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Bergeys Truck Newsletter

  1. 1. News and Great Sales, Service, Parts and Products from Bergey’s Truck Centers Winter 2011/2012Get ready for Winter WitH important adviCeand Great priCes: paGe 2GoinG Green GettinG easier: paGe 4reaCH for Better fuel effiCienCy: paGe 5sHop parts online, any time day or niGHt: paGe 6full-serviCe leasinG makes more ‘Cents:’ paGe 6late model, loW mileaGe used truCks: paGe 7
  2. 2. KeePiNG CuSTomerS oN The road ™ keeping “When it’s snowing or sleeting and the your truck humidity is high, it’s critical that the road-ready air dryer system is operating properly – for Winter so at least once a year, the air dryer element should be replaced.” Keeping 18 wheels on the road isn’t year, the air dryer element should be spring-loaded mechanisms. It’s really always easy. Add slick, icy conditions and replaced. Another option as the truck important to have this checked freezing winds to the picture and the job ages is to replace the air dryer with a regularly because once the belt gets even tougher and more dangerous. remanufactured unit to be sure your tensioner goes, you can’t drive the But nowadays, the roads are sprayed brakes won’t freeze up.” truck at all. And that would mean long before the storm arrives – with Forde says it’s also important to downtime you could have avoided.” pre-treatment materials like salt brine have the battery and the cables cleaned Don’t get stuck on the road this and calcium chloride, the snow barely and sprayed to prevent corrosion and winter. Before the cold weather hits, hits the pavement before melting away. to have all belts and hoses inspected take your truck to any of Bergey’s And if that doesn’t work, rock salt will before the temperatures drop. For service centers for a preventive do the trick. over-the-road trucks, Forde maintenance check-up to get your Safer roads, yes! The downside, recommends replacing the belt truck winter-road-ready. however, is these chemicals, along with tensioner after 400,000 miles. For more information, visit any below-zero temperatures, can corrode “This is a big failure item we didn’t Bergey’s service department or battery cables connections, wear out see 20 years ago because of the new belts, freeze up fuel lines – and leaks just seem to come out of nowhere. “One of the biggest problems we Get Your Truck Winter-Ready Now see during the winter months is water, • Check batteries and starter system or condensation, in the air lines,” • Check fan belts and replace wiper blades says Steve Forde, service manager, • Check coolant system: Coolant mixture should be a 50/50 ratio Pennsauken, NJ. “When it’s snowing • Check fuel system: Make sure fuel is blended to avoid freeze ups or sleeting and the humidity is high, • Check heating system: Make sure defrost works to improve it’s critical that the air dryer system is visibility in bad weather operating properly – so at least once a2
  3. 3. Bendix lays out tHe Cold faCts aBout Winter operation an air brake system? did you know that: And, at highway speeds your answer: • An air compressor Genuine Bendix® air with the temperature at outputs 4 to 6 oz. of dryers. Bendix air dryers 25º F, that can happen in water during an average are a desiccant-type in-line less than 15 minutes. day’s operation? During filtration system that removes • Air, in an unprotected winter, that can really both liquid and water brake system, is always spell trouble for an air vapor from the compressor 100 percent saturated brake system. discharge air before it with water vapor? That • An ice crystal the size of reaches the air brake means that even a 1º drop a pinhead can cause an air reservoirs. This results in in temperature will cause leak large enough to drain only clean, dry air being condensation to occur in an average-sized service supplied to the air brake the system – not just in reservoir in less than system, aiding in the the reservoirs but also in 10 minutes? prevention of freeze-ups. the lines and valves. • Even a small amount of water, less than a For more information, teaspoon, can freeze please visit any Bergey’s parts department and disable a portion of or CrC® Brakleen® Cleans fast. dries fast. CRC® Brakleen® quickly removes brake dust, brake fluid, CRC Industries is a worldwide leader in the