ref=appd!/apps/application.php?id=28218816837&ref=appdTop Picks!/twittertab!/apps/application.php?id=2309869772&ref=appd
  • info!/search/?q=fb%3Avisible-to-connection&init=quick&sid=0.4013958806173501
  • Do not know software for ecommerceNot robust but free!/Vendorshop?v=wallBrand new
  •!/Cisco?v=app_120274102075&ref=ts They may have a reason for landing page to be hidden in right dropdown but more interesting than their Flickr
  • 6,000 fans in 3 days
  • Don’t let your Facebook page be a copy of your website
  • http://www.vw.ca
  • WallContent & commentsContentDiscussion & Reviews but not seededCommunity, blog, find…ExperientialOutreachEventsCTAsMore engagementPhotosYesVideoYesOutside MarketingCommunity supportOn website
  • Whether you or your client is BIG or small…there are creative ways to add market value through Facebook
  •!/USarmy?v=app_4949752878&ref=tsNote: Army page has over 400,000 likes compared to 100,000+ on other military branches. Links to others above!/marines?ref=ts!/USNavy?ref=ts!/Usairforce
  • Bernie please double check that toilet flush search brings up page 1875 Tabs not yet as effective as they could be using events RRS blog!/AmericanStandardBrands?v=wallActive WallContent & commentsContentMostly repurposed contentCommunity, blog, find…ExperientialOutreachEventsCTAsNonePhotosYesVideoYesOutside MarketingCommunity supportOn website
  •!/SteelMasterBuildings?v=app_6009294086!/album.php?aid=380824&id=259640455696 a building is link from WebsiteCall to action is link to landing page form
  •!/wholefoods?v=wall&ref=tsWhile Whole Foods has a following…they do little to encourage engagement
  • Uses involver – CRM software for B2B


  • 1. Facebook for MarketersBernie BorgesDecember 7th, 2010
  • 2. Goals
    Learn how to use Facebook in productive and measurable ways in business.
    Learn strategies and tactics to build your audience.
    Understand the “rules of engagement.”
    Understand Facebook’s marketing potential.
    Minimize mistakes.
    Maximize positive results.
  • 3. Expectations
    Navigate Facebook
    How to develop a content strategy that drives sales
    Learn the various Facebook channels e.g. advertising, personal profiles, groups, business pages, events, causes…
    How to build your personal or company brand and build a network
    Select and implement applications that fit your Facebook marketing plan
    Understand the “rules of engagement” and community building best practices
    Experiential marketing that creates “buzz”
    How to use Facebook advertising and why you should
    Measure – review – refine: Facebook analytics
  • 4. Skills to Acquire
    The 2 pillars of social media
    Building relationships
    The habit of using Facebook daily.
    How to engage with people and brands.
    How to build your personal and company brand.
    How to measure results from Facebook marketing.
  • 5. Agenda
    This Morning
    This Afternoon
    Just a Little Background
    Getting Started…a few Basics
    Facebook Navigation
    Build Your Brand
    Facebook Ads
    Measuring Facebook ROI
    In the Trenches
    Facebook Marketing Case Studies and Discussion
  • 6. Section OneJust a Little Background
    • A Facebook Stats
    • 7. Open Graph API
    • 8. Setting Goals
    • 9. About Facebook
  • What Is All the Fuss About Facebook?
    Facebook has become the largest people, content and brand connectivity tool on the web.
    Facebook is about
    Building Relationships
    Expanding Brand
    Your result can
    Drive traffic
    Increase leads
    Generate revenue
  • 10. Facebook Stats
    People of Facebook
    5.47M active users (120M US)
    Avg 130 friends
    700B minutes per month
    Avg user connected to 80 pages, groups and events
    Global reach
    70 languages
    70% of users are outside the US
    200M access users
    Users are twice more active
    1M+ developers & entrepreneurs from 180 countries
    Every month, more than 70% of users engage with platform applications
    More than 550,000 applications available
    More than 1M websites integrate with Facebook
    comScore stats
    2/3rds of US top 100 websites
    Half of Global top 100 websites
  • 11.
