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Learn more about why DocuSign is the industry leader with the global standard for eSignatures.

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  • DocuSign is the leader in customers with exponential growth and momentum since 2004
  • – June 2011Company Visits to Application Site Yearly Change Percent of all VisitsDocuSign 1,604,064 211.28% 79%EchoSign 308,698 44.50% 15%RightSignature 45,881 62.88% 2%All Others (10+) 75,000 4%Total 2,033,643 - 100%
  • CostlyLost productivityError proneRe-keying of data & reconciliationPrinting, faxing, overnightingSlowSlow transactionsLost documents or pages Poor fax readabilityTime spent tracking down missed signatures and initialsNo Control, UnsecureNo visibility into where contracts and agreements are in the processNo way to verify who actually signed the documents
  • Identity Management/Authentication: Ensure the right people signForms/Data Management: Auto pull & update date in backend systemsCollaboration: Make adjustments on the fly & have all parties sign offWorkflow Automation: Once signed, immediately start downstream workElectronic Signature: Easily & quickly sign anytime, anywhere, on any deviceStorage: Anytime, anywhere access for all signing partiesSecurity & Reliability: Legally-binding solution with high system uptime
  • At DocuSign, we recognize that many of our customers are subject to privacy-related laws that govern the handling of personal information. We seek to support our customers’ compliance with such laws by providing acomprehensive privacy and security program that includes certifications, policies, practices, people and technology:SAS70 Type II Compliant – Our fully-redundant SAS70 Type II data centers, network, policies and procedures have passed 100% of security audits with the largest financial services institutions, among many others.PCI compliant – We comply to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), a set of requirements designed to ensure that companies that process, store or transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment. TRUSTe certified - DocuSign has earned TRUSTe certification and uphold TRUSTe's high standards for best privacy practices US EU Safe Harbor – DocuSign adheres to the safe harbor framework developed by the Department of Commerce in coordination with the European Commission. The safe harbor provides guidance for U.S. organizations on how to provide adequate protection for personal data from Europe as required by the European Union's Directive on Data Protection.ISO/IEC 27001:2005 – We comply to this internationally recognized standard that governs the design, implementation, monitoring, maintenance, continuous improvements, and certification to an information security management system (ISMS).  In scope for DocuSign were the full set of 133 standard controls with no non-conformities reported from the extensive examination.
  • For industry/use case specific make this specific to those benefitsTHIS GRAPHIC LOOKS TOO MUCH LIKE – DOESN’T LOOK LIKE A BUILDING, A REALLY COOL BUILDING THAT DOESN’T LOOK LIKE A DATACENTER, GRAPH A BOX AROUND A FEW FLOORS, THEN MAKE THAT EACH DEPTYour company IncCustomer serviceCustomers: sign anywhere, anytime, any device, Legal / Compliance: add complianceReorder benefits: revenue at the topOrder: customer, salesmktg, legal, fiance, hr supply chain
  • Reasons why: data sensitivity, transaction value, etc. “non public personal information” nppi is secureDegree of security is more important than pyramid – stair step – but you don’t layer them on top of each other
  • Two approaches: Live demo, always give people screen shot demo, package one of those upWeb ui, salesforce, portal and mobile/ipad are the modesWhat’s the punch line- excitement, come back to why docusignFixing this problem was as easy 123, There are currently 5.5 million people have already realized how to improve the way they do business1. Contracts are now received in an email. Not as an attachment that you need to print off, scan or fax back to the next person but as an invitation to view the contract in DocuSign2. The next step is to simply adopt your signature on the DocuSign platform3. Once that is done you are able to review and (click) sign the documentSo let us tell you a little about DocuSign and who we are
  • Use case: Qwest is using DocuSign for their Interconnection agreements and B2B contracts. Business Challenge:• Manual process for contract routing/execution relied on fax, mail, hand delivery• Cumbersome execution process required several quality validations to ensure completeness of contract• Significant briefcase time• Lack of visibility into routing status and cycle time measurement  DocuSign Results:• Selected DocuSign based on ease-of-use and flexibility• DocuSign has reduced sales contract execution by average of 3 days; in many cases, within an hour• Improved sales productivity – less time spent chasing down contracts• Better measurement of cycle times• DocuSign for Salesforce is a key driver for increasing Salesforce CRM adoption
  • Use case: DuPont Crop Protection is using DocuSign to for department signings required for various program administration and regulatory requirements. Goals & Objectives1. Eliminate extra “administrative” time consumed by the manual process.2. Ensure complete and accurate documentation3. Centralize document management. 4. Improve visibility, efficiency, accuracy, and productivity for all “stakeholders” within the current business process.  Results & Metrics1. Reduction of non-productive administrative effort by over 500 hours for sales organization.2. Salesforce user adoption rate increased by 300%.3. Salesforce data quality improved.4. 100% completed documents are stored in one central repository.5. Secured by standard encryption and industry standard security technologies and procedures (SAS-70, fully redundant data centers).