productiongrease and other contaminants from all types of brake of specialty chemicals for do-it-yourselfers and maintenancesystems. Cleans fast and dries faster! professionals. Use CRC® Brakleen® on ABS, disc and drum brakes, CRC is ISO 900: 2000 certified and adheres to therotors, cylinders, drums, linings, brake shoes, calipers, clutch strictest guidelines for quality in all facets of research,discs and disc brake pads. development and production. Non-Chlorinated Brakleen® is available where compliance For details, visit any Bergey’s location orcalls for a chlorine-free product. Air Dryer Air Dryer CArtriDge CleAners AnD lubriCAnts Part # 745-109685X Bendix AD-9 $139.99 Part # 745-107794X Bendix AD-9 $22.60 Part # 4710-05002 $3.89 Exchange Air $239.99 Installed Exchange Air Core charge not included Freeze Off Super Penetrant Core charge not included Dryer Dryer Cartridge Part # 4710-05232 Part # 745-109477X Bendix AD-IP $199.99 Part # 745-109493X Bendix AD-IP $62.99 Diesel Fuel Therapy / Injector Cleaner 30oz $4.99 Exchange Air $299.99 Installed Exchange Air Core charge not included Dryer $5.79 Core charge not included Part # 4710-05432 Dryer Cartridge Diesel Fuel Therapy / Injector Free Upgrade From any non Cleaner 30oz / w/ Anti-Gel Bendix air dryer or any ad-2 or ad-4 Part # 4710-05632 Diesel Cold Flow / Anti-Gel $8.79 air dryer with Lubricity 30oz 3
  4. 4. KeePiNG CuSTomerS oN The road ™ Going Green Getting easier improve the overall MPG performance and lower fuel usage. Hino has also approved B20 Biodiesel blends for all 2011 and 2012 Pitch one aluminum can in the trash and model year cabover and conventional it’s the same as pouring a half gallon of trucks powered exclusively with Hino’s gasoline down the drain. When the U.S. is proprietary J-Series engines. importing nearly 10 million barrels of oil a day, it makes more sense to recycle that mack and volvo: Mack and Volvo both can, and then go lower your thermostat, offer natural gas-powered options in the change your light bulbs and buy local VNM Daycab and the Terrapro refuse truck organic foods. While you’re at it, why not for reduced CO2 emissions. In addition, take a look at the new green options on both manufacturers are committed to the the road. EPA Smartway certified vehicle initiative “Isuzu, Hino, Mack and Volvo are all fuel savings – as much as a 33 percent improvement in certain cases. Isuzu is which helps operators maximize fuel actively working on new greener economy using current technologies, while technologies designed to improve also offering vehicles capable of operating on alternative fuels and has approved research continues on new alternatives in operating efficiencies, be more the years ahead. environmentally friendly and reduce our the use of diesel fuel containing up to 20 overall dependence on foreign oil,” says percent biodiesel (B20) in its 2011 and Ed Brown, vice president commercial forward model year vehicles. Biodiesel vehicle sales. “Bergey’s represents all of is a partially renewable, clean-burning these OEMs and we’re proud to be part diesel replacement that is reducing U.S. of these clean initiatives. With technology dependence on foreign petroleum, creating changing so fast these days, we consider green jobs and improving the environment. it our job to keep our customers informed of new products that can favorably impact Hino: Hino is introducing a Class 4 and their businesses and their stewardship to 5 product, available with a diesel-electric the environment.” hybrid powertrain that can significantly Here are some of the latest Both Volvo and Mack are participating developments you should know about: under a SuperTruck contract established with the U.S. Department of Energy. For isuzu: Isuzu 2008 and newer N-Series the next five years, the companies will and F-Series trucks come standard with work to develop high-efficiency, heavy-duty a data recording module that monitors truck technologies aimed at moving more vehicle performance and provides Vehicle freight with less fuel, thereby reducing Health Reports to produce dramatic greenhouse gas emissions. For more information, contact any Bergey’s dealership or visit CAble ties AnD DisC PADs stArters AlternAtors Part # 3679-C24706 Cable Ties / 14" Length, 3/16" Width $7.00/bag Part # 2132-8200308 39MT Rotatable $289.99 Call for applications Part # 2132-8600310 24SI 160 Amp $149.99 (pkg of 100) Nose Starter Hinge Mount Alternator Part # 3679-07481 Scotch-Brite Roloc Disc / 2" Medium $34.75/box Part # 2132-8200433 39MT Rotatable $289.99 Call for applications Part # 2132-8600889 $149.99 (box of 25) Nose Starter 24SI 160 Amp Pad Mount Part # 3679-07486 Scotch-Brite Roloc Disc / 3" Medium $59.75/box Part # 2132-8200434 39MT Rotatable $289.99 Call for applications Alternator (box of 25) Nose Starter4
