American Music by Anna D.


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American Music by Anna D.

  1. 1. American Music Back 100 years By: Anna Duquette
  2. 2. 1920‟sDuring the 1920‟s jazz music became very popular in America and worldwide. New dances were created to showcase the fast beat of the blues and ragtime. Jazz music is a genre of music which originated from African American roots. Jazz music widely uses syncopation, which is not playing notes on the beat. A popular artist of the time was Benny Goodman, who played the clarinet. He was one of the only white Americans who had success in the genre of jazz. One of the best known artists of the time was Louis Armstrong. He released dozens of records during the 1920‟s featuring his amazing trumpet and cornet playing skills.
  3. 3. Benny Goodman
  4. 4. Louis Armstrong
  5. 5. 1930‟sDuring the 1930‟s, due to the Great Depression, many record sales dropped. During the early 1930‟s the popular music was a jazzy pre-swing music by Louis Armstrong and Fletcher Henderson. During the later 1930‟s the rhythm and blues songs were recorded by Ellington, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, and Cleo Patra Brown. Additionally, during the 1930‟s music recorded by women began to become famous. The swing music was recorded by Tommy Dorsey, Benny Goodman, and Artie Shaw. Both swing and rhythm and blues were very popular during the 1930‟s. These later songs became the emergence of the American popular music.
  6. 6. Ella Fitzgerald
  7. 7. Billie Holiday
  8. 8. 1940‟sDuring the 1940‟s there were many popular genres of music, including country, pop, and jazz. In country music, the artists sang about their sadness and troubles with life. Some popular artists of the time were Floyd Tillman and Hank Williams. In pop music, swing was very popular. Some swing artists were Benny Goodman and Glen Miller. Other popular artists included Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby. In jazz, pure jazz and blues were becoming famous with artists like Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong and Nat King Cole. Those artists were becoming successful across the nation.
  9. 9. Hank Williams
  10. 10. Bing Crosby
  11. 11. Nat King Cole
  12. 12. 1950‟s During the 1950‟s in music, we saw the emergence of early rock music. There were many types of popular music including the genres of country, traditional pop (the music that was popular before rock „n‟ roll), rhythm and blues, and rock „n‟ roll.
  13. 13. Country Music In country music Johnny Cash changed this style from cowboy music to music about sorrow, life, and relationships. He also changed it to have a rockish vibe to his music. Hank Williams was still a prominent singer and songwriter of the decade.
  14. 14. Johnny Cash
  15. 15. Pop In traditional pop, which was the music that was popular before rock „n‟ roll, some popular artists were Tony Bennett and Dean Martin.
  16. 16. Tony Bennett
  17. 17. Rhythm and Blues Rhythm and blues originated from 1940‟s jazz from blues to a more upbeat type of music. This music combined jazz, doo- wop, blues, and gospel to create a unique fast sound. Some popular artists in this genre were Lloyd Price and Ray Charles.
  18. 18. Lloyd Price
  19. 19. Early Rock The emergence of rock „n‟ roll was seen in the 1950‟s. Rockablity was the early rock music of the time, some primary rockablity pioneers were Carl Perkins and Buddy Holly. Later in the decade rock „n‟ roll music started coming out from artists like Elvis Presley, “The King of Rock”, and other artists like Chuck Berry and Jerry Lee Lewis.
  20. 20. Elvis Presley
  21. 21. 1960‟s
  22. 22. British Invasion During the 1960‟s in American music the British invasion started, which meant that British music groups from Britain experienced a breakthrough of success in America. These band groups changed American music and what music was popular. A few of these groups were the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. Rolling Stones
  23. 23. The Beatles
  24. 24. R+B and Soul During the 60‟s, the Mowtown record label was also becaming popular. This label provided recordings for soul and R+B artists, and some popular groups such as the Jackson Five and The Temptations. The Temptations
  25. 25. The Jackson Five
  26. 26. Rock During the 60‟s, rock was divided into three different groups, folk rock, psychedelic rock, and surf rock. In folk rock the songs included political messages. Some artists in this category were Bob Dylan, Crosby, and Simon and Garfunkel. In psychedelic rock emerged from folk rock and drug culture. Some groups in this category were the Doors and the Byrds. Lastly, surf rock was born on the west coast. The popular group that played surf rock was The Beach Boys. The Beach Boys Bob Dylan
  27. 27. Simon and Garfunkel
  28. 28. 1970‟s There were four popular genres of music in the 1970s: disco/club music, progressive rock, punk rock/new wave, and funk & soul.
  29. 29. Disco Disco music defined the 1970‟s, it touched many aspects of society from dancing, clothing, and how music sounded. It was a very short era . Some popular artists of the era were The Bee Gees, ABBA, and Donna Summer.
  30. 30. The Bee Gees
  31. 31. Progressive Rock Progressive rock was rock music combined with opera music. When in concert these bands tended to be spontaneous and liked to experiment with their songs. Some popular groups in this genre were Pink Floyd, Queen, and Rush.
  32. 32. Queen
  33. 33. Punk Rock/New Wave Punk rock/new wave music genre was much like the rock from the 1960‟s except harder and more upbeat. Sometimes these groups would form and become popular and then shortly breakup because of drugs and alcohol use. Some popular groups in this category were Blondie, David Bowie, and the New York Dolls.
