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PROVINCE OF ZAMBALES — the western coast of Central Luzon of the Republic ofSea, on the east by Tarlac and Pampanga, and o...
the Philippines. It is bordered on the north by Pangasinan, on the west by the South Chinaowland which lies along the narr...
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Vision pre final

  1. 1. THE OFFICIAL STUDENT PUBLICATION OF CASTILLEJOS NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL CASTILLEJOS, ZAMBALESJUNE-NOVEMBER 2012 Vol. X No.1 FACES. A picture of innocent children that depicts hope and ambition and resembles to see what matters most in the journey through life parallels to the ability to positively interpretthe surrounding environment by processing, providing, acquiring and sharing information. DepED supports Palawan Malcolm S. Garma, ancestral lands taken over, andCESO V Schools Division communities’ wishes ignored inSuperintendent, endorsed a many areas of Palawan.letter request of Ms. Regina She also explained thatLopez of ABS-CBN Founda- Philippines is among the top 7tion regarding the signature mega diverse countries in thecampaign “No to Mining in world and our country isPalawan” of Save Palawan blessed with 228 key biodiver-Movement to Public School sity area that 17 of which are inSupervisors and Secondary Palawan that has 70% of theSchool Principals from Sta. country’s mangrove areas, 30%Cruz to Subic, July 2012. coral reefs, two UNESCO heri- Garma permitted the tage sites and eight DENR de-group of Save Palawan Move- signed protected areas.ment to distribute signature Lopez asked the Philip-forms to schools, students, and pine government to say no tostaffs to support the advocacy mining in Palawan, key biodi-on the Ten Million Signature versity areas, island ecosys-Campaign for the banning of tem, agricultural lands, and wa-mining operations in the Prov- ter shed areas.ince of Palawan. “To make this happen He stated, however, we are enjoining 10 million Fili-that regular classes shall not be pinos from all walks of life todisrupted and participation on sign their name and getthe said activity was purely vol- counted.” Lopez said.untary. 480 students of Lopez stated on her Castillejos National Highletter that the granting of mining School also participated on thepermit and new applications said campaign when theyare increasing, even in identi- signed their names on the sig-fied for protection zones, old- nature forms distributed by thegrowth forest are being cut SSG officers in all classrooms THE NATURAL AND CAPTIVATING BEAUTY OF PALAWAN UNDERGROUND RIVER.down, water sources polluted, in September. cont. on page 2 Malcolm S. Garma, CESO V Schools Division Superintendent (inset), allowed the “No Mining in Palawan Signature Campaign” . Hon. Mayor Angelo were very excited to receive the effort to strengthen awareness on Dominguez, Dr. Felita C. Pulido, award. the importance of hygiene and Dr. Jacelina Pascua and the She added that it was the sanitation among students. CNHS teachers received the tro- time when she felt the cloud-nine Classroom advisers to- phy of Castillejos National High experience, she continued, that she gether with some of their family School for winning the 2nd run- was very proud to the leadership of members took part in the beautifi- ner up in the “2012 Regional Ma’am Felita C. Pulido because it cation of classrooms and repair of Search for the Best Implementor was the first time of the school to chairs, bulletin boards, divans, of Brigada Eskwela”, October receive such award. cabinets and tables. 24, Pampanga National High CNHS education stake- Even we did not person- School. holders contributed time, effort, ally receive the award, we are also 9:00am when the group and resources in ensuring that proud because we know that we started to travel going to the venue school facilities were set in time shared our time and effort in the of the awarding ceremony that for the forthcoming school open- Brigada Eskwela 2012 said Ma’am took them three hours before the ing. Hipolito.BRIGADA PRIDE. With the CNHS teachers, Dr. Jacelina Pascua stand- trophy was finally handed to them. Teachers, students, anding between Dr. Felita C. Pulido holding the certificate of recognition Ms. Rachel Esteban, Sci- volunteers improved the toilets and By Karen Ivy Arroyoand Hon. Mayor Angelo Dominguez holding the trophy ence Head Teacher I, said that they wash facilities as part of DepEd’s NEWS OPINION FEATURE SPORTS CNHS implements Gulayan… p/2 Same-Sex Marriage p/5 Gangnam Style p/8 Zonal Meet Results p/12
  2. 2. THE VISION News JUNE - NOVEMBER 2012 By Soleil Raguini CNHS complied to said, TLE Master Teacher. and community gardens, she the directive of former Edu- Students also took part added that the school gardens cation Secretary Jesli in the realization of the project shall serve as food basket or Lapus on the implemen- when they planted varieties of main source of commodities to tion of “Gulayan sa Paara- vegetables: Squash, Alugbati, sustain supplementary feeding. lan” project in support of the Malunggay, Sitaw, Talong, In a department memo- government’s hunger miti- Okra, Talbos ng Kamote, randum issued, the former edu- gation and poverty alle- Kankong, Calamansi, Siling cation chief said that hunger viation efforts. Labuyo, and Ampalaya. and malnutrition are two prob- TLE teachers spear- “At first, I don’t like to lems that affect 19 percent or headed by Ma’am Felita C. plant, but because we were 3,268,000 families out of the Pulido, School Principal IV, forced by our TLE teacher that 17,400,000 households in the started to cultivate the 30 it will be a part of our grade, I country. square –meter planting area decided to plant. And when I Former Secretary said beside the school oval during see the seeds sprouted and that children of poor parents Brigada Eskwela. growing, it motivates me to fail to complete their education “This project is good. plant more”, Charles Ramos because hunger and malnutri- This could help to feed our said, III-D student. tion force them to drop out poor students. Besides, this is According to the report from school to help their par- also one way to encourage our of Cherry Morada, this ents earn a living. students to eat green and leafy initiative sought to raise public “We hope that