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Midgard & Nemein - when an open source project and company evolve together
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Midgard & Nemein - when an open source project and company evolve together



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  • 1. Midgard & Nemein when an Open Source project and a company evolve together
  • 2. Nemein • Leading Finnish Midgard company • AAA credit rating since 2007 • Annual growth of 15% • Focusing on CMS, social web, location awareness and multilingual publishing
  • 3. Midgard CMS • Enterprise-oriented Web CMS • Staging systems, clustering, version control, ACLs, geoCMS
  • 4. Midgard is different (not just a CMS)
  • 5. CMS Watch: “Hanseatic league Joint of open source venture content between management” several companies
  • 6. Everything started with Vikings
  • 7. First Midgard companies appeared at the height of the dot-com boom Aurora (France), Envida (Netherlands), ...
  • 8. After the boom focus shifted on small companies all around Europe doing business with Midgard
  • 9. Development coordinated with mRFC specifications, voting procedure, code guidelines and Gatherings
  • 10. Community means synergy Nemein revenue growth (source: Inoa) Midgard lines of code (source: Ohloh)
  • 11. Community means reliability
  • 12. ...even in unexpected situations
  • 13. The march to Midgard 2
  • 14. Content Repository Common rules for data access
  • 15. Content Repository Signals about changes
  • 16. Content Repository Objects instead of SQL
  • 17. Content Repository Objects instead of SQL http://xkcd.com/327/
  • 18. Content Repository Data model is scriptable
  • 19. Content Repository Synchronization and sharing
  • 20. Qaiku: Microblogging with Midgard
  • 21. Midgard on Maemo Conboy can use Midgard as a content repository
  • 22. Midgard Runtime • Content repository, server and browser bundled • Use Midgard MVC (PHP, HTML5 and jQuery) as your GUI toolkit
  • 23. Midgard Content repository for desktop and the web www.midgard-project.org #midgard on Qaiku, @MidgardProject on Twitter