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Location-aware desktop


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  • 1. The location-aware desktop geo-information framework for mobile Linux desktops
  • 2. Location matters Your desktop or mobile knows who you are, what time it is, who you know and what you're doing. But it doesn't know where it is.
  • 3. Magic Ink
  • 4. Henri Bergius
  • 5. Pierre-Luc Beaudoin
  • 6. Mobile devices
  • 7. GeoClue A D-BUS service that applications can use to become geo-aware. Makes reading and writing geographical information as simple and easy as time or date.
  • 8. GeoClue as simple and easy as time or date. ...regardless of whether you deal with coordinates or civic location
  • 9. GeoClue Architecture Geoclue is D-Bus API definitions - but also implementations Interfaces for "current location" Position Address Velocity Interfaces for conversion Geocode (address to position) ReverseGeocode (position to address)
  • 10. GeoClue Properties
  • 11. Location comes in many flavors
  • 12. GPS
  • 13. GSM
  • 14. WiFi
  • 15. IP address
  • 16. Proximity
  • 17. User tracking
  • 18. ...and that is not all
  • 19. N 28° 13'' 01' W 15° 44'' 50'
  • 20. Auditorio Alfredo Kraus Avda. Príncipe de Asturias, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain
  • 21. Telepathy Instant messaging D-Bus API Location-sharing through XMPP: Where are my friends?
  • 22. libchamplain A Clutter (and Gtk+) map widget applications can use to display location information to users. Makes visualising and selecting a location easier.
  • 23. Marble A Virtual Globe and World Atlas that you can use to learn more about Earth and a light weight generic geographical map component for use in your own Qt 4.x / C+ + application.
  • 24. OpenStreetMap Open content map project providing high- quality vector and bitmap map data
  • 25. OpenStreetMap Open content map project providing high- quality vector and bitmap map data ...not only for cars, but also bicycles, pedestrians, public transportation, ...
  • 26. OSM2Go Map editor for Maemo devices
  • 27. Location is here Examples of the State of the Art
  • 28. Location as metadata Geotagging made easy
  • 29. EOG Map plugin: where was this picture taken?
  • 30. F-Spot plugin: where were these pictures taken?
  • 31. Getting Things GNOME TODO items connected to location as a Google Summer of Code 2009
  • 32. Context for my friends Instant messaging and microblogging can be used for sharing location
  • 33. Empathy: Where are my friends? Coming in next GNOME
  • 34. Empathy: Where are my friends? Coming in next GNOME
  • 35. Context for me Location awareness can help make apps smarter
  • 36. GNOME panel clock
  • 37. Gnome panel clock
  • 38. Location-aware weather
  • 39. Browser geolocation API
  • 40. GeoClue Marble libchamplain