every- vegetables. We instruct them to consciousness on the health and body will take part for the bet- plant vegetables in our TLE nutritional dimension as well as terment of this project”, Ma,am subject or if they have vacant economic benefits of Elena Reguindin, TLE HeadGREEN AND LEAFY VEGETABLES. Various vegetables planted in time”, Sir Eugene Aguillon establishing school, household Teacher.the Gulayan sa Paaralan promoting the importance of healthy food DepED support.. from page 1 The signing activity took eight hours to finish. “Based from the large number of signatures we gath- ered, it’s very obvious that even By Cherrie Anne Suarez students are also aware on the value and importance of our Castillejos Police CF call of the muscle of England environment. I am alsoStation conducted a sympo- home and sa lahat ng oras.” surprised that even somesium at Castillejos National Followed by the Chief teachers signed their names to support Palawan”, said Ma’amHigh School with the of Police, Javier Geoffrey Pas- Mailahnie A. Feria, HTI ofparticipation of the fourth casio who discussed the impor- Values Education.year students, regarding tance of drug awareness. The total number ofdrug awareness, RA 7610 and He informed the students who supported theRA 9262, last July 20, 2012 at seniors the effects of using campaign was dominated byschool gymnasium. drugs specifically using drugs in the juniors and seniors. Valentin R. Rabara, III- SPO1 Josie Antolin an inappropriate manner or A student said, “I want to sup-explained to the seniors their the misuse of the drugs such as ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS AND ECOLOGICAL WASTE port Palawan, I encourageright and freedoms in the drug abuse or the taking of a MANAGEMENT. Mr. Melvin D. Fantone explaining the importance of every student to support Pala-school, in the community, and substance not for its intended waste management wan. Sabi nga diba ang yamaneven in their own houses. purpose. League for Innovative Dianne Claire Aquino, LIFE President, and participation of ng Palawan ay yaman ng Antolin said that the He discussed the and Friendly to the Environ- ment (LIFE) conducted a Mr. Melvin D. Fantone, Pilipinas.”rights and freedoms include-- effects of drug abuse such as symposium entitled resource speaker, and Ms.right to enjoy responsible malnutrition, skin infections Rachael Esteban, Science By Valentin Rabara “Environmental Aware-freedom of speech and and rashes, infectious diseases ness and Ecological Waste Department Head.expression, right to avail of all like tuberculosis, bronchitis Management” held at the Mr. Fantone explainedthe services offered by the and asthma. the importance of having cials regarding the proper seg- school’s computer proper waste management, regation of waste, and aboutSupreme Student Government He added “Drugs can- laboratory, November 29. and the projects of Castillejos the Republic Act No. 9003 (RA(SSG), right to conduct and not give anything good to stu- The project was about the topic. No. 93).participate in all school dents instead it can just de- realized through the initiative of He furthermore By Valentin Rabara the LIFE Adviser, Mr. Bernardactivities, right to information stroy the lives and eventually Cambe, LIFE officers led by discussed the duties of the offi-on all the issues and matters can cause illness and evenconcerning them, right to vote, death.”to be nominated and be Levi Charle Sumacbay,elected into office, right to be fourth year student said,” angrepresented in the different dami kong nalaman. Dahil dito Honorable Governormeetings and assemblies of the mas namulat ang aking mata Hermogenes E. Ebdane on issues affecting the sa bagay na ito at tama siya na delivered the status of thewelfare of the studentry, right wala itong magandang province in the “Ulat sa Ba-to due process, right to have maidudulot sa aming sarili yan 2012” on August 22, Peo-well state of living, right to kundi kapahamakan.” ple’s Park, Iba, Zambales.have good parents and right to The symposium ended Ebdane’s report fo-protect their own from any- cused on the development in when the speakers emphasizedbody that abused them and different areas such as govern- to the seniors the benefits of ance, tax collections, peace,violated their rights and free- knowing their rights and free- rightful and judicious imple-doms. doms, the benefits of being mentation of laws. Dianne Claire Aquino, aware on drugs and to cour- The key points of his Photo and information from Zambalenewsfourth year student said, “Ulat sa Bayan” contained ur- PRACTICING TRANSPARENCY. Hon. Governor Hermogenes E.“Natutuwa ako dahil nagka- aged them to fight drug prob- gent action by the affected Ebdane Jr. standing before the audience of Zambalesroon ng symposium dito sa am- lem by cooperating and partici- communities brought bying paaralan na tumalakay sa pating campaigns and pro- “Habagat”, 78.5 increase in tronic report conducted by 4.000 estimated atten-aming mga karapatan at grams spearheaded by con- Real Property Tax Collection DILG, improvement of Zam- dees from different towns andkalayaan dahil dito nalaman na from January to June this year bales Sport Complex, new and cerned groups to curb the barangays witnessed the eventnaming at naging bukas kam- compared to the last 6 months modern equipments for health, problem of drug addiction. last year, excellent work of and different sports develop- according to the planning anding lahat sa aming mga kara-patan at kalayaan na may ka- Zambales in the state of Local ment and sports tourism pro- development office. *** Governance Performance, elec- gram.akibat din naman panangutan By Marjorie Flores
