What is BIMserver.org?


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Prestation about the open source BIMserver.org platform. An open and stable core for others to build on.

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What is BIMserver.org?

  1. 1. BIMserver.orgWork in progress....Léon van Berlo M.Sc.
  2. 2. Léon van Berlo M.Sc. BIMserver.orgWe are not software vendors….
  3. 3. Léon van Berlo M.Sc.BIMserver.org
  4. 4. Léon van Berlo M.Sc. BIMserver.orghttp://bimserver.org/about/philosophy/ Our mission is to help all actors in the Architectural, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry to collaborate more efficiently and effectively (and thereby creating better buildings for lower costs). Our goal is to create the most favorite software plaform for collaboration in the AEC-industry. Our values are the core principles that define everything we do: Innovation Reliable Responsibility Commercial
  5. 5. Léon van Berlo M.Sc. BIMserver.orgStrategy: Mission: help AEC to collaborate more efficiently and effectively + Position: Not softwarevendors Creating a platform for others to build on top / extend; No direct end-users; Creating a snowball effect; = Goal: create most favorite platform = Mission: help AEC to collaborate more efficiently and effectively
  6. 6. Léon van Berlo M.Sc. BIMserver.orgWhat BIMserver is…. Open and stable core to use and build on top Open interface, lots of network protocols (rest, soap, PB, json) Open standards Plugin framework Extensions / notification ObjectIDMs Database interfaces Highly flexible configuration Open source etc…
  7. 7. Léon van Berlo M.Sc. BIMserver.org How that looks in a schema (example for „output‟) External Internal Services Services GUIplugin EMF Object Serializers Database(s) core IDMs ServiceInterface In BIMSie standard Merge Render Query Compare MVDs (4 protocols) algorithms engines engines algorithms (xml) Configurable per user/project/server
  8. 8. Léon van Berlo M.Sc.BIMserver.org
  9. 9. Léon van Berlo M.Sc.BIMserver.org
  10. 10. Léon van Berlo M.Sc.BIMserver.org
  11. 11. Léon van Berlo M.Sc.BIMserver.org
  12. 12. Léon van Berlo M.Sc. BIMserver.orgExample Plugins / Extensions
  13. 13. Léon van Berlo M.Sc.BIMserver.org
  14. 14. Léon van Berlo M.Sc.BIMserver.org
  15. 15. Léon van Berlo M.Sc.BIMserver.org
  16. 16. Léon van Berlo M.Sc.BIMserver.org
  17. 17. Léon van Berlo M.Sc.BIMserver.org
  18. 18. Léon van Berlo M.Sc.BIMserver.org
  19. 19. Léon van Berlo M.Sc.BIMserver.org
  20. 20. Léon van Berlo M.Sc.BIMserver.org github.com/bimserver/
  21. 21. Léon van Berlo M.Sc. BIMserver.orghttp://extend.bimserver.org
  22. 22. Léon van Berlo M.Sc.BIMserver.org
  23. 23. Léon van Berlo M.Sc. BIMserver.orgWork in progress (right now)
  24. 24. Léon van Berlo M.Sc. BIMserver.orgLow level service calls… Only commit/communicate changes Add Edit Delete Already in BIMserver 0.1 (“changesets”) Now stable in ServiceInterface Working on standardisation of protocol with BuildingSMART (BIMsie)
  25. 25. Léon van Berlo M.Sc.BIMserver.org
  26. 26. Léon van Berlo M.Sc.BIMserver.org
  27. 27. Léon van Berlo M.Sc. BIMserver.orgAdditional data (mostly per revision/project) In version 1.2 Result from satellite server concept Extendible for standardisation Examples: BCF IDM …
  28. 28. Léon van Berlo M.Sc. BIMserver.orgPubSub / federation of BIM engineering ART of BIM (Automatic Revision Transformation of BIM) Satellite server concept Patent pending First production „satellite server‟ is COBie server (USACE) More examples in progress… Clash detection server PNG producer BOM extractor CO2 life cycle calculator Many many (many!) more….
  29. 29. Léon van Berlo M.Sc.BIMserver.org
  30. 30. Léon van Berlo M.Sc.BIMserver.org
  31. 31. Léon van Berlo M.Sc. BIMserver.orgMVDmvdXMLNew pluginChecking schema validationPartners needed (PennState? Chipman?)2013
  32. 32. Léon van Berlo M.Sc. BIMserver.org We are not software vendorsand you are welcome to join us…