  5. 5. reach for BetterFuel Efficiency Once upon a time you could get aModel T in any color you wanted, aslong as it was black. Look how far we’vecome in just 100 years. Today the choicesare endless, which can make buying acar or truck more difficult. But if youask the right people, you’ll make theright decision. For instance, if you’re looking to buy a And here are just a few reasons why. The We’re excited we can offer this level ofcommercial vehicle, start with Bergey’s Reach is a completely new commercial performance to our customers,” Dries says.Truck Centers. van with an aerodynamic design and fuel- For more information on the Isuzu Reach, “Our experience and product efficient Isuzu powertrain that delivers contact one of Bergey’s Isuzu dealerships:knowledge give us a great advantage up to 35 percent better fuel efficiency. Conshohocken, PA (866) 623-7439over the competition when it comes Light-weight composite materials save Souderton, PA (877) 237-4393to spec’ing the right truck for our 600 pounds of weight or visit bergeystruckcenters.comcustomers’ applications,” says Dennis per vehicle and the body-on-frame designDries, medium-duty sales manager. allows for ease of repair. The Reach cab“In addition, we’re a full-service dealer provides outstanding visibility with lowwith extended parts and service speed maneuverability and it’s up to sixhours, emergency road service and a times quieter than competitive vehiclesfull-maintenance lease program. In other in its class.words, we’ll get you on the road in the There’s also plenty of room inside withright truck and we’ll keep you there. 450, 540 or 630 cubic feet of storage. “We’re excited to offer yet another The vehicles range from 10 to 14 feet inhigh quality medium-duty truck – the new length and offer a payload capacity of up2012 Isuzu Reach. In fact, we were first to 4,250 line at the March Work Truck Show in “The Reach is an exceptional vehicleIndianapolis, Indiana to place our orders.” for delivery or work truck applications. CoolinG doWn tHe Competition People in the heavy duty aftermarket industry have known for years to rely on Delco Remy for replacement brush-style alternators, including the 24SI with a multitude of new advanced engineering features: • Dual internal fans create cool environment for bearings and electronics. • Dual spacers and slingers offer built-in protection from water and other contaminants. • Multi-function regulator with an environmentally sealed packard connector allows for auto-start and optional remote sense capability. • Smaller slip rings with higher resistance to brush bounce extends service life. • SRE cover protects electronics while managing airflow. • One-wire connection allows for easy installation. • “Avalanche” press fit diodes provide protection from electrical system spikes. For details, visit any Bergey’s parts department or 5
  6. 6. KeePiNG CuSTomerS oN The road ™ shop parts online, any time day or night you have around-the-clock secure access Customers who meet certain criteria will to our parts inventory. Now, if a truck is also have access to IMPACT, Mack and down after hours, you don’t have to wait Volvo’s VIN-specific parts catalog. until morning to place your parts order. IMPACT allows qualified customers And you don’t have to waste time on the to input a Mack or Volvo VIN number to phone checking pricing and availability. It’s locate, view and order parts specific to very efficient.” that vehicle. It is a convenient, timesaving MV Select also allows users to save tool that really benefits customers with lists of frequently ordered parts and view minimized downtime and expedited complete order history anytime, making orders. It’s 11 p.m. Sunday night and ABC Company reordering easy, fast and convenient. As For more information about MV has two trucks down. The service manager an