  3. 3. JUNE - NOVEMBER 2012 News THE VISION Rem ie Grace R. Cusipag, SPA-III, declared champion in the On-The-Spot Jingle Composition in Botolan National High School through To enhance the skills mangyayari ito kung hindi the effort of her coach, Mrs.and talents of the students in naging handa ang ating Myrna Balbaligo and support ofthe field of sports, Dr. Felita Social Studies Head Teacher II, paaralan sa pagpapatupad ng Mr. Rogelio Besarra, OctoberC. Pulido, Principal IV, programang ito. Kulang din 2.instructed Mr. Ariel Fastidio, ang pasilidad upang makapag- ***MAPEH Head Teacher I, to SPA students qualifiedintroduce and open SPS ensayo ang mga estudyante”, to Regional Competition when(Special Program in Sports) Sir Aragones, said. they championed the Sindi Filmin June 2012. The Special Program in through the effort of their In line with the Sports aims to identify talented coach, Mr. Randy L. Dela Cruz,efforts of the Department of athletes who shall be trained to and support of SPAEducation (DepED), SPS is an compete in national and Coordinator, Mr. Rogelio I. Be-institutionalized program that international sports sarra, held at Botolan Nationalwould identify and discover competition; enhance skills of High School, October 2. students in sports; and produce ***students with potential talent in Nick Johnsonsports and hone the skills for athletes imbued with healthy Fernandez, IV-Amethyst stu-higher levels of athletic attitude who can contribute to the promotion of sports in dent, won 3rd place in the Mathcompetitions. A NEW CURRICULUM. SPS students showing and executing various the country. Challenge through the effort of 46 first year students skills in their specialization supervised by the teacher specialistsare currently enrolled in the Each student who his coach, Mrs. Lea Febrero,SPS curriculum under Mr. enrolled in the program chose a Basketball headed by Eugene and support of Math Head specialization under the teacher out sacrificing their academic Teacher V, Mr. EmmanuelMark Aragones, adviser. Aguillon. “Kailangan pang specialists. Sir Fastidio, SPS Co- performance, and most of all, to Adolfo, held at Bani Nationalmapaunlad at mahasa ang Chess headed by ordinator, said that one purpose gain self-confidence and self- High School Main, October 2.kakayahan ng bawat Ronald Perez, Sepak discipline. of the curriculum is to develop *** Takraw, headed by Ariel By Cyrus Rietaestudyante sa larangan ng the skills of the students with- Julie Anne Pido and Fastidio, Volleyball headed bypalakasan, ngunit paano Gian Carlo Efa won 3rd place in Rogelio Besarra, and the Hair Styling with Facial Make-up Competition through the effort of their coach, Mrs. Naida G. Abad MT-III, and By Rizza Canonizado support of T.L.E. Head Teacher 260 students are cur- their session in June. I, held at Zambales National rently enrolled in BP-OSA Students enable to gain High School, October 2. ( Balik-Paaralan Para sa Out- reading, writing and numeracy *** of-School Adults Program ), skill to meet their learning Valentin Rabara, III-Rizal student, declared 5th school base delivery mode of goals as they define them and placer in the Copyreading and ALS A&E program, deliv- strengthen the acquisition of Headlining Competition in ered by the Instructional employable and trainable skills Di v i s i o n Sc h o o ls P res s Managers: Jean Besarra, in entrepreneurship and liveli- Conference (DSPC) held at Ronald Perez, Mary Jane hood skills Cabangan Sports Complex, Negosa, Virgie Dela Cruz, Sir Negosa said, “We through the effort of his coach, and Allan Negosa. still accept qualified learners to Mr. Emier H. Corpuz Jr., and IMs instructional man- enrol in BP-OSA because the support of English Head ager started the mapping in entry of learners in the pro- Teacher II, Mrs. Katherine Gar- May 2012 to identify the out- gram at any time is allowed.” cia, October 3. *** school children, youth, and Dr. Felita C. Pulido, League for Innovative adults who have not completed Principal IV, supervises the and Friendly to the Environ- basic education. ongoing learning sessions every ment (LIFE). MAPEH, and Each instructional man- STEP clubs organized a treeBUSY CLASS. Mrs. Virgie Dela Cruz, one of the instructional man- Friday from 4 to 6pm. ager has a learning group made planting activity, held at theagers, conducting a two-hour session of discussing lessons for stu- up of not less than 50 learners school grounds, to help fightdents enrolled in BP-OSA *** who were clustered and started global warming, and planted 100 seedlings, July 26. *** Students from first to fourth year with their advisers experienced companionship, friendship, and fellowship, To help promote envi- SSG Adviser, Ms. Madeline during the Acquaintance Partyronmental awareness, CNHS Agustin, and SSG officers led organized b y the SSGLeague for Innovative and by Levi Charle Sumacbay, SSG officers.Friendly to the Environment President, and the coordination ***(LIFE), together with the Su- of Science teachers, Mrs. T.L.E Departmentpreme Student Government Ailyne Renojo, Mr. Richard De conducted Nutrition Month with(SSG) conducted joint pro- Leon, Mrs. Brendalie Bagasina, a theme “Pagkain ng Gulay,jects, tree planting and clean- and Mrs. Sheila Mendoza. Ugaliin …...Araw – Araw Itong Ihain”.up drive activity, October 27, Valentine Rabara said ***at Looc Mountain, Brgy. that he was very happy because Third year students ofLooc. there were still teenagers who Castillejos National High 22 students, composing cared for the environment, he School took the Nationalof LIFE and SSG officers, in- added, although it was hard for Career Assessment Examina-terested students, and 7 teach- them to climb, it was worth it tion (NCAE) with 535 items,ers participated in the said ac- because he knew that the seed- August 29.tivity to help inform the com- lings that they planted would ***munity in promoting environ- surely help Mother Earth. Araling Panlipunanmental awareness, and to help “Nakakapagod ang (AP) Department, led by AP Department President, Beulahthe planet Earth. pag-akyat sa bundok, pero PLANT TREES. Science teachers turn environmentalist when they initi- Doreen Tomarong, and AP The project was real- nang matapos kaming ated the tree planting activity. Department Adviser, Mr.ized through the efforts of LIFE magtanim, ang sarap sa Christopher Padilla, put up aAdviser, Mr. Bernard Cambe, pakiramdam kasi alam kong mountain and spotted empty grouped had lain to take a rest project, the monument of Presi-and LIFE officers led by LIFE nakatulong ako for our envi- areas where they planted 38 and had a picture-taking while dent Ramon F. Magsay-Vice President, Valentin Ra- ronment”, Agan, SSG 3rd Year seedlings such as mahogany, watching the beauty of the say and Dr. Jose Rizal in frontbara, Science Department Representative, said. talisay, and eucalyptus. environment. of the school in SeptemberHead, Ms. Rachael Esteban, The group climbed the After the activity, the By Karen Ivy Arroyo 2012.