  • Use Case:Salesforce is currently using DocuSign for their eSignature solution to support the signing of MSA’s (Master Service Agreements) and Quotes/OrdersMSA’s are generated from Apttus - contract management solution then routed for signatureFor the Quotes/Orders, once the signature is complete, the next step of the process is automatically triggered to provision the licenses for the customer DocuSign Results:Reduced cycle time to close a dealReduced back office time and support due to the auto conversion process; once the quote is signed the next step of the process is automatically triggered to provision the licenses for the customerDue to reduced back office support needed, Sales Operations is now able to focus their headcount on more strategic initiatives
  • Salesforce evaluated all the electronic signature vendors and selected DocuSign. Salesforce has deployed DocuSign internally as of October 2010Salesforce has made a financial investment in DocuSign twiceWe have had broad customer success with customers such as  Comcast, LInkedIn, Expedia and DuPont.
  • Management Team:Steve King – CEOZANTAZ, CEOE*TRADE, ExecutiveTom Gonser – CSODocuSign, FounderNetUpdate, CEOMike Dinsdale – CFOLithium, CFOVelocity11, CFOGrant Peterson – CTOLexis/Nexis, VP EngrCourtLink, VP EngrDustin Grosse – CMO, BDMicrosoft, GMPlaceWare, VP Marketing, BDKen Moyle – LegalInsightful Corp, General CounselAskMe Corp, General CounselBob DeSantis – VP, SalesProcuri, VP SalesImage X, VP Sales Roger Erickson– VP Cust. SuccessAutonomy (ZANTAZ), SVPAltris Software, CEO
  • DocuSign Company Overview

    1. 1. The Global Standard for eSignatureFinish Business FasterAnytime, Anywhere, On Any Device
    2. 2. The Global Standard for eSignature
    3. 3. The Leader in Customers 2006 & Earlier 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
    4. 4. The Leader in Total Users 14M 12M 13+ MILLION 10M 8M 6M 4M 2M 0 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
    5. 5. The Leader in Total Documents Signed120M100M 110+ MILLION80M60M40M20M 0 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
    6. 6. The Thought Leader Among Analysts • DocuSign pioneered cloud-based eSignature • DocuSign has “the largest market share” • “SaaS delivery model is now preferred” “In the North American E-Signature Market, SaaS Offerings are Increasingly in Demand” August 18, 2011, Gregg Kreizman, Research Director
    7. 7. Finish Business Faster With DocuSign Solving Business Problems With eSignature DocuSign‟s Winning Solution DocuSign Demo
    8. 8. The Problem: Paper Delays Business, Adds Cost Printing Faxing Shipping Lost Contracts Missing Signatures Distributing Copies to Each Signer
    9. 9. Customer Business Problems Bigger Than SignaturesTypical Transaction >> Data Gap << Data Must be Re-keyed …and Stored Digital Analog Digital Analog• Slow transactions • Lost documents or pages• Too many errors • Poor fax readability• Lack of visibility • Overnight shipping fees• Re-keying & reconciliation • Lost productivity
    10. 10. The Consequences Slow Costly Loss of Security Execution Operations and Control
    11. 11. DocuSign Accelerates Your BusinessSeamlessTransaction >> No Data Gap << All Data Electronic << Digital >>• Faster transactions • Secure documents• No errors • No faxing• Complete visibility • No overnight shipping fees• No re-keying or reconciliation • Higher productivity
    12. 12. The Opportunity: Extraordinary ROI Results: Immediate ROI Impact Increased Speed Reduced Enhanced Security, to Revenue Operating Costs Control & Compliance Cut Days to 260,000 Top 3 Security Cash from Employee Hours Audits Ever 120 to 30 Saved Per Year Conducted
    13. 13. Finish Business Faster With DocuSign Solving Business Problems With eSignature DocuSign‟s Winning Solution DocuSign Demo
    14. 14. DocuSign is the Easiest, Fastest to Use
    15. 15. Purpose Built for Sender & Signer Requirements Senders Signers Easiest, Most Intuitive Interface Accessible Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device Identity Management & Authentication Forms/Data Management Collaboration Workflow Automation Audit Trail Security & Reliability Multiple Storage Options
