Elizabeths day in the life


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Elizabeths day in the life

  1. 1. An awesome day inthe work life…. Elizabeth
  2. 2. Walk in
  3. 3. Chat with Online COO about the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.Discuss NationalDistance Learning WeekEssays withCOO, Online. Shesuggests making onelast push for entries onFacebook. (Photo used with permission)
  4. 4. Turn on computer.
  5. 5. Design and implement NDLWessay contest “final push.”
  6. 6. Scan/read The Chronicle• Look for relevant articles on Libraries, Online Learning, Financial Aid, etc. Forward to appropriate ONL Campus personnel.• Note 2U/College Consortium agreement and send a note of congratulations to 2U COO, who is an old friend.
  7. 7. Read new essayssubmitted forNDLW EssayContest. The ONLDirector of ASC andI need to pick awinner!
  8. 8. Communicate with NJlibrarian looking for a job.Offer job searchsuggestions.
  9. 9. Plan Secret Santa eventfor Online Campus. • Consult with COO- ONL to clear the project. • Develop survey using Survey Monkey to make participant data collection simpler.
  10. 10. Online Faculty Discussion• Quarterly discussion board• Read through all entries (64 participants, 232 posts)• Reply to relevant entries• Learn about and plan to attend webinar on “Scaffolding the final paper via the Discussion Board.”
  11. 11. Learning object chat• Chat with Matthew via Sametime about an awesome Camtasia presentation he made.• Tested link in presentation• Suggested minor (very minor) changes.
  12. 12. Faculty Interface• Reached out to Professor teaching CSK051JS next quarter to coordinate activities.• Exchanged multiple emails with super-active CSK Team about supporting this class and development of learning objects.
  13. 13. Email reference• Reply to email from student who needed help finding peer reviewed studies for her final paper.
  14. 14. LP- schedule changes!• Take LP at 11AM so Matthew can attend meeting.• He will take from me at 3PM so I can attend meeting.• Teamwork!!!
  15. 15. NDLW Essay, revisited• Print and review another Essay entry.
  16. 16. Back to Discussion• Finish Online Faculty Discussion in the Online Faculty Resource Center.
  17. 17. Mundanities• Start to process materials to be returned to other libraries; get interrupted by LP Chat.
  18. 18. Eureka!Twenty minutes into LP chat withstudent, it is finally established that whileshe is typing the word “ebrary,” sheactually means a Gale database.
  19. 19. Check-in and transport plans• Finish checking in library materials.• Look for padded envelopes on campus. None found.• After conferring with Laurie, plan to drive library materials to WPK to have Eugene send them to their respective campuses. (Hurrah Eugene!!! Hurrah Laurie!)
  20. 20. Health Insurance Differential• Call to set up coaching sessions to obtain medical premium differential.• Have impromptu coaching session with Coach (one down, two to go!).
  21. 21. Student Support• Conferred (via email) with other members of Student Support group about a student affected by Hurricane Sandy.
  22. 22. Learning Objects Planning• Review list of learning objects created this quarter, and plan future objects.• Work on scripts for learning objects and tutorials.
  23. 23. LP growth• Based on Jim’s suggestion, Bernadette will join LP team next quarter.• Service will expand an extra five hours per week, on Sundays. Hurrah Bernadette!• Coordinated (via email) with Jim and Marlene to plan training.
  24. 24. Final Proof – verification• Receive final proof of article I’ve co-written for peer reviewed journal.• Do happy dance.• Print a copy to take to Marlene when I go to WPK to drop off library materials.
  25. 25. Phone meeting• Chat for short meeting with editor at a major library publishing house who may be interested in my book proposal for an edited work on Online Embedded Librarianship.
  26. 26. Head to WPK• Drop off materials for Eugene to send to respective libraries.• Try to show article to Marlene, but she’s at MDL. Leslin makes excellent stand-in.• Go to say hello to Laurie, and get embroiled in detailed reference question with her and a student. Turns out student asked me the same question via email but hadn’t read my response yet.
  27. 27. 4:02 PMTime to go home!