  4. 4. THE VISION Opinion JUNE - NOVEMBER 2012 In order to get high failed even if he went togrades, a student attends to school daily. That is not thehis classes daily, takes his only part of the grading sys-quizzes and seatworks, does tem. It is true that his studenthis homework, passes his pro- attends to his class daily, butjects on or before the date of if in every quiz, he only gets 2submission, and recites at out of 20 items, or 6 out of 20least once in every subject. items, what would you expect,On the other hand, if the stu- high grades? The teacherdent is likely to get failing would rather explain thegrade, who is responsible for grading system and show histhis? Is it the teacher or the class records to the parents,student? or tell them to find a school Most of the time, stu- where attendance is the onlydents are responsible for basis of the grading system.their failure. They get failing How about if the stu-grades, instead of high ones, dent would request to submitbecause of their performance. a special project? Would theThese include quizzes, seat- teacher accept it? An excel-works, homeworks, projects, lent teacher would not be-exams, and class participa- cause he knows to be fair fortion, besides, students are the the other students who gotones who make their grades, the same fate. It might also benot the teachers. It is true be- happened again and again, orcause 60-70% of their per- abused, making student to can understand it. You can boring, which makes the stu- students to learn less or noneformances, including quiz, become confident enough, study it alone, ask for your dent sleepy, unable students at all.seatwork, homework, project, even if he gets failing grades. classmate’s help, or better if to concentrate, thus less Another one is thatand exam, were being made A make-up activity will do, he you ask your teacher’s help, learning for the student. the teachers are the ones whoby the student, thus the stu- must strive harder to get high but then, the student will har- One of the other in- formulate the questions indent’s final grade will greatly grades. ness the results at the end. stances includes a bookish quizzes, seatwork, and home-depend on his grade that he The main concern The teacher, on the teacher. This kind of teacher other hand, is responsible for always reads only the content work, which are given to themade rather than the grade about this is that students are the failure of the students. of the book or tells the stu- students. It is true that thehis teacher gave. shy enough to ask their If this happens, the teacher if they couldn’t un- Students cannot learn or can- dents to write the lecture as student is the one who an-student’s guardian would derstand the topic. If you not focus on the topic for exactly what is written in the swers his quiz; thereby hepreferably go to the teacher cannot understand the topic, some instances. A teacher’s book, but does not explain determines his own score,and complain why their son think of a way on how you way of teaching is somewhat totally the topic, making the but... Cont. on page 5 been lost of the disturbances in ment of class suspension, by January to May. How can they weather. Moreover, there were cutting short the months of the manage to harness the lesson VALENTIN R. RABARA times that announcement of rainy season. This proposal if they are suffering from the suspension of classes were also seeks to reduce three steaming, scorching heat of late, thus making the students months the time students summer in non-conditioned out in the street wet. So it can spend in school during the sea- classroom? Moreover, students be concluded that more class son. will not able to focus on study- disruption and typhoons may In addition, this pro- ing their lessons; instead, they occur during these months. posal seeks not only the revi- will focus more on finding Over the past few instead of June, but is it time In addition, if this sion of the calendar, but also something that will ease theirmonths, we experienced heavy we must move the starting of continues, students will have lessens to the work of the res- suffering from the unbearablerains and floods delivered by classes to September? less time to learn, and quality of cuers or authorities in charge of heat.the strong typhoons. Because At present, the school education will be at risk. rescue efforts whenever Traditional school cal-of this, frequent class suspen- year starts between June and Since cancellation of there are typhoons. endar is our usual calendar,sions were announced; hence, July, which includes the begin- classes were caused by However, there are with the opening of classesextra class sessions were ning of the rainy season, and weather disturbances, Senator also people or government start in June and end in May.given to make up for the sus- ends March and April, which is Franklin M. Drilon introduced agencies who agree with the This is also the starting of rainypended school days. How- the start of summer. the idea of moving the school tradition school calendar- start- season, causing some schoolever, this situation opens up a Almost five months opening to September, or the ing from June and ends in days to be suspended becausenew idea, an idea to move the since classes started in June, Senate Bill No. 2407. Drilon March or April for some in- of the heavy rains, floods,school opening to September, less than 20 school days have explained that, in this bill, the stances. landslides, and mudslides de- first three months of the school The Commission on liver to us by several destruc- EDITORIAL BOARD S.Y 2012-2013 year-June, July, and Au- Higher Education (CHED) tive typhoons. Moving the Editor-in-Chief gust, were the period where does not agree to change the opening of classes to Septem- Valentin R. Rabara there is more frequent occur- school calendar and reset the ber, on the other hand, may Associate Editor-in-Chief rence of typhoon in the country, starting of then school year have shorter months of rainy Cyrus Rieta thus making it unwise to com- from June to September. Ac- season, which is from Septem- mence the school year during cording to the news conducted ber to December, but these Contributors: the typhoon season as stu- by The Philippine Star, CHED months are months where we John Alec Santos Shara