    Facebook traffic up 60%
    Real contender to Google and Bing
  • 12. Facebook’s Open Graph API
    The buzz about the Open Graph API
    A way to embed Facebook pages anywhere on the web
    Authentication hub for social experiences on the web
    What this means for marketers
    Facebook has become a major tool in expanding brand awareness for B2B as well as B2B companies
    Graph from
  • 13. Before We Begin…
    Understanding how to market with Facebook begins with
    Setting and measuring goals
    Understanding Facebook uses
    Understanding Facebook navigation
    What happens when you post content on your wall
    Customizing your Facebook marketing
    Facebook interactivity
  • 14. Setting and Measuring Goals
    Chris Treadaway & Mari Smith
    Facebook Marketing: An Hour a Day
  • 15. If Monetizing Facebook Is Your Objective… Three Forms of Media
    Earned Media
    Purchased Media
    Facebook Ads
    Owned Media
    Content we produce, e.g., Facebook apps, documents, blogs, videos, photos, announcements
    Sometimes all work best…
  • 16. Facebook Uses
    Personal profile
    Business (Fan) page
    Community Page
    Search engine
  • 17. How Your Post and Content Travels…
    Business Page
    Friend’s Profile Page
    Write comment and paste link
    Click attach
    Click Share to everyone
    Posts to Find and Convert’s Business page with 680 people that “Like” the business page
    Posts to the News Feed of 680 people that “Like” Find and Convert
    Your post now shows in 116 more news feeds
    One of those 560 then want to “share” with their 116 friends
    A comment is made and your post is then shared again, posting to 142 more news feeds…and so on
  • 18. Just Imagine…If 5% of friends shared a post with 130 friends each time…
    This is how content goes viral
  • 19. Basic Facebook Navigation
    Must have a personal profile
    Invitations can be open to the public or closed
    Allows you to send bulk invite to friends
    Opportunity for message to go viral
    Does not support applications
    Can create related event and invitation
    Cannot promote with social ads
    No visitor statistics available (at this time)
    Personal Profile
    You can friend others
    You can “Like” a page
    Cannot use profile for business
    Post messages that will be read by your “friends”
    Create events
    Share content, photos and video
    Send private email
    Business Page
    Visible to unregistered users
    Can be indexed for SEO value
    Reputation management value
    Allows for “vanity” URL
    Can create events
    Can tailor to specific needs
    Over 500,000 Facebook and 3rd party applications
    Can promote with social ads
    Offers Visitor statistics
    Allows multiple administrators not attached to a profile
    Personal profiles are for people
    Business pages are for celebrity, band, business or organization
    Groups are sponsored by an individual for specific topics
  • 20.
    • 21.
    • Share personal, business and common interests with others by posting content
    • 22. Find others and meaningful content that is meaningful, educational and/or entertaining
    • 23. A way to engage with people you know and meet others with common interests
    A Facebook Profile
  • 24.
    • 25. Share
    • 26. Promote
    • 27. Build Authority
    • 28. Have your business page connect to your profile if possible
    A Business Page
  • 29. How Do I Separate My Personal Life and Professional Life?
    The lines are blurring
    play nice
    don’t bully
  • 30. Section TwoGetting started…
    Setting Up:
    Personal Profile
    Your Settings
    Find Friends
    Business Profile
    Help Center
  • 31. Setting up a Personal Profile
    Are you creating a personal profile or a business page?
    Do you want a personal profile attached to your business page?
    Fill in form or select “Create a Page”
    Select Privacy settings.
    Agree to Facebook TOS..
    Confirmation email.
    Search for friends and coworkers:
    Online email address book for possible friends and contacts
    By school or company.
