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  1. 1. What´s going on in this picture?
  2. 2. A tribe of people in Burma value the length of a woman’s neck as a sign of beauty. Kayan women, a Tibeto-Burman ethnic minority of Burma, wrap brass coils around their necks at a young age, adding rings as they get older. The weight of the coils presses down the collarbone and ribcage, compressing them and making the neck appear elongated. The women wear these rings continuously, only removing them to add new coils, which is a time-consuming process.
  3. 3. History of Hanukka • DS8
  4. 4. Hanukka- The Festival of Lights • The holiday celebrates a miracle that supposedly took place after the Maccabees liberated the Temple in Jerusalem. • The menorah, which was meant to burn every night, needed to be lit. • The Maccabees only found a small drop of oil, enough to burn for one day. • Instead the oil lasted for eight nights – enough time for a fresh batch of oil to be resupplied.
  5. 5. Hanukka- The Festival of Lights • So, every night, for eight nights, Jews light a branch of a menorah from left to right. • The middle and tallest branch of the menorah houses the shamash (attendant candle) that is used to light the other candles.
  6. 6. Hanukka- The Festival of Lights • On Hanukkah, children play with dreidels - square spinning tops. • Each side is marked with one of the four Hebrew letters, Nun, Gimel, Hei and Shin, which stands for Nes Gadol Hayah Sham: "a great miracle happened there". • The dreidel gambling game stems from the GreekSyrian rule when Jews who wanted to study the Torah were prevented from doing so. • Whenever a soldier walked by they would play with dreidels to cover their learning.
  7. 7. Hanukka- The Festival of Lights • Hanukkah begins four days before the new moon, which is the darkest night of the month. • The month is close to the winter solstice, which is the longest and darkest month of the year. • Like many other faiths, the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah brings light in the darkest time of the year.
  8. 8. What is Judaism? • Religion that follows the laws of the “Old Testiment” (Torah) • Do not believe that Jesus is the Son of God • Attend services in a synagoge • Services are led by a rabbi
  9. 9. Israel • Israel is thought to be the original home of the Jewish people • They were kicked out of Israel in Roman times and the Jews were dispersed all over the world
  10. 10. King David´s Empire
  11. 11. Diaspora
  12. 12. Antisemitism • Small communities with unique beliefs • Moneylenders
  13. 13. Kipah
  14. 14. Mezuzah
  15. 15. Hallah
  16. 16. Where do Jews live now? • All over the world • Israel has been reestablished as the Jewish nation
  17. 17. Famous Jews