Meriel A. Fernandez dents, parents, and school au- chair person Patricia Licuanan experienced much stronger Zairo Gabriel Batara Mark Christian Alterado thorities must have to deal with said the change would not in typhoon compared to months Aubrey Soleil Raguini Marjorie Flores floods, landslides, lack of trans- any way spare students from June to August. Moreover, in Rizza Canonizado Jasmin Jane Clavaton portation due to flood, spread heavy rains and floods since this school calendar, we will _________________________________________________ of diseases, and damaged September, October, and No- also experience the unbear- Researcher: John Alec Sales school building and facilities. vember are also months when able heat of the summer from Cartoonist: Princess Trisha Perez Moreover, traffic became worse the country experience heavy March to May. Photojournalist: Rovi Jane Guevarra with the start of the rainy sea- rains, and suffer the conse- The authorities must, Lay-out Artist: Karen Ivy Arroyo son due to floods and bad road quent floods. Meanwhile, Sena- have to know all the answers conditions. Also, if the school tor Francis Pangilinan advised and circumstances before mak- Emier H. Corpuz Jr. buildings are not being utilized the Department of education ing any move to transfer the Adviser as classrooms during rainy (DepEd) to study the proposal opening of classes to Septem- season, these can be used as very carefully before actually ber, otherwise the students will Florissa Cabaltica evacuation cites, which can be making any decision to imple- suffer the most. Co-adviser properly equipped for emer- ment this. If you were to ask what Katherine Marie C. Garcia gency. Also, moving the open- school calendar you want, what Head Teacher II, English This bill can help in ing of classes to September would you prefer? Is it the tradi- minimizing the risk of getting has its own problems. The stu- tional school calendar or the the school children to be ex- dents might have problems re- posed to heavy rains, when- garding the unbearable hot planning new school calendar? Dr. Felita C. Pulido Principal IV ever there are late announce- weather during the months of ***
  5. 5. JUNE - NOVEMBER 2012 Opinion THE VISION By Cyrus Rieta ccording to Wikipedia, for Adam. One of the diseases that teachers, in particular), they a free, multilingual If same-sex marriage our government is still facing find it helpful, effective and internet encyclopedia, will be legalized and accepted and struggling about is the appropriate to the needs of the Same Sex Marriage all of the reasons of God for it continuous deterioration of the students of this generation.or Gay Marriage is between will be forfeited. quality of education. The Less burden also for thetwo persons of the same bio- My view for the disease has gone too far teachers, the modules havelogical sex or gender identity. when God created Adam, He LGBTs? They’ve been causing a higher rate of already been provided and mostSame-sex marriages can be per- also created Eve—not Another bewitched by the things they poverty, unemployment and of all students centered. Andformed in a secular civil cere- Adam. believed they are. Delusional worst is crime. Several yet, the same dilemmamony, or in a religious setting, As I have studied, by the truth, they act like programs had passed but the continues to exist. The neededand are endorsed and practiced researched and asked about the they’re man or woman, they malady remains uncured. materials for better execution ofby various religious groups same-sex, I have learned that dress like one and they think Two years ago SEC the lessons aren’t available, if itaround the world. marriage which also called like one. That should not be. 2010 also known as UBD is, insufficient. It is the union in matrimony is an intimate Blinded by the Lilliputian curriculum was implemented It’s too obvious thatmatrimony or in a civil personal union to which two affection and pleasure by and effectuated in the what is more vital in teachingceremony of a man to another individuals – a man and woman having an intimate relationship secondary level both public and and learning process is beingman, or a woman to another consent consummated and with the same-sex, they’re private schools, particularly in taken for granted. Some ofwoman. Those people who perfected in a life-long putting themselves in a deep the first and second year level. those are lock of classrooms,belong to the LGBT or Lesbian partnership of mutual love and slumber rejecting every truth As the days went on, criticism still many students are takingGay Bisexual Transgender commitment. It is the social that will awaken them to face from different sectors of society lessons under the tree, if theresociety or community most union or legal contract between the reality. began to pour out and fill the are classrooms, and most arelikely would want to commit people who agreed and com- How can God favor “comments and suggestions” crowded, new technologies tothis marriage. Many countries mitted their lives to be lifetime and bless the relationship if in website intended for the enhance learning, not tonowadays had become liberated partners fulfilling the needs and the first place it already program. Once again, the flaws mention the students who go toand outspoken enough about performing the tasks of being corrupted the design of God for of the program exposed the school with an empty stomach.same-sex relationships by the better half of each other. man and woman He loves inability of our government to The author must have forgottenallowing or even officiating As what my father, a dearly? combat illiteracy amongst the to include the necessary detailsmarriages for them. Even Theological seminary graduate To give an illustration, young generation of the to achieve the ultimate goal ofPhilippines, do not want to be and a church pastor explained try cutting an orange in half, Filipinos. the program.left behind in the limelight of to me, “marriage is also done take away the other one and Now, while 2010 SEC Well, it’s not fair toLGBT’s. To be exact, a for both men and women to be replace it for another orange’s h a s n ’ t p r o ve d y e t i t s judge something which is stillreligious sect located in Baguio limited in committing sexual half. Try to put