  • 32. Your Profile
    Facebook will remind you of steps you need to complete
    Edit Profile
    Max 4M on photo or avatar
  • 33. Set Up Your Personal Profile Privacy Settings
    Friends Friends of Friends Everyone
    Personal Information and Posts
    Contact Information
    Applications and Websites
    Instant Personalization Pilot Program
    More information
    Mashable: Facebook Privacy Controls
    Facebook Privacy Explanation
    Facebook Privacy
  • 34. Privacy Settings - ApplicationsFriends Only; Except Clients
  • 35. Notifications Tab
    Update your Fans
    Visit your Insights Page
    Get more fans with Facebook Ads
  • 36. Mobilizing Your Facebook
    Set Up and verify
    Select your phone
    Text a link to phone
    Text messages
    Upload via email
    Access via account and footer
  • 37. Settings – Find Friends
    Address Book
    Create csv file from address book and upload
  • 38. Settings - Account
    Groups or School
    Facebook Ads
  • 39. Settings - Applications
    You can edit
  • 40. Personal Profile Tips
    Upload a few pictures and fill out your profile completely.
    Update your status daily.
    “Like” business (fan) pages and join groups that are of interest to you. Participate in them by commenting on their walls and/or uploading links.
    Edit settings to exclude apps to lists e.g. Gambling app on your profile
    Engage with your Facebook friends by commenting on their walls, invite them to join your business page(s)/groups, comment on their videos/pictures, and upload videos/pictures.
    Post upcoming events or parties you may have and invite your Facebook friends.
    Listen in on Facebook conversations and get social with your peers and friends as you see fit and get comfortable doing so.
  • 41. Creating a Business Page
    Local business
    Brand, product or organization
    Artist, band or public figure
    Fill out Form
    Click Create Official Page
    Will connect page to your personal profile
    Will create a stand alone page
  • 42. Application Finder
  • 43. Adding Your LinkedIn Profile
    LinkedIn App
    Insert URL and click add tab
    Go to profile page search tabs
  • 44. Edit Your Business Page
    Edit page
    Wall Settings
    Discussion Boards
  • 45. Find Those Business Pages that You Manage
    Select Account Tab
    Manage pages
  • 46. Facebook Applications
    Application Directory listed by:
    Friends & Family
    Just for Fun
    On Facebook
    External Websites
    Business Page
    Bottom of Edit page
  • 47. Where Do I Find All Those Business Pages That I “Like”
    Profile Page
    Info Tab
    Scroll to Likes and Interests
    Other – scroll over list
  • 48. Creating a Vanity URL
    You must have a profile to create vanity URL for a business page
    Minimum of 25 “Likes” for business page URL
    Select a name with relevant keywords for search value
  • 49. Creating a Group
    On Home Page - select:
    Create a Group
    A Group must have a sponsor (profile, business page or groups) attached to it
    Invite friends to join
    Posting a link to join a group in a message, on a wall or in a discussion board is construed as “spam”
    Make members “admin” so that they can invite his/her friends to join the group
  • 50. Help Center!/help/?ref=pf
    Located at bottom of page
  • 51. Section ThreeNavigating Around Your Profile
  • Home VS Profile
    Home – News Feed
  • 56. Sending Messages in Facebook
    • Similar to permission email marketing
    • 57. Use selectively, e.g., lists, sub groups of friends
    • 58. Good way to send links, videos, photos
    • 59. Limited to 20 at a time
    • 60. Select messages and click on “new message” in upper right-hand corner
  • Create Lists to Manage Your Friends
    Go to friends
    Click Create a List
    Create List Name
    Select or type in name
    Create List
  • 61. Manage Lists
    Use lists to group your friends
    Common interests
    Separate business and personal
    Specific groups
    Send messages to groups in list
  • 62. Tagging Friends in Facebook
    Use the “@” before a name to tag
  • 63. Writing Notes in Facebook Pages
    • Similar to permission email marketing.
