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  • really its a shame that one can write such crap where the hell did you do your research first off all Kenya inst dry it rains almost all through the year and we are not poor of-course like every other country there people but not most of us try and get your facts right next time nkt
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Kenya Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Population Kenya’s Population is 28,000,000. Population means how many people live there.
  • 2. C o u n t r y Kenya is in the continent Africa. The capital city is called Nairobi. Many people in Kenya are poor. They don’t have clean water, they only have dirty water because it hardly rains. 16.6 million Kenyans still lack access to safe water. This has a huge impact on health and infant mortality. A 20 litre container of water weighs 20 kilos. Women walk an average distance of 10 kilometres daily to get clean water. The five nearby countries are Sudan, Somalia, Uganda, Tanzania and Ethiopia. Kenya has two great lakes which are called Lake Turkana and Lake Victoria.
  • 3. Kenya’s Main Crops are • Coffee • Maize (Corn) • Tea • Sugar • Pineapple Main Crops
  • 4. Money Kenya’s Money is Shilling.1 Kenyan shilling is 0.0077 British Pound Sterling's.
  • 5. Languages Kenya speak the language Swahili and they also learn to speak English. Swahili is the native language in Kenya. People really only speak English because English tourists come to Kenya.
  • 6. Weather In Kenya it is very hot and very dry. In the UK it is cold and wet. It only rains like 5 times a year. Kenya lies on the equator.
  • 7. Wildlife The Kenyan animals are an Eland, Wildebeest, Bison, Rhinos,Elephant,Giraffe,Lion,Cheetah,Hippo,Leopard,Wild Dog,Hyena,Serval cat,Crocodile,Genet and Jackal.
  • 8. The Maasai The Maasai is a tribe in Kenya. Origininally came from North West Kenya and moved South. The Maasai is one of the most traditional tribes in Kenya. The Maasai act like they have always done.
  • 9. Other Interesting facts Mimi kama mpira wa miguu ( I like football). Hello in Kenya is Jambo! Mount Kenya is the highest mountain in Kenya. Mount Kenya is an extinct volcano rising to the height of 5199 metres. Mimi kama kujifunza kuhusu Kenya(I like to learn about Kenya). Kwaheri(goodbye) Jina langu ni Ben(My name is Ben) Mwalimu wangu anaitwa Mr dereva (My teacher is called Mr Driver). Mwalimu wangu mpya ama kuitwa Bibi Altham au Bibi Ashworth ((My new teacher will either be called Mrs Altham or Mrs Ashworth).