CreateJS hackathon in Zurich
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CreateJS hackathon in Zurich






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CreateJS hackathon in Zurich CreateJS hackathon in Zurich Presentation Transcript

  • Create IKS Semantic UX hackathon Zurich, Jan 2012
  • Agenda and introductions
    • CreateJS and Hallo internals
    • Image and link tools
    • Content refactoring
    • Stanbol integration
    • Versioning and workflows
    • Making CMS integration easier
  • Some practicalities
    • Ensure you have a GitHub account
    • Watch Create, VIE and Hallo on GitHub
    • Join #iks on FreeNode
  • “ Build a CMS, no forms allowed”
  • Monolithic approach Decoupled approach Content Management System Database Content Repository Database Web Framework Web Editing Tool
  • What is CreateJS made of?
    • Backbone.js
      • Entities, Collections, Views
      • Communications with server (save, delete, ...)
    • VIE
      • RDFa parsing
      • Type and namespace handling
      • Communications with Stanbol and Dbpedia
    • jQuery UI
      • Widget library for web applications
    • jQuery
      • DOM manipulation library
    • Hallo Editor
      • Rich text editor for jQuery UI
      • "Everything is a plugin" philosophy
    • CreateJS
      • jQuery UI widgets that connect VIE entities and Hallo Editor
      • Pluggable editors (Aloha also supported)
  • Versioning and workflows Workflows that are available for this entity Change history for entity How to implement in a CMS-neutral way? We need:
    • list of older versions for entity, and a way to retrieve a version
    • list of workflows applicable for entity, and a way to run them
  • CMS integration steps
    • Mark up your content with RDFa
    • Include CreateJS to your pages
    • Implement Backbone.sync
  • Blogsiple CreateJS integration testbed (Node.js and Redis required)
  • CreateJS flow
    • User loads the midgardCreate widget to a DOM element
      • midgardCreate loads midgardStorage widget to the same element
      • midgardCreate loads midgardToolbar widget to the same element
        • midgardCreate adds Edit and Save buttons to toolbar
    • When edit button is clicked
      • midgardCreate loads midgardEditable widget to each entity element (element with about attribute)
        • midgardEditable loads entities from RDFa with VIE
        • midgardStorage gets notified of entities
          • checks localStorage for unsaved changes
          • begins watching for new changes