    • 64. Sent to fans of pages
  • Facebook Is a Behavioral Based Search Engine Entertainment and Communication System…
    Notification of interactions between you and your networks
  • 65. Facebook Really Wants to Help You Connect
    When clicking friends you may see this:
    Re-connect with past connections
    Find friends of friends
  • 66. Remember…
    Facebook is not about shouting your message
    Facebook is about communication, relationships and engagement that will ultimately achieve your goal…
  • 67. The Seven Heavenly Truths About Social Media Networks*
    Preferred communication of younger generations but not limited to them
    Social media is based on the concept of “friends” as a loosely applied term for people connecting with people, companies, brands…
    People that are active on the Internet are more likely active in social networks & are often influencers within their niche groups
    Social media content is transparent…once it’s posted, it is widely visible
    Content is the hub of the Internet, social media is just one spoke
    The rules in social media are still being defined. Experiment and tread carefully
    What motivates people is the key to social media usage…
    Chris Treadaway
    Mari Smith
    *Facebook Marketing An Hour a Day
  • 68. The Seven Deadly Sins Motivators of Social Media Networking*
    Social Interaction Motivators
    Self-expression / emotion
    Sharing opinions / influencing friends
    Showing Off…the Id
    Fun / escapism / humor
    Memories and nostalgia
    Making Money
    Chris Treadaway
    Mari Smith
    *Facebook Marketing An Hour a Day
  • 69. People Connecting through Facebook
    Quick Review
    Identifying Objectives
    What Facebook is really about
    Personal Profiles
    Business Profiles and community pages
    Seeking connections
    Navigating through Facebook
    Another way to connect…events
  • 70. Events…An OLD SKOOL REUNION
    Engaging image
    Captivating tag line
    Used email and share to inform
    Attached to profile page
  • 71. Events… An Afternoon of Ray’s Baseball
    Identifying image
    Informative tag line
    Message targeted to busy people – to the point
    Used email and share to inform members
    Attached to business (organization) page
  • 72. Events… Denver Cruiser’s Sunday Funday
    Identifying image
    No tag line
    Message is targeted to group only
    Uses email and share to inform members
    Attached to group page
  • 73. Finding Events
    Facebook is about connections
    Events listed by
    Your invites
    Your friends invites
    Difficult to find events in search with specific name
    Successful events take marketing effort
  • 74. Creating an Event
    On Home Page - select:
    Create an Event
    Customizing your event under Wall you can add:
    Successful events take marketing effort
  • 75. FacebookEtiquette
    • Always have a current photo in your profile.
    • 76. Status updates should be interesting.
    • 77. Status updates should be spread out, not every 5 minutes.
    • 78. Only poke close friends, and don’t over do it.
    • 79. Don’t invite all your friends to join every game you play. Be selective.
    • 80. Create lists and use them to avoid treating all your friends the same.
    • 81. Don’t share too much information.
    • 82. Invite friends to pages, groups, events, etc, selectively.
    • 83. Don’t repeatedly invite friends to join your page if they’ve ignored.
    • 84. Use messaging sparingly. Don’t flood friend’s inboxes.
    • 85. Tag friends in photos selectively. Don’t embarrass someone.
    • 86. Use social etiquette common sense!
  • Section FourBuild Your Brand on Facebook
  • 87. Promoting Your Business Page
    Allow business page to go through your Facebook news feed.
    Your Profile News Feed allows your business page to display to all your friends.
    It’s crucial to spreading your message to the most people on Facebook.
    Screenshot fnc post + bernie news feed
  • 88. Posting Content
    On profile or business page, select icon to the right of attach
    Add URL or upload
    If pasting comment, use notepad to remove code
    RSS app
    Add app to business page
    Click to allow
    Select page to add
    Give permission
    Add Feed URL
    Adjust custom defaults
    In comment area add “@” before name
    Select appropriate name
    Click Share
  • 89. Promoting Your Business Page
    Be social…”Like” other Business pages of interest to you
    Upload relevant content and leave comments on other people’s business page
    Not the place for a sales pitch…do not be spammy
    Affiliate with other brands, businesses, and public figures
    By becoming a fan (Like) of another page, your page will publically support that page
  • 90. Using Your Profile to Promote Your Business Page
    In order to be visible to search engines, your business page privacy setting must be public.
    Occasionally invite “friends” to become a fan of your business page
    Email the vanity URL of your business page to people in your address book
    Display your business page badge on your blog
    Include a link in all your communication, auto-signature
    Display Facebook badge on your website & blog.
    Invite people to leave comments on your business page.