it together. No effectiveness, the K to 12 on the process of proving itshelps LGBT’s to be recognized immorality and adultery. It is to matter how the new orange curriculum has discharged worth. Our government mustas couples giving them the refrain them from sinning, may seem legit in the outside, it believing that this will increase the performances level of have spent millions to carry outopportunity to declare their which is unholy and will stay fragmented and unacceptable for the eyes of student, improve the quality of what we hope to cure for ourpartnership and love before inadequate.God and the people around God. It is also for the education and prepare young country’s disease. Let’s justthem. fulfillment of God’s reason for *** people for a better life. Asked hope for the best. But the problem is, the creation of Eve – a partner the teachers’ opinion (Grade 7 By Shara Meriel Fernandez Denying what you have which are written by otherdone wrong does not save you people’s hands, then you arefrom it. It just makes you a like facing the world with alying thief. mask which hides your true Sarah Pope, a self.complainant blogger, was We all have minds of By John Alec Salesindeed surprised of the our own. We have the ability to Bullying is common in send repeated false or obscene of telling because they fear theplagiarism of the highly make our own output, that’s all schools. It is hurtful and messages on the phone or bullies will find out and hurtrespected senator, Sotto III, of what makes us unique. Do not deliberate. This happens when internet/social network sites. them even more. It can takeher blog and used it in his be ashamed of what weapons a child is picked on by another Being bullied can great courage to tell an adult.speech “turno en contra” you are holding for every bolt child or group of children. seriously affect a child’s Do not blame the childagainst the Senate Bill 2865 or still needs a drop of oil to make Victims become the center of physical and mental health. being bullied is not their faultRH Bill. it work with perfect harmony fun and find it difficult to This may include: feeling sad (although they may think it is). Sotto’s act is almost and melody. defend themselves. This may and lonely, lacking confidence Reassure them thatparallel to campus journalism. Though plagiarism is happen again and again, and and feeling bad about they were right to tell you.Student journalists make it a not as grave as murder and can go on for a long time themselves, becoming Do not promise to keep“copy-paste” habit when homicide, still it has no unless something is done about depressed, complaining of t h e b u l l yi n g a s e c r e t .making their articles for the difference from theft for you are it. various physical symptoms e.g. Something must be done aboutschool paper. They simply stealing the intellectual property In our guidance office, headaches, stomach aches, it. Reassure your child that you,imitate it, change the author from other people’s minds. If 7 out of 10 problems are about worrying and trying to avoid and the teachers, will makeand the headline, and there you like a part of their work, bullying. This is very alarming. going to school. sure that things do not getyou go, a new and “original” you may just recognize the School officials should make it Based from my worse because they have toldpiece of work. author or writer. clear that they won’t allow experience and from what I you, Tell the schools so they Being a journalist, you Journalists do not b u l l yi n g a n a g g r e s s i v e observe, all that are mentioned can stop it. Teachers don’t al-should always keep in mind imitate the act of stealing. Be behaviour. are true. ways know that a child is beingthat your own work expresses responsible enough. You are I, an ordinary student, Parents can help a lot if bullied. Fine out if there is anwho you are, and shall not a thief. Plagiarism? No also suffered from the their children are bullied. How? anti bullying programme in thetherefore came from you, no thank you. excruciating pain of bullying. I They shall: else. If you copy the words *** noticed that my aggressive Be o pen t o t he Talk with your child and classmates are the bullies and possibility that your child might work out ways of solving theFAILING GRADE… responsible for their grades the shy, quiet, alone, disabled, be being bullied. Some parents problem. Include your child in and obese are being bullied. may not think of bullying as decisions about how to tackle FROM PAGE 4 while the teachers are the This makes me decide a possible reason for their child the problem. For example,what if the quiz or seatwork ones who teach the students t o r e s e a r c h o n distress. work out some practicalis really not easy. There are the lesson for them to under- and Listen one of the most ways for them to stop the important things you can do is bullying. You might discusssome times when the teacher stand. According to m y to listen to your child if they say what they should say back ifgives the student same source, children who bully may they are being bullied. It can be they are called names, orquestions that is really not It is important for us punch another child, kick them very difficult for them to talk to where it’s safe to go at play-well-explained. that teachers and students or trip them up, take or spoil anyone about it. time. must be at one purpose, it is their things, call them names, T ak e your c hild Bull ying c an be Both the student and to enhance the student’s tease them, give them nasty seriously Many children suffer stopped only if parents and looks, threaten them, make in silence for a long time before teachers will work hand-and-the teacher could contribute knowledge and to mold the racist remark about them, they tell anyone. They may be hand and if they have properto the development of the mind of the next generation. spread nasty rumours about ashamed, embarrassed, and knowledge and education.student’s learning. The stu- them, not let them join in play may believe that they deservedent are the ones who are *** or games, not talk to them, it. Many children are frightened ***
