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Innovator and entrepreneur aysheshum
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Innovator and entrepreneur aysheshum


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Innovator and entrepreneur Aysheshum

Innovator and entrepreneur Aysheshum

Published in: Business
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  • 1. Innovator and entrepreneur Aysheshum I would like to acquaint innovator and entrepreneur Aysheshum in his deliberately created mobile clinic (Ambulance) in his own enterprise. The ATW Engineering Company address is located in the northern parts of Addis Ababa Administrative region especially in Gulele Sub-city woreda 3 in the same Sub-city beside health center near AAU and Yekatit 12 (Menen) preparatory school, between Kechenie Medhanialem and Shuromeda areas. His company name currently ATW Engineering the innovation idea initially the semi-finished car tries to complete the body parts of the car for the purpose of helping the patients in rural area. The project aimed at alleviating the health problem of the rural area peoples by minimizing morbidity and mortality. He got patent right from science and technology ministry the ministry also award last year for his knitting (craft) machine innovation. The company finished the semi finished car by creating and making their own effort the car it said to be Mobile Clinic (Ambulance). Fulfill and added value in the inside parts of the car by using solar energy changing in to electric light, the solar device which supplies power for sterilization of medical equipments and ventilation and among others which is unique aspects of their work. He furnished the internal parts of the car with varies facilities like patients bed, tool kits, and among other medical devices he made. It is extraordinary perfect achievement for him and for the millions of poor which cannot accesses health center, the innovator which improve, ease and addressing the lives of the poor society. if he produced a lot to address his beneficiary in African level and also he can touches his intention. First for our country rural area farmers will be beneficiary by his innovation. He is recently nominated innovation of east African award I wish all the best in his endeavors. The government and other concerned donors and NGOs should remunerate and offering reward for him recognition and gives officially as a prize. Really thank you the innovator and those donors participated to helping him the proper accomplishment of his work specially USAID and UKAID!!!