  • 91. Display Your Facebook Page on Your Blog
  • 92. Facebook Promoting Do’s & Don’ts
    Don’t over-post
    Don’t spam
    Don’t be “me” centric
    Don’t fly blind
    Don’t think short term
    Don’t be robotic
    Post daily
    Consider your friends’ interests
    Share other’s content
    Measure, review, revise
    Use common sense
    Be Human
  • 93. Facebook Moving toward Inter-connected Semantic Web
    Web is moving toward convergence of connections between people and things they care about
    April 2010 Facebook introduced Open Graph Protocol and Graph API
    August 2010 – Introduction of Facebook Places
    August 2010 – Introduction of Facebook Live
  • 94. Objects Are All Accessed the Same Way
    Pages: (Coca-Cola page)
    Events: (Facebook Developer Garage Austin)
    Groups: (Emacs users group)
    Applications: (the Graffiti app)
  • 95. Objects are Connected through Relationships
    Objects in Facebook social graph are connected to each other through relationships (connections)
  • 96. PlacesWho. What. When. And Now Where
  • 97. Facebook PlacesLBS – Location Based Services
    Similar to FourSquare and Gowalla
    a Smart Phone
    Facebook touch mobile site is only visible on mobile browsers that supports HTML 5 and geolocation
    Click “Places tab at
    You can add places, check into places that already exist and tag friends
  • 98. What “Facebook Places” Can Do for Experiential Marketing
    Mobile App that allows people to connect “on the go”
    B2C opportunity to deliver customer service value that maximizes loyalty
  • 99. Facebook Live!/FacebookLive?v=app_4949752878
    Live video streaming channel about Facebook happenings and products via browser or mobile device
  • 100. Project Titan…fMail
    Like gMail but integrated across your social graph
    Lighter and Simpler eMail
    Seamless messaging that will hook into email but is not eMail
    Conversation History – Threading
    Social Inbox
    Will rollout by invite
  • 101. B2B vs B2C – Facebook can be a powerful branding tool for both
  • 102. Facebook Branding Strategy
    Build an active wall
    Encourage people to Like your page
    Monitor and participate in the comments on your Wall
    Re-purpose content
    Post useful, interesting content from various sources, regularly
    Encourage Experiential Marketing
    Use Landing or welcome tabs
    Product specific interaction
    Deliver a unique experience!
    Use Calls to Action
    Well designed, clear calls to action
    Market Facebook outside Facebook
    Use photos
    If possible, use pictures to show how customers use your product
    Show customer satisfaction and engagement
    Post pictures of your team at work
    Use video
    Post recording of team member “experts”
    Show your product in action
    Highlight off-line marketing
    Company sponsorships and events
  • 103. Facebook Marketing Outside Facebook
    Facebook developers - Facebook Platform Showcase
    Mixture of free and fee based apps
    Cross-pollinate social media and traditional media venues
    Use email, newsletters, direct mail and media to point to social networks
  • 104. Create Facebook Badge To Promote Your Page(s)
    Facebook Badges
    Page Badge Profile Badge Like Badge Photo Badge
    Use 3rd party Facebook buttons
    Do: hyperlink the badge to your Facebook Page or landing page
    Do: hyperlink the name of your business within your promotional copy to your Facebook Page.
    For example, Company X on Facebook
    Don’t: hyperlink the “Find us on Facebook” badge to the Facebook log-in page.
    Don’t: hyperlink the word “Facebook” within your promotional copy to your Facebook Page. For example, Company X on Facebook
  • 105. Community Pages such as the History Channel
    Are like Wiki’s
    Aggregate content across Facebook
    You can submit but Facebook will determine and upload image
  • 106. Business Page Vs Groups Vs Community
    Groups largest value is the community aspect of a “group” engaging together on a common theme
    Pages can only be for a real organization, business, celebrity, or band
    Must be created by an official representative of that entity
    Pages are public. Anyone can become a fan. Administrator can remove fans
    Can create events and send invites, register, etc.
    Community Page
    Wiki style page of information centered around keyword or phrase
    Aggregates posts across Facebook
    While you can create a community page, Facebook determines if there is enough volume to support it and controls the image
    Groups can be created by any user and about any topic
    Groups are a community of users to share their opinions and interest in the group’s subject
    Groups can be kept closed (invitation only)
    Can create events and send invites, register, etc.