  6. 6. PROVINCE OF ZAMBALES — the western coast of Central Luzon of the Republic ofSea, on the east by Tarlac and Pampanga, and on the south by Bataan. Instituted in the 16th century under the Spanish rule, Zambales is blessed with little lois Olongapo, now a highly urbanized city and once the site of the biggest US naval base in Aity (SBMA) since it was turned over to the Philippine government when the Americans left iresorts along Subic Bay, national parks, , a deep natural harbor protected by mountains on tcan servicemen’s quarters, Olongapo remains to be one of the most visited cities in the One important aspect of the history of Zambales province is the story of fast, challengZambales but also to its neighboring provinces. City of peace and noblety, in the Pearl of the Orient, citizens are the heroes — Olongap Fuelled by the spirit of volunteerism, Olongapo, became known as one of the most chStill, it defends its long known title as the “City of Modern Flambeaus” or the locally known a As we can remember, the city once suffered under the destructive eruption of Mt. Pproperties. 1991 then became as one of the dark eras of the city. But, the people and the whole city never give up, they stand still in battling agaidetermination, and unity. Through the magnificent spirit of volunteerism, Olongapeños and O Right after the last steps of the day, came, the live night life and entertainment indentertainment/business industries sprouted during the reign of military bases of Subic Baycorps, tourists, and mariners considered Olongapo as their second home from where theystands, motels, parlors, therapy services, and spas in Olongapo earned twice as their regespecially naval ships, and American aircrafts. But life is like a wheel, sometimes there are ups and downs. In 1992, the live night liftogether with the lost of military bases, job opportunities were reduced like the naval maeconomic stability. However, the battle never ends there, through the help of wise and lawful leadersbusinessmen were encouraged to invest in Olongapo for it has very good, accessible, and rpopulation of people in Olongapo is enough for the construction of much bigger establishme Henry Sy – the richest man in the Philippines is one of the investors which laid its trfollowing year 2011 the construction of the mall started. And at last, the first ever SM Mall innities such as construction works, salesmen/clerk, attendants, janitors/ utilities, food servers Ayala Mall and Group of Company – another successful business group in the PhilippFortunately, the project was built at SBFZ which signifies more job opportunities and tourist Now, Olongapo City seems to be risen up from its dreadful nightmare, ready to faincreasing industries, Olongapo will surely continuously “Fighting for Excellence”.
  7. 7. the Philippines. It is bordered on the north by Pangasinan, on the west by the South Chinaowland which lies along the narrow coast where the town centers are situated, one of whichAsia. It has become an industrial and tourism zone under the Subic Bay Metropolitan Author- in 1992. With docking facilities, international airport, tourist attractions such as world-class three sides, convention centers, and modern hotels aside from those that used to be Ameri- e country and potential investment centers for both local and foreign companies. ging and demanding development that became a significant factor not only to the people of po! hild—friendly cities, cleanest city in the Philippines, and a city where laziness is “Philippine’s City of Lights”.Pinatubo. The people, mourned for numerous lost of life/ love ones, sources of living, andinst the frightful times, surviving the last bitter hours which slays down its strong faith,Olongapo survived the merciless destruction brought about by the eruption.dustries of the city. The bars, KTV’s, discos, restaurants, eateries, resorts and hotels, and Freeport Zone (SBFZ) to accommodate the rapid growing of tourist needs. Navies, trainees,y found entertainment, leisure, and deluxe. Both small and large industries like grills, food gular income everytime there were submarines, aircrafts/airplanes, and ships from SBFZ, fe and entertainment industries fell down when Subic Bay freed from the naval bases. Also,agazine, SRF, and shipyards. And it is considered as another downfall for the Olongapo’ss, Olongapo once again survived from its downfall. Both local and foreign investors andresourceful sites that will surely attract customers, buyers, tourists and other investors. The ents and commercial businesses from big companies. rust to the progress of Olongapo that has signed by the board of government officials. Then the crustal surface of Zambales was built. SM City Olongapo offered variety of job opportu- s, security guards and personnel, and many more. pines opened new business proposal and was successfully signed by the board of officials. attraction for the continuous, operation of the industries inside and outside Olongapo.ace another difficult circumstance, and equipped in progress making. Yet, still, behind its
  8. 8. THE VISION FEATURE JUNE - NOVEMBER 2012 “ Keg_07 How often are you Doing the steps of the dance hair- is a comedian in Korea artists such as U-Kiss, Superstressed because of that tiring craze is like a horse-back riding show business, Juniors, Lollipop and works and daily rou- while whirling a “lazzo”, a he is a Being the latest dancetines? Well, give yourself a rope used by a cow- craze for the year 2012, thebreak. Now, it’s possible to boy in catching ‘Gangnam Style” official highbring yourself into a total his target definition music video nowescape from those stressful cattles and garnered over 1 million viewsacts, as if you were wandering wild on the prestigious web ofin the world’s only paradise. horses. Youtube. As a matter of fact,Just do the “Gangnam Style”! Then, or even the students of “Teach me How to shake other schools whetherDougie is the dance craze for your elementary, secondary, orthis year 2011 only, while the hips tertiary all over the countryGangnam Style is for the simul- know how to the “Gangnam2012.”, Jessica Soho uttered Style”. The proof speaks forduring her primetime talk-show taneously its popularity. Everyone goesprogram “Kapuso mo, Jessica with the “gaga” with it.Soho” over GMA Channel 7 rhythm and the So, can’t bear to be leftdated September 15, 2012. beat, although it is behind? Then, do the “Oppa gangnam style” quite vague to chubby understand the whole of