added bonus, customers are notified of Select, contact inventory manager Pat wants to have parts ready first thing Monday parts promotions and special offers that Anderson at morning. Where and when can he order the are industry-specific with every log-in. or visit parts? The answer: Bergey’s Truck Center – any time day or night. And here’s how: Bergey’s recently rolled out a new web-based parts program – MV Select – mvasist Helps reduce service time! that allows customers to look up parts, check Wouldn’t it be nice if all communication between you and the availability, verify pricing and place orders service center was neatly and quickly organized all in one format online 24 hours a day. Bergey’s gives customers and one location? With MVASIST, it can be! real-time access to its $6 million all-makes MVAsist allows customers and service facilities to share parts inventory. information, communicate and receive status alerts throughout a “We already have many customers using repair – all within a single web portal. Instant communication will the system and they’ve had nothing but good save hours per service event, repairs are agreed to up front and things to say,” says Pat Anderson, Bergey’s trucks and trailers are back on the road faster! inventory manager. “MV Select is easy to use – we set you up with an ID and password and For more information, visit any of Bergey’s service departments or full-service leasing makes more ‘Cents’ From car phones to smartphones, have the expertise to service the newer from Atari to X-Box, from the Walkman high-tech models, and with a shortage of to the iPod – the world of technology quality technicians, it is difficult to find a is constantly changing. It wasn’t all that maintenance company with the training long ago that heavy-duty trucks were and expertise that is available at the operating mechanical engines, belching approved manufacturer’s dealer.” focusing that energy on providing better black smoke down the highways. Advancements in technology are not service to their customers. Now they’re powered by high-tech, the only reason so many companies are “At lease renewal, customers just return computerized machines that produce making the switch, however. Customers the equipment to us and we deal with the near-zero emissions while maximizing are finding that the full service lease uncertainty of the used truck market,” fuel efficiency. creates more working capital and Ciesielka says. “Some of our largest “All of this high technology comes at a predictable transportation costs, which fleet customers, many who have been in price. The engine manufacturers invested is a boost to the bottom line. And ownership for years with their own repair heavily to meet the more stringent with a comprehensive maintenance shops and mechanics, are now leasing new government emissions standards, which program, 24/7 emergency road service, trucks. And they all agree, it’s a smart way consequently drove up the initial cost of tire replacement and repairs, licensing, to go.” a truck. This is just one reason a full- permitting, washing, management reports, service leasing package is looking more and fuel tax reporting included in the attractive these days,” says Ric Ciesielka, full-service operating lease, customers LEASING director of lease and rental. “Another are no longer consumed with owning and S Y S T E MTM thing to consider is most companies don’t maintaining their trucks. Rather, they’re For more information, visit
  7. 7. Bergey’s 6th annual Customer trade fair The success of any business depends on that of its customers. In appreciationfor continued loyalty, Bergey’s annual trade fair gives customers the opportunityto learn about new products and programs, network with vendors, attend trainingseminars, enjoy food, prizes, and more! Keeping customers informed is just anotherway Bergey’s is “Keeping Customers on the Road™” Bergey’s held its 6th annual Customer Trade Fair on October 12th at the Alofthotel in Mount Laurel, NJ. More than 40 vendors participated, including Eaton with a clutch trainingseminar and Delco Remy with a boot camp for electrical diagnostics and problem solving. And Bergey’s debuted two new programsthat will revolutionize the parts and service business – MVSelect and MVAsist. With over 300 attendees, the event was a huge