  34. 34. Blondie
  35. 35. Funk & Soul Funk & Soul music evolved from jazz, soul and R+B, from the 1960‟s. Funk added more beats and pychedelic tones to their music. We saw funk & soul become popular with artists like James Brown and the Jackson Five.
  36. 36. James Brown
  37. 37. 1980‟s During the 1980‟s there were four popular genres of music pop, hip-hop and rap, new wave, and hair metal.
  38. 38. Pop Music In pop music in the 1980‟s many new talented stars emerged including, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Prince, and Whitney Houston. These artists had large levels of fame that had not been seen since Elvis and the Beatles. These stars greatly influenced pop culture and fashion trends. Normally a star would be popular for no more than a decade, but these stars were still popular 30 years after their emergence and are still greatly respected American music artists.
  39. 39. Hip-Hop and Rap Hip-hop and rap music was born in New York city in African American communities in the inner city. Rap music had a tough time becoming popular because in the beginning MTV refused to show or play music by black artists. After lots of criticism, MTV finally played the music and the genre began to get popular. With the music on MTV it gave viewers a chance to see and understand the genre and rap became “the new rock „n‟ roll”. In this genre artists like Run DMC, Grandmaster Flash, The Beastie Boys, Little Cool J, and the female rapper group Salt „n Pepa this music began to take off.
  40. 40. New Wave This genre began in the 1970‟s and ended in the mid 1980‟s. The sound of this music was tied in with punk rock and dance music. This music used cool instruments like synthesizers and electronic instruments. This genre was played a lot on MTV because it was categorized with pop music. These bands had unique styles that would become popular with youth culture. Some of the bands were Duran Duran, Blondie, Billy Idol, and The Culture Club.
  41. 41. Hair Metal In the 1980‟s hair metal bands had roots in heavy metal, punk rock, and traditional rock music to come up with their unique sound. These songs were normally party anthems, or power ballads that focused on themes like, outlaws, drugs, and women. This genre was called hair metal because in these groups members would have long flowing hair. They would also wear makeup, and spandex to create an interesting look. Some of these groups were, Bon Jovi, Van Halen, Aerosmith, Def Leppard, Guns n' Roses, and Poison. Van Halen
  42. 42. Guns n Roses
  43. 43. 1990‟s The era of the 1990‟s had pop, rap, and alternative music, as well-as many one-hit wonders.
  44. 44. Early 90‟s During the early 90‟s techno hip-hop music was popular with artists like MC- Hammer and Vanilla Ice. Also groups like Technotronic, had billboard hit with “Pump up the Jam”. Around 1992-1993 techno music still was popular and this music became the “New rock music”. These groups were often young groups, with songs that had angry lyrics. A song like Nirvana‟s “Smells like teen spirit”, marked the beginning of the grunge and alternative rock period. Vanilla Ice
  45. 45. Mid 1990‟s Around the middle of the decade, after years of unhappy lyrics, the people were ready for a change and happy rock music emerged. This type of music had upbeat rhythms and catchy lyrics. These groups also created love and relationship ballads that were positive. Some artists in this category were Blowfish, Sister Hazel, and The Bodeans.
  46. 46. Late 1990‟s By the late 1990‟s “happy rock” had paved way for a new genre of music called bubblegum pop. Artist like Brittney Spears and Christina Aguilera were popular in pop and dominated the music scene of the late 90‟s. In the late 90‟s there were also traditional boy bands like N‟ Sync and The Backstreet Boys.
  47. 47. 2000‟sDuring the 2000s all genre‟s of music became popular and the music making business blew up with tons of artists making music every year.
  48. 48. Eminem was the most popular rapper of the 2000‟s decade. He is known for his many hits such as “Lose Yourself” and “Relapse”.
  49. 49. Beyonce was another popular artist of the decade, she was known for being a great performer and her hits such as “Crazy in Love” and “Single Ladies”.
  50. 50. Alicia Keys was a popular female soul artist of the decade. She is known for hits such as “No One” and “Empire State of Mind”.
  51. 51. Nickelback the most popular band of the decade with hit‟s like “Rockstar” and “If Today Was Your Last Day”.
  52. 52. 1920 Jazz music becomes widely popular across America. 1927 Swing music is born. 1950 Early rock emerges, w hich soon leads to Elvis Presley, “Th e King of Rock”. 1963 The British invasion starts which leads to Beatle Mania. 1969 Woodstock occurs, which defines the whole decade of music with different styles of rock music. 1977 Disco emerges through the movie Saturday Night Fever. 1978 Hip- Hop/Rap music emerges from the inner city of New York. 1981 MTV, which shapes the future for many new artists launching them into careers and televising them into every American home. 1982 The King of Pop, Michael Jackson gets popular and changes pop music forever. 2001 The very first Apple IPod is sold, changing how music is sold across the globe. Timeline of American music
  53. 53. 100 Years Gone By… As you can see, since 1920 American music has greatly evolved and changed, from blues and jazz to rock, to disco, to metal, and lastly to pop. Not only has the sound of the music evolved since the 1920s, but over the past 100 years the music making industry has changed. Now people are becoming famous through reality TV and vocal competitions, such as American Idol which started in the early 21st century. Now anybody, poor or rich, can make music. The industry has surely changed over the past one hundred years, but one thing is certain, Americans cannot get enough music!
  54. 54. decade music--2 Sources