the “Gangnam Style”! a scenarioThere the song goes. In Korean man and has a song. that will surely take that stresslanguage, “oppa” is synonyms style funny looks throughto “brother” while “gangnam” Korean artists have and “lupet” get-ups. In contrast, which he made a very away!means an exclusive and been known their looking’s Zhy, the artist of the song, is significant difference fromwealthy town in upper Korea. because of their “hanep” really different. The fact that he those well-known Korean *** “The mediocre teacher By S.Y. and like their comments which Young, Wild and Freetells, the good teacher ex- are lovely or praiseworthy. By: Shara Meriel A. Fernandezplains, the superior teacher It’s great to have thesedemonstrates, the great teacher technologies but of course weinspires.” A well known line have to be aware of its harmfulfrom William A. Ward. Teach- effect, we can read posts that Do you remember hated naptime in the afternoon. think of tomorrow, because weers can explain, demonstrate are not good, foul words or those times you sang in front of You also feel bad every time are enjoying every minute ofand of course inspire students. even photos that are degrading, an electric fan because your your parents asked you to go our life. So what if there are Doing the three can not videos that are immoral. sounded as if you were singing home from a very afternoon rules? At least you won’t beonly be done in school but Students can see these things underwater? How about time in with your playmates. You troubled by the need to earnthrough social networking that can harm them yet teach- summer when you forced your were thirsty for enjoyment. money to live. And you know, body to fit in your refrigerator? People think it’s fun to plenty of grown-ups wish to besites. Most of the students and ers can correct them and be of Ah yes, good times. be old. Well not really the old children again.teachers are now using My help. Teachers can be friend It feels so good to be type that is 35 years old and The best part of is youSpace by Tom Anderson, with students though social young, not only being strong over. I’m pertaining to teenage get to eat “Milo” while watchingFriendster by Jonathan Abrams networking sites if their pur- and wrinkle-free, but also life. Why? Is it because we get Ben 10 to “grow-up”. So whyand Facebook by Mark pose is to inspire each other having the heart of an innocent to drive our own cars? We get wish rush things? There’s noZuckenberg. In just a simple but if it is the other way child in a daring adventure. But to party every night? And free why are some people rushing to do whatever we wish to? need to be in a hurry. Let’sclick, we can chat with our around, think! themselves to grow up? As we grow up, our enjoy. As Wiz Khalifa oncefriends, families, relatives or So is it acceptable for Maybe one reason is lives get boring. Our said. “That’s how it’s supposedeven someone so special and teachers and students to be when we’re children; there responsibilities grow denser. to be, living young, wild andwe can converse with them in friends in social networking were always rules, rules, and Our lives get complicated. But free”.a video call. We can do the rest more rules. Admit it, that you as children, we never have to sites? Think again.and that is to inspire with awall post, a photo with captioneven like your friend’s post *** Teachers Are Not Super Humans….. “Families Are Forever” As everyone believes “Teaching is the noblest F. C. my favorite teachers sent me a message. It says, “Teachers are Blessed profession”. A nation is built comfort souls, and can even not superheroes……The because of the teachers who offer solutions. message struck me. I came to “No other success can with each other, no matter, sacrificially import their Amazing, isn’t it? realize that teachers are notcompensate to a failure of how busy they are in their jobs knowledge to raise, My respect made of steel. They are alsohome.” As Pres. David O. or works. There must be a educate and train and ordinary human beings thatMcKay once said of LDS Family Home Evening to- the whole being of regard for need to be understood, to beChurch. gether even once a week will the dwellers of teachers taken care of, to be treated like As I understand, do, they can talk with each this world. It is in one of us who has a weak means father and other things they need to im- so unworthy to immense. They may look strong,mother I love you…..God gave prove and have fun together. just forget what That is happy and contented but behindus families to show our love Nowadays, Satan has teachers do to a why, those appearances is a personwith each other. As parents, we been working hard to ruin person. Their sacrifices burdened afflicted or maybeare to give our care to our families with different might be measurable but suffering like others do.children. As a father, you are their influence is not. I don’t know how each temptations. Parents must then No profession can be of us viewed a preside, provide and protect.As a mother, you are to be a devote their time to look after compared to teaching. Teachers have different char-procreator, care and nurture their children’s welfare. They Engineers build buildings and acteristics, qualities, points ofyour children. must take hold forever of their bridges, good. Doctors heal the view and the like. They may do In this life, we are children. The husband and sick, better. Teachers cure either unpleasant or pleasantgiven families. We were sent ignorance, best. Teachers things or misbehave, one thing wife should have also TIME tohere to enjoy God’s creation possess a parcel of ability of when- is for sure, honor and respect nurture their love for each every profession. will always be given totogether. Parents must and ever I hear news about other. They must also take Teacher’s ability is teachers who are charged with teachers.should give their childreneverything they need. They hold of each other for families proven in many ways. Teachers this and that, I’m kind of disap- Happy Teacher’smust set good examples that are forever. can recognize talent, discover pointed. My expectations seem Day!!!!!!!their children will emulate. potentials, read minds, perceive to die down.They must have TIME to be *** emotions, discover problems, The, one days, one of ***