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Argus thermal imaging cameras (TICs) are the result of over thirty years intensive design and research. Our cameras lead the way in handheld thermal imaging technology for police, security forces, fire fighters and search and rescue teams.

Or new range of security cameras include the:

TT Type = Thermal torch cameras for officer patrol and first responder applications
P Type = Monocular cameras for covert surveillance applications
F Type = High sensitivity cameras for specialist search applications

Our TICs have an abundance of features designed to aid law enforcers and security personnel. Suspects can be caught quicker using less man power and most importantly thermal imaging keeps the good guys safe and one step ahead of the criminal. Argus TICs are not as expensive as you might think; we have designed them to be affordable and effective tools for you to use in the fight against crime, and without loosing the outstanding quality Argus are known for.

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Fujifilm - Argus e2v security

  1. 1. e2v e2v’s objective is to be a global leader in the design and supply of specialised components and sub-systems that enable the world’s leading systems companies to deliver innovative solutions for medical & science, aerospace & defence, and commercial & industrial markets.
  2. 2. e2v Corporate Development 1947 English Electric Valve (EEV) established. Over the next 60 years it becomes a leading global supplier of electron device, imaging and sensing technologies 2002 3i and management buy out to found e2v e2v acquires automotive security business from Dynex, 2003 UK e2v floats on the London Stock 2004 exchange e2v acquires Gresham Scientific Instruments: specialists in 2005 Energy Dispersive X-Ray (EDX) detectors e2v acquires Grenoble, France facility from Atmel corporation: 2006 specialists in semiconductor and imaging technologies e2v acquires MiCS, Switzerland: specialists in semiconductor based 2007 gas sensors and systems e2v acquires QP semiconductor, US: specialists in extended life 2008 semiconductor products, establishing e2v’s first US manufacturing facility
  3. 3. e2v International Business e2v head office High Wycombe, UK Lincoln, UK Chelmsford, UK Santa Clara, US Corcelles, Switzerland Grenoble, France
  4. 4. e2v Internal Structure Electron Devices & Sub-Systems Imaging Devices $120m $150m $79m $57m Specialist Sensors Semiconductors
  5. 5. e2v Major Customers
  6. 6. e2v Quality › e2v’s operational centres are certified to: • ISO9001:2000 • ISO/TS 16949:2002 (Lincoln and Corcelles automotive products) • AS9100 (Grenoble aerospace semiconductor products) • Environmental Management System (EMS)ISO14001:2004 (UK) • MIL-PRF-38535 custom microcircuit certification (Santa Clara) • These certifications are backed by a comprehensive CSR programme including environmental, waste, chemical and energy usage, and community relations policies.
  7. 7. The Argus SC › VSA00004.mp4
  8. 8. e2v Argus › 30+ Years 1980: Begins 1981: P4228 1985: P4428 1994: Argus1 1999: Argus2 2002: Argus3 2006: Argus4 2008:ArgusSC
  9. 9. Camera Applications› General Search • Missing persons • Fugitive search • Officer safety • Search and Rescue • Track discarded objects • Collision investigation› Surveillance • Surveillance operations • Patrols & Marine Patrol› Specialist Search • Drug interdiction operations (residential drug factories) • Defensive Search • Void Search
  10. 10. Key Features The Argus SC range of cameras are designed for hand-held security, law enforcement and policing applications › Argus SC • Simple to use (On/Off, Image Capture, Zoom) • Drop proof (2meters) • Water proof (IP67) • Heat Resistant (Fire heritage) • Specialist Search Software • Compare Mode > Marine & Residential drug factory search • Specialist Search > Defensive search, Void search • Direct temperature measurement • Colorization • Raw data download • Spanish Menu!
  11. 11. e2vWhat puts e2v above our competitors? › 30+ years experience › In-House highly competent and specialised skilled engineers › “Engine” developer not reliant upon “Engine” supplier › Exceptional image quality › Features and accessories › Rugged, ergonomic and high performance products › Reliability and customer service › Product Roadmap…
  12. 12. UK Law Enforcement Markets › With regards to thermal imaging applications, UK law enforcement can be grouped into 3 application markets, with some overlap between each group… General Search Specialist Surveillance Search
  13. 13. New Covert Camera
  14. 14. Surveillance Camera: Competitive Advantages › What advantages are we going to have over the H- Series? • Smaller • ITAR Free • 30 Hz for broader range of countries plus 9Hz vs 7Hz for other export • Better Image Quality VS • Interchangeable lenses – no loss in performance at range • More Colour modes / options • Longer video and more image storage as standard • Raw data output • 2 Sensor options • No standby needed – Flir is 90 seconds on start up and three seconds from standby – we will be 4 seconds from start up • Overt and Covert options • Configurable for customer
  15. 15. New Over Camera
  16. 16. General Search Camera: Competitive Advantages › What advantages are we going to have over the ….? • LED light • ITAR Free • 30 Hz for broader range of countries plus 9Hz VS vs 7Hz for other export • Image Quality • More Colour modes / options • Video and Image storage as standard • Raw data output • 2 Sensor options • Configurable for customer
  17. 17. › Questions?› Demonstrations • Basic Operation
  18. 18. The Standard Kit The Argus SC comes with the following accessories as standard: › Soft carry case. › Easy fit handle. › Side straps. › Neck strap › Two rechargeable battery packs. › USB connection lead for PC/laptop. › User manual. › End-user software. › Battery charger with mains plug neck strap.
  19. 19. Accessories The following accessories can be purchased for the Argus SC: › Vehicle Mount and Battery Pack › Video Capture Battery Pack › Transmitter › External Power & Video Adaptor › Mounting Bracket