  • 107. Pages Compared to Groups
  • 108. Section FiveFacebook Ads
  • 109. Facebook Ads and How They Work
    Costs less than other forms of Internet ads
    Targeted to user behavior
    Work differently than banner or click through ads
    Successful Facebook advertising requires
  • 110. Some Notable Differences between Facebook Ads and Google Adwords
    There is more competition on Google than Facebook…  Google Adwords is keyword and geo targeted where as Facebook advertising is demographic, geo targeted and allows targeting according to profile attributes
    You can steadily bid up on Google to increase your ad position along top and side whereas Facebook ads only display along one side (currently)
    Google Adwords are text ads, Facebook ads are text and image.
    Facebook generally allows more targeted advertising, but is more B2C centric currently.
  • 111. Before You Begin
    Have a clear idea of what you want your ad to accomplish
    Create more visibility or traffic to your Facebook presence
    Test the effectiveness of a change
    Use Facebook audience to drive more traffic to your website
    Establish a baseline
    Know how many fans/friends you have before beginning a campaign
    Download Facebook insight data before launch
    Link – Where do you want your visitor to go
    What is your ad message?
    Have a photo or image
    Facebook Ad Guidelines
  • 112. 10 Tips for Facebook Ad Marketing*
    Facebook is NOT direct sales…it is a marketing cycle
    Create focused ads targeted at niche groups
    Friend users before you try to sell to them
    Understand your market
    Set ad budget with goal in mind
    Measure – review – refine
    Test landing pages VS Facebook pages
    Split test ads by demographic
    Develop well designed creative ad copy
    Don’t over target
    Nick O’Neill
    Bus Insider SAI
  • 113. On the page - click on Create Your Ad
    Step One
    Design your ad
    Step Two
    Target your audience with demographic and geographical filters
    Step Three
    Name your campaign,
    Which is better? Decide and experiment
    Per impression
    Per click
    Select your pricing
    Step Four
    Review your ad
    Create Your Ad
  • 114. Facebook Ad Board
  • 115. CM PhotographicsFacebook reached the right people at the right time
    Generated $40,000 of revenue from a $600 ad campaign
  • 116. StorQuest on Facebook used real-time suggested bids
    Over 50% increase in same store total rentals versus prior year.
    10% conversion rate from visits originating from Facebook Ads.
    $1.25 CPC delivered $10.25 cost-per-lead.
    $100 average rentals; $600 average life time value per customer.
  • 117. Nippon on Facebook combining marketing solutions
    Facebook generated 25% CTR compared to CTR of 10–12% other online campaigns
  • 118. Additional Facebook Advertising Case Studies
    Wedding Paper Divas
  • 119. Section SixMeasuring Facebook ROI
  • 120. What Facebook Ad Metrics Can Tell You
    Market research
  • 121. Export Data to Create Client Specific Reports and Graphs
  • 122. Facebook Ad Metrics Will Provide
    Ad Name
    Your descriptive for ad
    Complete – active - paused
    Acceptable max
    Pay for impressions
    Pay for clicks
    Click through rate
    Average CPC
    Effective price of every click
    Average CPM
    Effective cost per 1,000 impressions (even on cost per click campaigns)
    Total Spent
  • 123. Use Report Feature to Download and Manage Data
  • 124. Reports by Campaign
  • 125. Use Metrics to Refine Your Ads
    Create multiple ads of similar themes
    Organize them into campaigns
    Run for 1-2 week period while monitoring stats
    Analyze statistics
    Retire underperforming ads and run A/B testing on better ones
    Repeat – repeat – repeat
    Adjust demographics
  • 126. The Social Media ROI Mindset
    Traditional marketing is measured by campaigns
    Social Media campaigns have a place as well
    Social media succeeds over the long term
    Short term metrics are often more fluid
    Social media is built on relationships
    Results are not short-term oriented
    Social media is all about “them”
    Under-promise and over deliver
    Social media is not about one hit wonders – build relationships