    16. 16. Tested, Reliable & Secure IS 580155
    17. 17. DocuSign Enterprise InfrastructureService Passed 100s of Information• 100% audit log for all document activities Security Assessments including:• Strong AES Encryption• SHA-1 Hashing & Anti-tampering Controls• Exported Documents PKI Signed with CDS X509 CertificateInfrastructure• DocuSign SAS70 tested & PCI compliant• Annual penetration testing• Geographically dispersed data centers
    18. 18. Only DocuSign Adapts to Your Entire BusinessScales from the simplest to the most complex documents & transactions Wherever Whenever However Secure Infrastructure
    19. 19. Only DocuSign Adapts to Your Entire BusinessScales from the simplest to the most complex documents & transactions Wherever Whenever However Secure Infrastructure
    20. 20. DocuSign Delivers Value Across the Entire Enterprise Supply Chain/Procurement – Lock in pricing sooner Human Resources – Bring on top talent faster Finance – Accelerate speed to revenue Legal – Increase compliance Customer Service – Resolve service concerns quicker Sales & Marketing – Close more deals faster Customers – Enhance satisfaction and loyalty
    21. 21. DocuSign Solutions for Every Industry
    22. 22. DocuSign Dramatically Improves Business ResultsClose Rates Up 30%Contract Execution Cut to Less than 1 HourCut Days To Cash From 120 to 30Reduced Signing Process from Months to Minutes Saving $10K Per MonthUse of Salesforce Up 300%; 500 Non-Productive Admin Hours SlashedImproved Deal Close & Service „Lights On‟ to 81% in 1 Day260,000 Employee Hours Saved Per YearClose Rates Doubled from 24% to 50%; Not In Good Order to 0Getting a loan on the books in 1 day instead of 10, more than pays for DocuSign
    23. 23. Focus on Client SuccessStrong Customer SuccessInfrastructure• AE, SAM, SE, PS, Enterprise Help Desk “We have DocuSign‟s premiere (phone, Chat and email) level of support and we have had• Chief Legal Counsel and Team, nothing but great and timely Chief Security Officer and Team support for all issues. OurPublished Uptime, supported by development team thoroughlyour SLA enjoys working with DocuSign for• 99.993% performance over the past deployment, development, and 24 months configuration guidance.”Development Center – David Hedberg Director – IT Operations, Information &• Open and Published API and Network Technology – Cox AZ community support
    24. 24. DocuSign Provides Authentication Options Witnessed Signing Two Factor Biometric Phone Authentication Federated Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA) Access Code Email Validation
    25. 25. Finish Business Faster With DocuSign Solving Business Problems With eSignature DocuSign‟s Winning Solution DocuSign Demo
    26. 26. DocuSign Demonstration
    27. 27. The Global Standard for eSignatureCase Studies
    28. 28. Close Rates Up 30% Business Challenge• Drive sales effectiveness by automating pen and paper contract processes DocuSign Results• Increased sales efficiency and reduced sales cycle time by eliminating fax• Increased close rates by 30%“We selected DocuSign because of their proven success, superior enterprise service and flexible integration with”
    29. 29. Contract Execution Cut to Less Than 1 Hour• Manual interconnection agreements and B2B contracts relied on fax, mail and hand delivery with significant “briefcase” time• Lack of visibility into routing/contract status• Reduced sales contract execution by 3 days down to an hour in many cases• Sales team focused on sales, not tracking down open contracts• Key driver for increasing Salesforce adoption
    30. 30. Cut Days to Cash From 120 to 30 Business Challenge• Missing critical info in sales contracts delayed invoicing by as much as 120 days DocuSign Results• Reduced time to invoice to 5 days; Cash to 30• Improved annualized working capital by $1M “The introduction of DocuSign into our collections process significantly improved DSO contributing to access to more than $1M in additional working capital on an annualized basis.”