success.late model, low mileage, lucky Break At your local fast food restaurant, it’s the case at Bergey’s where our focus has packages available for purchase andas simple as ordering a value meal. With been on offering late model, low mileage we can perform upgrades to get thebuy one get one (BOGO) promotions used trucks.” vehicle ready for your specific needs.and annual sales events - you know you’re From refrigerated trucks to tri-axle So, whatever it takes – new tires, paint,stretching your dollar. But not everything dumps, a wide range of medium- and brakes, etc. – we can do it all at ouris so cut and dry. For instance, when you’re heavy-duty used vehicles can be found professionally staffed service centersmaking a significant investment in heavy- at Bergey’s Truck Centers – on the lots and deliver the product you need induty equipment, how do you know you’re and online at the condition you expect.”getting the most for your money? If you like what you see, act quickly As the icing on the cake, customers “Many people are finding their best because these trucks don’t usually stick have several options that make thevalue in used trucks,” says Bill Stillwell, around very long. And, if you don’t see purchasing process smooth and painless,New Jersey used truck sales manager. what you’re looking for, one of Bergey’s including financing packages from a“For starters, the initial investment is experienced buyers can help you find broad selection of sources.much lower than buying a new vehicle. So, the right vehicle. And used truck finance rates arecustomers who want to avoid the expense “We’re constantly on the lookout for attractive, which makes it better thanof the new cutting-edge EPA technology used trucks and used truck specialists ever for qualified buyers to purchaseoften decide a pre-2010-emissions truck who have the resources to find trucks to used equipment with affordable the way to go. And with heavy-duty meet your specifications,” says Stillwell. For more information, contact anyengines built to last a million miles and “If a truck has remaining warranty Bergey’s Truck Center location or visitmore, used trucks often have hundreds of coverage, it’s generally transferrable. of miles left in them… which is We also have a variety of warranty 7
  8. 8. 5115 Parkcenter Ave., Ste 120 Dublin, OH 43017 KeePiNG CuSTomerS oN The road ™ Bergey’s Truck Center HD Truck Parts Warehouse Bergey’s Truck Center Bergey’s Truck Center 446 Harleysville Pike 183 Discovery Drive 2405 S. Delsea Drive 5 Crossroads Drive Souderton, PA 18964 Colmar, PA 18915 Vineland, NJ 08360 Trenton, NJ 08691 (215) 721-3400 (215) 822-0402 (856) 696-2222 (609) 586-3333 (877) 237-4393 (877) 237-4391 (866) 923-7439 Bergey’s Truck Center Bergey’s Truck Center Used Truck Center Representing 1003 Ridge Pike 7460 N. Crescent Blvd. 1699 Crown Point Road Conshohocken, PA 19428 Pennsauken, NJ 08110 Thorofare, NJ 08086 Mack and Volvo (610) 825-3333 (856) 662-7601 (856) 686-5826 at all locations. (866) 623-7439 (866) 323-7439 (877) 723-7439 wiPer blADes wheel seAls Axle nuts bottle jACk Part # BD14181P 18" Universal $3.49 ea $2.99 ea for 10 or more Part # 7843-3930104 Voyager Wheel $29.99 Part # 7843-4484837 Pro-Torq Steer $27.49 Part # 5398-23715 20 Ton “Low $49.99 Wiper Blades Seal / Mack Axle Nut Boy” Bottle Applications Jack / with 2-pc Part # BD14201P 20" Universal $3.49 ea $2.99 ea for 10 or more Part # 7843-3930173 $30.99 Part # 7843-4494904 Pro-Torq Drive $31.99 Handle Wiper Blades Voyager Wheel Axle Nut / Mack Seal / Eaton Applications Part # BD14221P 22" Universal $3.49 ea Applications Part # 7843-4494973 $31.99 Wiper Blades $2.99 ea for 10 or more Part # 7843-3730143 Voyager Wheel $22.99 Pro-Torq Drive Axle Nut / Eaton Part # BD14241P 24" Universal $3.49 ea Seal / Trailer Applications & Meritor Applications Wiper Blades $2.99 ea for 10 or moreAll offers listed subject to change and availability. offers expire 3/31/2012.Mack Trucks, Inc. and Volvo Trucks North America are not responsible for, nor do they necessarily endorse, the content or opinions expressed in this publication. All use of trademarks owned by or licensed to Mack Trucks, Inc. andVolvo Trucks North America are used under license from those companies respectively. Pictures are for illustrative purposes only. Actual product may vary. btC1011