    While the goal is long-term
    Constantly and consistently measure results
    Analyze - Refine - Repeat – repeat - repeat
  • 127. Using Facebook Insights
    1. Interactions this week
    Wall posts
    Post quality
    3. All fans over time
    Total fans/ unsubscribed fans
    New / removed fans
    Top countries
    Page views
    Unsubscribes / Resubscribes
    Media consumption
    2. Fans who interact with…
    Interactions per post
    Post quality
    Discussion posts
  • 128. Insights Feature
    Facebook now offers insight into your domain activity from Facebook
  • 129. Using Facebook Insights Dashboard
  • 130. Why You Need Google Analytics
    Facebook Insights
    Now offers metrics on Facebook and your domain
    Gives great information on your connectivity within facebook …
    Google Analytics
    Provides Facebook as a traffic source but not specifics within Facebook
    The work around – FBGAT
    Free conversion tool
    Facebook runs limited javascript
    Google needs javascript to track
  • 131. Setting Up Your Google Analytics
    Set up new website profile
    FBGAT – Free Tool
    Analytics Code
    Domain on Analytics
    Page Link
    Page Title - This is for your reference
  • 132. Tracking Your Facebook Business Page
    Use the Static FBML application to create a tab
    Add the analytics code from FBGAT to any place on page
    Tracking visits to your wall
    Create a FBML and edit application settings to make it a box
    Add to wall
    Social Media Examiner
  • 133. Fee Based Social Media Tracking Software Options
    Provides relationship metrics
    Press release 5/28
  • 134. Facebook Promotional Policies
    Read Facebook’spromotional guidelines carefully
    Clear the promotion with Facebook first
    Do not ever call Facebook your partner
    Understand Local Rules - contests, giveaways and sweepstakes based on chance are illegal in some countries
    Belgium, Norway, Sweden, or India
    Heed Facebook’s formatting requirements
    You can only administer a promotion through an application on Facebook
    Do not require a Facebook action
    You may become a fan but any action such as post a photo, update a status or comment is not allowed.
    You can allow new fans to access 3rd party app’s but you cannot notify winners via Facebook
    Brand Permission Center
    Advertising and Guidelines
  • 135. Section SevenIn the Trenches
    Using Facebook to Build Relationships and Brand Awareness
  • 136. Using Facebook for a Cause
    A man with a pest control business and a pink bra
  • 137. Facebook Causes for Non-Profits
    Facebook app for non-profits to create a voice
  • 138. Help Save the Gulf Coast from the Oil Leak
    June 2010
    September 2010
    Good News
    Clear objective
    Searchable title
    Both business page & group
  • 139. Intel’s Vote for a Cause
    The Good News
    • Great CTA and engagement
    • 140. CTA unique to Facebook
  • Skip1
    Bad News
    • Nothing unique from website
    Good News
  • Keep It Special
    Offer visitors something on Facebook they cannot find anywhere else
    Create a unique Facebook experience
  • 143. Big Toy Team
    Good News
    • Energize a community
    • 144. Create Public Event and share
  • Arthritis Foundation on Facebook
    Bad News
    • Could be more compelling
    • 145. Community link broken
    Good News
    • Custom Content
    • 146. Lots of content
  • Branding Strategies
    What do you want to achieve?
    What are your Facebook channels?
    Facebook Apps
    Custom Apps
  • 147. Branding Strategies
    Multiple categories…here are just a few:
    Top Picks
    Sign Up
    Static FBML
    Extend Info
    Twitter Tab
  • 148. Have You Noticed? Pages Are Now Mini Websites…
    In Facebook HTML is FBML (code talk for customizing a page)
    Use to create landing or canvas tab(s)
    Can include images, video, opt in for promotion (within Facebook guides)
    Can install Learn FBML for test testing
    Hire a Facebook developer
  • 149. Drive People to Facebook Landing Pages…
  • 150. Create Custom Tabs
  • 151. Create a Reason…For Fans Only Content
    Levi’s “Instant access to exclusive content.”
    1-800 Flowers offers special discount off next order.
