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SMX West 2014 - Schemas & Microdata
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SMX West 2014 - Schemas & Microdata


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Published in: Marketing
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  • 1. Milestone Confidential Schemas & Microdata
  • 2. 2Milestone Confidential @milestonemktg Agenda ¡  Choosing right markup for your business ¡  Deploying structured data at the CMS level ¡  CMS level Schema testing panel ¡  Re-architecting content and site structure to support schemas ¡  Case study showing impact of schema’s on conversion ¡  How to test and validate schema’s on a ongoing basis?
  • 3. 3 @milestonemktg Milestone Confidential Schemas Gives desired information to search engine in the format they want ¡  fn: Ramada Hotel & Suites Bangkok ¡  Organization-name: Ramada Hotel & Suites Bangkok ¡  adr: street-address: 22 Sukhumvit Soi 12 ¡  locality: Klongtoey ¡  region: Bangkok ¡  NearBy: Suvarnabhumi Airport Keyword = [Hotel in Bangkok near Airport ] Keyword = [Organization + Region + Nearby]
  • 4. 4Milestone Confidential @milestonemktg Structure Improves Google Trends
  • 5. 5Milestone Confidential @milestonemktg Acceptable rich snippets mark up formats Microdata (SCHEMAs) , Microformats or hcards and RDFa answer/99170?hl=en Rich Snippets are the few lines of text that appear under every search result and are designed to give users a sense for what’s on the page and why it’s relevant to their query. 3 steps to implementing rich snippets on a website: Pick a markup format for your industry Mark up your content, deploy at the back end Test your markup in rich snippet testing tool 1 2 3
  • 6. 6Milestone Confidential @milestonemktg Hummingbird (Conversational Search) and Structured data (Schemas)
  • 7. 7Milestone Confidential @milestonemktg 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.
  • 8. 8Milestone Confidential @milestonemktg Schema for SEMANTIC search Schema.orgAddress Location Restauran t Shopping User Generate d Reviews Things to do Events Images Specials Rooms Video Bread crumbs +35 other schemas
  • 9. 9Milestone Confidential @milestonemktg Geo- Local Vertically Focused Socially Relevant SEARCH RESULTS Evolution of Search Thin content / duplicate content Bad links / Keyword stuffing (Conversational Content) PANDA PENGUIN HUMMINGBIRD Tactics Strategy Schemas Index Social Links / Citations Voice search Google glass Voice recognition
  • 10. 10 @milestonemktg Milestone Confidential Website Content – Ready for Hummingbird Hummingbird Before Now and Future Need directions – open Google maps, type address, get directions Give me directions to Hyatt Regency Santa Clara ¡  Google’s newest search engine algorithm update focuses on: ¡  Voice search ¡  Conversational search or natural language search ¡  Knowledge graph and schemas ¡  High-quality website content will provide answers to users’ queries by understanding the intent
  • 11. 11Milestone Confidential @milestonemktg Tools
  • 12. 12Milestone Confidential @milestonemktg 1. Schema Deployed in Footer SCHEMAs  in  Footer  and  Address  
  • 13. 13Milestone Confidential @milestonemktg 2. Change Architecture - Things To Do
  • 14. 14Milestone Confidential @milestonemktg Rich snippet testing tool Able to read things to do as an attraction schema
  • 15. 15Milestone Confidential @milestonemktg 3. CMS Deployment Schemas wrapped around information in CMS
  • 16. 16Milestone Confidential @milestonemktg Rich snippet testing tool Able to read room type as a product schema
  • 17. 17Milestone Confidential @milestonemktg 4. Schema applied on room types CMS backend fields automatically wrapped with schemas
  • 18. 18Milestone Confidential @milestonemktg Rich snippet testing tool
  • 19. 19Milestone Confidential @milestonemktg 5. Packages & Rooms – As Product
  • 20. 20Milestone Confidential @milestonemktg 5. Schema’s Deployed in Specials and Packages
  • 21. 21Milestone Confidential @milestonemktg Schema Errors 1.  Rich snippet testing tool error - Hcard was throwing errors on microformats used. 2.  Google webmaster schema errors ¡  Missing Location – error due to event calendar ¡  Products – error showing up in package snippets ¡  Aggregate Rating – error due to rating in footer address
  • 22. 22Milestone Confidential @milestonemktg Errors using hCard Webmaster Rich Snippet Testing Tool Result
  • 23. 23Milestone Confidential @milestonemktg Product Schema Errors Webmaster Rich Snippet Testing Tool Result
  • 24. 24Milestone Confidential @milestonemktg Events - Missing: Location address for holidays reported on webmaster Webmaster ResultRich Snippet Testing Tool
  • 25. Milestone Confidential Schema Panel to Manage Schemas
  • 26. 26Milestone Confidential @milestonemktg A Site Audit Dashboard – II Reports on all SEO Site Issues
  • 27. 27Milestone Confidential @milestonemktg Case Study – Google Webmaster Indexed Pages Jumps Site live – March 19, 2013
  • 28. 28Milestone Confidential @milestonemktg SCHEMAs ¡  Know which Schemas to use? ¡  Deploying structured data at the CMS level ¡  Re-architecting content and site structure to support schema’s ¡  Test and validate schema’s on a ongoing basis ¡  Think about site architecture and content changes to deploy Schema at CMS level ¡  Communicate to your developer, designer and content writer important data fields you need ¡  DO NOT TELL CREATIVE FOLKS THAT THEY ARE WRITING SCHEMA’s ¡  Measure ROI for schema’s on conversion
  • 29. 29Milestone Confidential @milestonemktg Thank You Questions? Benu Aggarwal