Whats going on at your campus july vol 10


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Whats going on at your campus july vol 10

  1. 1. Whats going on @Your Campus? July 30th Vol. 10
  2. 2. ParamusPhoto & Captions submitted by Maria
  3. 3. Due to the weather only some of the athletic events took place outside (volleyball, tug of war), while other here held inside the Student Center. Paramus Campus Olympics took place on Thursday July 27thPhoto & Captions submitted by Maria
  4. 4. The staff against student competition was tough but staff won in all categories. The event was well attended and seemed all have fun.Photo & Captions submitted by Maria
  5. 5. In addition to athletic competition, the Olympic Trivia contest was also well received and praised.Photo & Captions submitted by Maria
  6. 6. On July 18th, Maria Deptula joined the students from the IDS 120/INT 230 class to visit the Material ConneXion library in New York City. Here are some pics from that unique library.Photo & Captions submitted by Maria
  7. 7. White Plains At WST weve put up a display of one of our "niche" collections--comics and graphic novels! Featuring 3 shelves- -for action/classics; must-read "literary" graphic novels; and comics non-fiction.Photo & Captions submitted by Matthew
  8. 8. White Plains Weve also featured a sign showing how to find more comics in the catalog using the searching for a tag feature. Matthew went in and tagged as many comics/graphic novels he could find with the word "comics" so they come up in such a search. (If anyone has graphic novels in their collection, please use the "comics" tag so we can expand this feature!)Photo & Captions submitted by Matthew
  9. 9. White Plains In honor of the Olympics, weve put up a display on fitness-- featuring fitness and health books and DVDs!Photo & Captions submitted by Matthew
  10. 10. White Plains We will be encouraging students and associates to take a "fitness challenge" for the rest of the summer and creating an interactive space where they can share their fitness goals, tips, and successes.Photo & Captions submitted by Matthew
  11. 11. Woodland Park On July 18th Amanda held her first 10 in 10 program. These are 10 minute programs that highlight “buzzed” about topics. Several associates the attended & many more emailed/inquired about the first program.Photo & Captions submitted by Amanda
  12. 12. WPK is in the process of reorganizing their DVDs by genre! Amanda has created labels that will be placed on the DVDs. Each movie will be tagged in the catalog by a genre. Once the tagging & labeling is finished all of our entertainment dvds will be organized on the shelf by genre. We are hoping this new set up will lend itself to easier browsing for our patrons & also increase circulation on older dvds. Stay tuned for the unveiling of our new entertainment dvd collection!Photo & Captions submitted by Amanda
  13. 13. Library Media Olympics Display We have created a display that explains the contest & we also put on display books & DVDS that were returned by students who are participating in the contest.Photo & Captions submitted by Amanda
  14. 14. WoodbridgePhoto & Captions submitted by Bonnie
  15. 15. Photo & Captions submitted by Bonnie
  16. 16. Want to se your library featured in this slide show?