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POD2::* and Perl translation documentation project
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POD2::* and Perl translation documentation project



Past, present and future of Perl translation documentation project (italian and worlwide)

Past, present and future of Perl translation documentation project (italian and worlwide)



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POD2::* and Perl translation documentation project POD2::* and Perl translation documentation project Presentation Transcript

  • th 4 italian Perl workshop - 19/09/2008 POD2::* and Perl translation documentation project Enrico Sorcinelli
  • What pod2it is the Italian Perldoc Translation Project ●
  • When pod2it is born on August 21, 2002 ●
  • Who A brillant idea of some italian Perl mongers ● 20 translators and reviewers ●
  • Why The scope of the project is to translate in italian ● the pods that are shipped with Perl 41 translated pods (including perlfaq* and the – huge perlfunc) 10 pods under revision –
  • Where http://pod2it.sourceforge.net/ ● pod2it-translators@lists.sf.net ●
  • How it works It's simple: translate and commit ● There's a guide line ● We use entities for (à, è, ...) ● status.txt ●
  • How to contribute Join to pod2it-translators@lists.sf.net ● Get a SourceForge account ● Choose a pod ● Start to translate or to review! ●
  • [RFC] POD2::* namespace From: Enrico Sorcinelli <enrico [at] sorcinelli.it> Date: Sun, 20 Jul 2003 23:25:42 +0200 To: perl-documentation [at] perl.org Subject: [RFC] POD2::* perldoc translations namespace Hi all, One year ago, some Italian Perl Mongers started quot;pod2itquot; project, the perldoc italian translation project (pod2it.sourceforge.net, leaded by Stefano Rodighiero <larsen@perl.it>). [...] Which namespace? We have chosen POD2::<country code> namespace [...] There is also an idea to patch perldoc in order to add a switch (like -L) for directly see localized translation: perldoc -L it perlfunc [...] http://www.xray.mpe.mpg.de/mailing-lists/perl- ● documentation/2003-07/msg00015.html
  • POD2::IT 0.01 Thu Jun 19 01:29:11 2003 ● + original version; created by h2xs 1.21 with options -A -X -n POD2::IT by Enrico Sorcinelli <bepi@perl.it> July, 23 2005: first CPAN release ● 0.12 (18/08/2008) ● %> perl -MCPAN -e install POD2::IT ● %> perldoc POD2::IT::<podname> ● perldoc's -f and -q switches don't work no ● longer
  • New in Perl 5.10! %> perldoc -L it <podname> ● %> perldoc -L it -f <function> ● %> perldoc -L it -q <FAQregex> ● RFC: Wed, 27 Jul 2005 16:57:37 +0200 ● Simple API ● – print_pod, print_pods – search_perlfunc_re Pod::Perldoc uses hard coded strings ● It returns a localized translation of the paragraph ● 'Alphabetical Listing of Perl Functions' string
  • Future of Pod::Perldoc Retrieve language code from environment ● variable PERLDOC_POD2: %> export PERLDOC_POD2=it %> perldoc -f print Auto-retrieve language code from local, only if ● PERLDOC_POD2=1 %> export PERLDOC_POD2=1 %> perldoc -f print For the impatient: ● %> alias perldoc-it='perldoc -L it' %> perldoc-it -f print
  • Future of Pod::Perldoc Message strings localization ● Failover method if requested pod doesn't exist ● POD2::* isn't installed: check CPAN and ask for – installation POD2::* is installed but there isn't the specific pod – translation: automatic (or ask) switch to english pod
  • Other translation projects www.perldoc.jp ● POD2::FR ● POD2::CN ● POD2::LT ● POD2::EO::Time::Decimal ● POD2::PT (?) ● POD2::Base ● Base module for translations of Perl documentation – (based on IT.pm)
  • Coordinating POD2::* worldwide pod2.perl.org ● Unique repository (CVS/Subversion) ● Mailing list ●
  • perldoc.perl.org Add translations ● upgrade for each new Perl release – POD2::IT package isn't complete –
  • pod2it advocacy Invite local communities to translate not only ● core pods, but also most important modules pods. For example: POD2::IT::LWP POD2::IT::DBI POD2::IT::Getopt::Long has been just ● released to CPAN http://search.cpan.org/~enrys/POD2-IT-Getopt-Long/ –
  • Conclusions We live in a Country (Italy) where the English ● language should be spread better but unluckly isn't If the Perl documentation was in locale ● language instead of English, we could have more Perl fans. Instead, we've now a VB| Java|.NET|Python|PHP programmers...
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