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  • 1. TEN BUSINESS VALUES OF LINKED-DATA The Business Values of Linked-DataSBS Semantic Business Solutions, Inc © SBSGRID.NET
  • 2. LINKED-DATA FOR THE ENTERPRISE1) Empower the UserLet The User Instantly Find What HeIs Looking ForLinked-Data reduces many searches and steps on webforms to one single step. The user easily enters ahumans like question in free form – the results areprecise and contextual.eCommerce sales typically increase by 30 to 50 % © SBSGRID.NET
  • 3. LINKED-DATA FOR THE ENTERPRISE2) Information In ContextPresent Your Offerings IntelligentlyPersonalization was the first step. The combinationwith information-in-context creates a much richer userexperience. Non obvious but associated informationcreates “new interactions & transactions”. © SBSGRID.NET
  • 4. LINKED-DATA FOR THE ENTERPRISE3) Linked Information from the WebHarnessing the WebThe web is the biggest and fastest growing pool ofinformation. With Linked-Data enterprises can crawlthe web effectively and link information from websitesbased on meaning and context. © SBSGRID.NET
  • 5. LINKED-DATA FOR THE ENTERPRISE4) Linked Information Across SilosOn The Fly Integration of Any SourceIn many cases it is too expansive to integrateinformation. Linked-Data makes it easy, cheap and fast.Information can be contextually linked on the fly andpreviously untapped areas are made transparent andaccessible. © SBSGRID.NET
  • 6. LINKED-DATA FOR THE ENTERPRISE5) Linked Information Across OrganizationsVirtual Integration Keeping Separate OwnershipLinked-Data allow every information-silo to be self-governed and at the same time a virtual integrationlayer creates a unified experience across datasets. © SBSGRID.NET
  • 7. LINKED-DATA FOR THE ENTERPRISE6) Smart WidgetsInformation Linking Outside the FirewallLinked-Data can be based on XML but they offercontext as well. This enables intelligent plug-ins orwidgets to be embedded on a portal just with a fewlines of JavaScript. Enterprises can effectively distributeofferings. © SBSGRID.NET
  • 8. LINKED-DATA FOR THE ENTERPRISE7) Smart Knowledge BasesInformation Linking Outside the FirewallPublic knowledge bases like GeoNames.org are basedon Linked-Data. Enterprises can use these services forfree. Moreover the effort of keeping the informationaccurate and up to date is eliminated. © SBSGRID.NET
  • 9. LINKED-DATA FOR THE ENTERPRISE8) Unexpected Added ValueLinked-Data Are Self-DescriptiveUnlike in a relational database where information islocked and hard to access, Linked-Data are “open” in asense that everybody understands them. This meansthat people can re-use information in ways it wasoriginally not intended. © SBSGRID.NET
  • 10. LINKED-DATA FOR THE ENTERPRISE9) Pattern Matching & AnalyticsLinked-Data Are Multi-LayeredUnlike in a relational database Linked-Data areautomatically multi-layered. This means that additionaldimensions (like time) can be added across everythingin one operation. Thus pattern matching and analyticalfunctions can be easily and incrementally introduced atany given point in time. © SBSGRID.NET
  • 11. LINKED-DATA FOR THE ENTERPRISE10) Machine LearningPandora like Recommendation EnginesIn Linked-Data every single piece of information isautomatically linked to its “surroundings”. This is theground for machine learning algorithms andrecommendation engines like Pandora in the musicindustry.see www.pandora.com © SBSGRID.NET
  • 12. ITS ALL SEMANTICS Thank You http://www.sbsgrid.net © SBSGRID.NET