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SBSGRID in Memory-Search_Query_Engine_for_Linked-Data
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SBSGRID in Memory-Search_Query_Engine_for_Linked-Data


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Digital Reasoning in a Search Experience, Meaning Based Information-Linking, Visual Linked-Data Publishing

Digital Reasoning in a Search Experience, Meaning Based Information-Linking, Visual Linked-Data Publishing

Published in: Technology

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  • 2. INTRODUCTION LINKED-DATA 1 Linked-Data is a substantial movement & technology for: Meaning Based Computing Next Generation Search & Query Next Generation Information Discovery Web based Machine Learning & AI1 see © SBSGRID.NET
  • 3. INTRODUCTION LINKED-DATA 1 Linked-Data is also the enabler for the so-called Web 3.0 Linked-Data approach works (vs. SemWeb)1 see © SBSGRID.NET
  • 4. INTRODUCTION LINKED-DATALinked-Data are virtualizing thedata-source: Mediated Schema LINKED-DATA Wrapper Wrapper Crawler Crawler Relational Wikis Documents Websites DBs STRUCTURED SEMI UN-STRUCTURED STRUCTURED © SBSGRID.NET
  • 5. INTRODUCTION SEARCHQUERYSearchQueries leverage the power ofLinked-Data:Contextual & Associative QueriesOn Data Level (No Semantic Search)Information Travel from any AngleDigital Reasoning & Analytics © SBSGRID.NET
  • 6. INTRODUCTION SEARCHQUERYSearchQuery: Quick Tour Dataset example from the art world Unlinked Data (Relational Database) © SBSGRID.NET
  • 7. INTRODUCTION SEARCHQUERYSearchQuery: Quick Tour Concept network + Data network Linked-Data (Semantic FactBase) © SBSGRID.NET
  • 8. INTRODUCTION SEARCHQUERYSearchQuery: Quick Tour Concept network + Data network "Galleries in NYC selling Modern Painting" © SBSGRID.NET
  • 9. INTRODUCTION SEARCHQUERY Note the Semantic Operator “Current Exhibitions” SearchQuery: Quick TourNote the potentialpolymorphic roleon Gerhard “Current Exhibitions on Gerhard Richter in Germany" © SBSGRID.NET
  • 10. INTRODUCTION SEARCHQUERY Note Price RangeSearchQuery: Quick Tour “Japanese and Korean Art between 10k & 20k" © SBSGRID.NET
  • 11. ApplicabilitySBSGRID Application Scenarios… © SBSGRID.NET
  • 12. WHY SBSGRIDScenario: One Database 1 Browser SearchQuery In-Memory SBSGRID Engine High Performance 2 Automatic Semantics Wrapper Data Self- 1 see Slides: SBSGRID SearchQuery Explained Source A Governed 2 see White Pager: Visual Linked-Data Publishing © SBSGRID.NET
  • 13. WHY SBSGRID Scenario: Many Databases 1 Browser SearchQuery In-Memory • Works Instant & Incremental SBSGRID Engine • Contains Ontology Alignment • Meaning based Information Wrapper Wrapper Wrapper Linking Data Data Data Source A Source A Source A1 see White Paper: Meaning based Information Linking © SBSGRID.NET
  • 14. WHY SBSGRIDReview: ETL Process Data Source A Data Data ETL Warehouse Source A Data Source A Classic Relational Approach © SBSGRID.NET
  • 15. WHY SBSGRID Scenario: Contextual Analytics 1 Browser In-Memory SBSGRID Engine Contextual Cubes on the Fly1 see White Paper: SBSGRID Contextual Analytics © SBSGRID.NET
  • 16. WHY SBSGRID Scenario: Linked-Data Publishing Browser 1 Visual Process In-Memory • Drag & Drop Interface SBSGRID Engine • Instant SearchQuery • JDBC/ODBC Data-sources Wrapper Data Self- Source A Governed1 see White Pager: Visual Linked-Data Publishing © SBSGRID.NET
  • 17. WHY SBSGRIDScenario: Triple-Store Caching 1 Browser SearchQuery In-Memory SBSGRID Engine High Performance • Transactional Store • RDF/RDFS/OWL Support Triple Store • SPARQL Support © SBSGRID.NET
  • 18. SUMMARYSBSGRID is the first tool forDynamic Linked-Data:No Ontology DevelopmentNo Middleware DevelopmentVisual Linked-Data PublishingInstant & Incremental Use © SBSGRID.NET
  • 19. AppendixSome more info’s… © SBSGRID.NET
  • 20. APPENDIX• HPC Engine• Based on Java, TCP/IP, XML & HTML5• Designed for Pure In-Memory (Compressed Index / Data)• Hybrid of GraphQuery/FullTextSearch/Cache Engine• Reasoner is aware about structural graph characteristics• Optimized structures for syntactic & semantic decomposition• WEB API• XML-REST API• JavaScript Classes for Continuous Query• Java & C# API• SPARQL++ Functionality• Non Transactional (Compensate Action) © SBSGRID.NET
  • 21. APPENDIX• Import API• Triple Strings TCP/IP Interface• Java / C# Client Interface• Hot Updates (incremental index creation)• Bulk Load• Small Code• No usage of libraries (no context switch; high security)• 100% ownership (high end optimization)• Specific Reasoner requests can be implemented © SBSGRID.NET
  • 22. APPENDIX• Queries• N-dimensional Reasoner - covers all query cases wanted - covers combinations of concepts, terms, data & operators• Any Number of Keywords (still precise results)• Support for Ranks, Synonyms, Operators• Context Aware Full-Text-Server• User Escort (Semantic Suggest Lists, Context Maps) © SBSGRID.NET
  • 23. APPENDIX• Deployment• JAR Deployment (with our without servlet container)• No Middleware Development - Semantic Queries are created automatically - Data Deployment on fact level (config vs. coding)• Data publishing and import through visual tool• Data transport via TCP/IP• Embedded Web-Server (optional)• Admin GUI (runtime statistics)• Security• Access entitlement on field, object or namespace level• No usage of external libraries (high security, 100% ownership) © SBSGRID.NET