    31. 31. Reduced Signing from Months to Minutes; Cut $10K Per Month Business Challenge• Dramatically improve manual sales contracts processing through workflow automation DocuSign Results• Deployed across 3 sales divisions in one month with no additional IT investment• Reduced signing process from months to minutes• Cut delivery costs by $10K per month “The best part is documents could be signed in literally minutes versus months.”
    32. 32. Use of Salesforce Up 300%; 500 Admin Hours Slashed Business Challenge• Increase compliance, completion and accuracy• Improve visibility, efficiency, accuracy and productivity of document management• Centralize document management DocuSign Results• Eliminated 500 non-productive admin hours• Increased Salesforce usage by 300%+• Cut cost through 50% error reduction• Improved Salesforce data quality• Centralized 100% complete document storage to one location“DocuSign for Salesforce is perfectly seamless. The two applications work perfectly together.”
    33. 33. Deal Close From 2 Days to 81% in 1 Day; 42% in 1 Hour Business Challenge• Reduce sales cycle time for quotes, orders and Master Service Agreements• Automate workflow to provision customer licenses once deal is signed DocuSign Results• Saved 60 days of work with 10 fewer minutes spent per quote• Reduced time to close deals from 2 days to 81% in less than 1 day; 42% in less than 1 hour• Decreased back office time and support via workflow• Refocused sales ops time on strategic initiatives standardized on DocuSign eSignature to Close More Deals Faster
    34. 34. 260,000 Employee Hours Saved Per Year Business Challenge• S&P 500 company looking to streamline lease processing & execution• 130K leases; 500K+ signers per year DocuSign Results• Reduced document prep & execution time by 85%• Saved 260,000 employee hours per year “We were able to reduce costs because of DocuSign."
    35. 35. Close Rates Doubled, Not in Good Order to 0 Business Challenge• Retirement plans & programs provider• Faster processing of 403B to variable annuity rollovers DocuSign Results• Increased close rates from 24% to 50%• Eliminated rework• Reduced „Not In Good Order‟ to 0 “DocuSign took deal time from 24 days to 24 hours!"
    36. 36. Dramatically Increased Revenue, Interest Earned Business Challenge• Improve loan application & processing time to earn interest faster DocuSign Results• DocuSign paid for itself• If a member takes out a $15K loan at 6%, accruing interest at $2.64 per day, getting the loan on the books in 1 day instead of 10 more than pays for DocuSign“Getting the loan on the books earlier pays for the DocuSign service.”
    37. 37. The Global Standard for eSignatureAppendix
    38. 38. DocuSign Champions Full Enforceability• Warrants Federal ESIGN Law Compliance• Provides consumer disclosure• Maintains court admissible audit trail in Industry Standard format• Performs external reviews with outside counsel• Employs expert Chief Legal Officer successful in gaining further legislative and industry clarity and acceptance of electronic signatures “The effectiveness of a signature solution is not determined by the legal precedent for the acceptance of the signatures. Rather, it depends on good process management, good document control and the maintenance of a clear chain of evidence.” Gartner, “Findings: The Legal Precedent for eSignatures is a Non-Issue”
    39. 39. DocuSign Delivers Lower TCO Software DocuSign Behind the firewall or hosted Ease of Deployment Ease of Customization Large Operating Expenses Rapid User Adoption Automated Upgrades 3+ Releases per Year Signer Support Value Value Tamper Proof Secure Storage Disaster Recovery Time Time “SaaS enables fast deployment, better user Capital Expense Upgrade adoption, and reduced support needs” Expense High Risk Source: Forrester, July 2009 Infrastructure Dedicated Staff “The highest-ranking reason for choosing and using SaaS was TCO…” Source: Gartner, November 2010
    40. 40. Chooses DocuSign• has standardized on DocuSign for eSignature• is a strategic investor• OEM Alliance Partner• Assigned SFDC team• The eSignature provider with this relationship
    41. 41. World Class Management Team & Investors Management TeamKeith Krach Chairman & CEO Joe Fuca SVP, Worldwide SalesTom Gonser Founder & Chief Marc Carlson VP, NA Enterprise Sales Strategy Officer Bob DeSantis Managing Director, EuropeMike Dinsdale Chief Financial Officer Roger Erickson VP, Customer SuccessDustin Grosse Chief Marketing Officer Doug Bryan VP, Operational ExcellenceGrant Peterson Chief Technology OfficerKen Moyle Chief Legal Officer Investors
    42. 42. The Company We Keep