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    Customer Customer Presentation Transcript

    • The Customer
      • Who Do You Work For...?
      • “There is only one boss. The customer, and he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.” Sam Walton
    • Organizational Chart
      • Consider making the top box of the organizational chart the “Customer”
      • After all, this is truly the “Boss”
    • Number One Reason You Lose a Customer
      • The customer perceives that you don’t CARE
    • Facts
      • The Research Institute of America conducted a study for the White House Office of Consumer Affairs, in which they found that...
      • Only 4 percent of unhappy customers bother to complain
      • For every complaint we hear, 24 others go uncommunicated to the company... But not to other potential customers
      • 90 percent of customers who are dissatisfied with the service they receive will not come back or buy again
      • Each of those unhappy customers will tell his or her story to at least nine other people
      • Of the customers who register a complaint, between 54 percent and 70 percent will do business with the organization again if their complaint is resolved
      A Ray of Hope
    • Even Better News
      • That figure goes up to 95 percent if the customer feels that the complaint was resolved quickly
      • 68 percent of customers who quit doing business with an organization do so because of company indifference
      • Simply stated: They feel the company does not care
      • It takes twelve positive incidents to make up for one negative incident in the eyes of a customer
      • Creativity, innovation, preparation, paying attention to and being able to predict trends... All are necessary elements in beating the competition
      • Without looking them up... List your top five customers
      Check Up
      • Now, place an arrow next to each of your top 5 customers indicating if they went “up” or “down” this year compared to last year
      • If any of your top 5 customers went down, list exactly why they did and what action steps you have in place to turn them back around
      • Be sure to list who is taking ownership and your targeted completion date
    • The Four Levels of Customer Satisfaction...
      • This is the minimum level required to simply stay in business
      • At this level, customers are satisfied for the moment, but they are not loyal
      • If a competitor can demonstrate they can do more than just meet expectations, our customers will become their customers
      Meet Expectations
      • This level is reached by surprising our customers and going beyond their expectations
      • This creates more loyalty and profit
      • This gives us the edge over our competitors
      Exceed Expectations
      • Customers’ needs are met and exceeded
      • More importantly, the customer has been touched on an emotional level
      • Once this occurs, it will be very difficult for a competitor to move in
      • To delight a customer is to show them that you truly care!
      • This is the one that knocks the ball out of the park
      • This goes way beyond delight; we truly amaze them!
      • We have the programs and the people in place to do this
      • The one thing we need to complete this is to execute the plans and programs we have promised to the customer
      • We must do what we say we can do... always!
      • Our competitors will not be able to touch us
      • What have you done to “delight” or “amaze” your top customers in the past six months?
    • Remember...
      • It is seven times harder to get a customer back than it is to get them initially
    • The KEY
      • In this global economy, it is more important now than ever before to hold onto your customers
      • Don’t wait for them to tell you there is a problem
      • Go out and ask them...
    • Find Out... “On a Scale of One to Ten...”
      • How would you rate our company overall?
      • How would you rate our customer service?
      • What do we need to do to make each one a “10”?
      • Note: Do not send out a questionnaire, the goal is to get involved personally
    • Magical Questions...
      • Ask your customer, “What are the two greatest challenges your company faces in business today?” and,
      • “What are the two greatest challenges you face in your job today?”
    • Remember...
      • People do business with people they know, like, and trust!!!
    • Winner
      • Winners develop the habit of doing the things that losers don’t like to do