    DIGISTORE gives special offers
    Teesey Tees adds mystery
    *Social Media Examiner
  • 152. Macy’s!/Macys?v=wall
  • Create a “Visible to Connection” Landing Page!/teeseytees?v=app_7146470109
  • 155. Bob Evans Keeps Them Coming Back!/bobevans?v=app_4949752878!/bobevans?v=app_135711123139793
    Drive visitors to your website
    Offer relevant content
    Personalize your business
    Offer something special
  • 156. Coupon Services Can Help!PAGETYPE
  • 157. Threadless Keeps It Fresh!/threadless?v=wall
    Keep it fresh and interesting
    Use display ads
    Improve customer service
  • 158. Threadless Uses Community and eCommerce!/Vendorshop?v=wall
    Vendorshop– free app
    Ecwid Shopping Cart
    3dCart – just released
  • 159. Cisco!/Cisco?v=app_120274102075&ref=ts
    Create pages for niche audience needs
    Online support
    Career certification
    Geographic locations
  • 160. Amazon!/Amazon
    Facebook Connection leads to custom detailed shopping list based on real-time behavior
  • 161. California State Parks Foundation
    Used Facebook to sound alarm on funding threat
    Encouraged small base to take action through friends
  • 162. Dingo Dog Treats!/dingobones?v=wall
    Tied in WOM via “Likes” with Grouper social coupon
  • 163. Use an Expert
    software applications
  • 164. Involver…great apps for a fee
    Brand Marketing apps!/Involver?v=wall
  • 165. 4 Tips for B2B Marketing
    Humanize your page
    Think of Facebook as another destination
    Think beyond marketing department – think community
    Offer opt-in using FBML static page
  • 166. Avaya!/avaya?v=wall,2817,2369913,00.asp
    Be unique
    Location awareness
  • 167. HubSpothttp://www.hubspot.com!/hubspot?v=app_10442206389
    Simple, inviting call to action
  • 168. Dell Find more Dell Facebook pages, visit:
    Target niche audiences
  • 169. Brand So Your Audience Can Find You!/search.php?q=vw&init=quick&tas=0.03725964409583504!/VWJetta?v=info
    Pages are disconnected
  • 170. Ford
    Unveil new products
    Engage Fans
  • 171. Audi!/audi?v=app_17037175766
    Top 25 Brands on Facebook
    Make it easy for your audience to find you
  • 172. Sarasota Memorial Hospital
    Build community for your services
  • 173. BIG or small…think of creative ways to enhance the user experience on Facebook
    • Use your marketing creativity
    • 174. Research applications
    • 175. If necessary, hire Facebook design/programming experts to develop custom tabs/apps
    • 176. Give people a unique experience on Facebook
  • Harvard
    = Engagement
  • 177. 360i
    Become an industry resource
  • 178. US Army!/USarmy?v=app_4949752878&ref=ts
    Air Force
    Speak your audience’s language
  • 179. Nothing Beats a Great Toilet Flush!/AmericanStandardBrands?v=wall
    The Down Side
    • You can only find American Standard as a community page in search
    • 180. Use a fun title only if you are planning on driving traffic to Facebook from other mediums
    Keep it fun
    Make it relevant to your audience
  • 181. Steelmaster!/SteelMasterBuildings?v=app_6009294086
    Showcase product
  • 182. BigCommerce!/apps/application.php?id=342349437729&v=wall
    Engage Community
  • 183. Quaker Oats
    Use landing pages
  • 184. Buffalo Wild Wings
    3 million plus fans
  • 185. Blue Sky Factory!/blueskyfactory
    Address your audience’s pain points
  • 186. US Congress on Facebook
    Informational Channel
  • 187. Whole Foods Market on Facebook
    Some brands just let it be viral
  • 188. Get Satisfaction
    Exceptional customer service is good branding
  • 189. Old Spicehttp://www.oldspice.com!/OldSpice?v=app_147990885235099
    Target Branding
  • 190. Big Green Egg
    Used Facebook to launch cookbook
    Cross-pollinate with Vendors
  • 191. GrillMate
    Bad News
    No landing page
    Run contest to promote brand
  • 192. Just a ReminderGetting Help on Facebook (bottom right corner)
  • 193. Marketing 2.0: Bridging the Gap between Seller and Buyer through Social Media Marketing
    Read more…
    Facebook Fan Page: