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  • The continued development of technology tools for education in the last 28 years has been nothing short of amazing.
  • Educational technology has so many definitions, but the bottom line is it makes teaching more engaging and interesting for our students.
  • To think that I had to use a typewriter with correction tape until I got to high school is quite funny. Getting to use an electronic typewriter was an upgrade.
  • Through the rest of high school and the first few years of attempting college, I avoided technology completely. I refused to learn how to email until it was made a requirement in my first interactive TV course in the fall of 2004. I also took cable classes and completed my bachelor’s degree almost entirely online.
  • This is our Promethean Board which we named Rocky. The boys are testing their alphabet knowledge together by playing with a game a downloaded from Promethean Planet for free. I also have an ActiView (Elmo) that I use to read small books, share the students work, and do activities together.
  • I don’t actually own an iPad or anything like it, but feel it would be a wonderful addition if money was not a factor.
  • Sometimes I feel like others in my profession frown upon the integration of technology because some aspects of its use conflict with some beliefs about how children learn best.
  • Berna's timeline

    1. 1. A personal timelineof educational technology ETEC 442- Summer 2012
    2. 2.  Berna Souza Started school in 1984 at Kipapa Elm. in Mililani. Graduated from Mililani High School in 1997. College degrees: -Lib Arts AA (2004) and ECE AS (2006) from Kauai Community College -BASS ECE from UH West-Oahu (2011) When I finish my Master’s in Educational Technology degree, I hope to become a better resource to my students and fellow teachers.
    3. 3. . . . Learning to use technologicaltools that enhance the methods and resources used in teaching and learning. It involves theimplementation of new digital media and software in authentic ways.
    4. 4.  An Overview of Progress and Problems in Educational Technology by J. Michael Spector Educational Technology Research Past and Present: Balancing Rigor and Relevance to Impact School Learning by S. Ross, G. Morrison, & D. Lowther Rethinking Education in the Age of Technology: The Digital Revolution and the Schools by A. Collins & Halverson < 2009/readings/MITMAS_714JF09_read03_coll.pdf
    5. 5. Apple Macintosh: * We had to use commands to 1987- First computer draw a straight line from oneexperience in 3rd grade. point to the next- no mouse!(
    6. 6. Electronic Typewriter of 1994:Keyboarding class my freshmen year.  (
    7. 7. There were anumber of options for distancelearning available.
    8. 8.  Hokulea: A 1976 voyage to Tahiti . . . sailing into the traditions of the past. Hokulea:1999 call to the future via satellite phone to Kamehameha students.
    9. 9. Promethean Board: Interactive Collaborative Age-appropriate Informed decision-making
    10. 10. iPads in thepreschool andkindergartenclassrooms forstudents to useto design theirown creative artand media clips.
    11. 11. BALANCE The biggest challenge I will be facing is the balancing act between the technology integration and the hands-on learningexperiences my students thrive on.