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Conversation started tuesday

  1. 1. Conversation started Tuesday 12:44pm Berhanu Tadesse Welcome our professional flying heroines and heroes While many countries may boast of having famous athletes, Ethiopia has particularly dominated in the field of professional and competitive running. Ethiopia has produced popular winners like Haile G/selassie, Kenenisa Bekele, Abebe Bikila, Mirutse Yefiter, Derartu Tulu, Mohammed Kedir among the top and printed their name with Gold in Ethiopian history and also our recent heroines and heroes make as proud by their achievement, they have gained international fame for their extraordinary talents and unique upbringing while the majority of the
  2. 2. famous Ethiopian runners humbly developed the skill from childhood as they ran long distances to and from school, the athletes encouraged by their parents and the peoples of Ethiopia during professional running and welcoming ceremony. They deed fruitful results by most of our athletes. Despite, some faults of athletes coach and advise. Athlete Haile is capable to coach the long distant runner but not coach and advise them. I heard Athlete Haile G/selassie interview with Sheger FM before 5,000m contest beginning his idea is correct because he know very well by his experience, also I go halves his idea too. He should support the athlete coaching by his phone even when he is busy. If the athletes correctly apply his advice they become a winner they have a potential to win the opponent but they lost their
  3. 3. chance to win the contest. Anyway it is good result. Thanks for those of you who are exerting your effort to become fruitful for your beloved country, despite facing the problem, leaving with national feeling or patriotism is much better than other we humans like other commodity can't be sold or purchased by money. Hence, don't change your nationality by dollars. Satisfy by what you have or have not. Strongly standing always in front of your own national anthem and flag. We Ethiopians expected to develop feeling of oneness and nationalism like our predecessors. Welcome back to your mother land!!! Again Welcome backs our flying heroines and heroes!!!