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VidenDanmark og Intra2 afholdt den 19.9.2012 seminar om socialt intranet. Ved seminaret præsenterede Kim Escherich fra IBM, hvordan IBM bruger et socialt intranet internt.

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Ibm internal socialmedia

  1. 1. IBM Global Business ServicesIBM: Fra avanceret telefonbog til socialt netværksmedieIntra2, june 7, 2012Kim Escherich, Executive Innovation Architect, IBM Global Business Services1 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  2. 2. IBM Global Business ServicesThe purpose of this session is to introduce you to IBM’s world ofsocial business – with our intranet as the starting point2 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  3. 3. IBM Global Business ServicesABOUT IBM © 2012 IBM Corporation3
  4. 4. IBM Global Business Services Globally  Integrated  Enterprise   …an  open,  modular  organiza8on  ….  integrated  into  the   networked  economy  …  with  an  opera8onal  and  business   model  that  capitalizes  on  the  new  global  landscape.    4 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  5. 5. IBM Global Business ServicesCollabora8on  is  core  to  this  evolu8on   §  Within  six  years,  workers  will  collaborate  80%  of  their  8me     §  Work  will  flow  seamlessly,  fluidly,  across  fully  connected  and   visible  processes     §  Work  increasingly  will  involve  external  partners     §  Agility  will  become  a  key  performance  metric     §  Pro-­‐ac8ve  processes  will  be  strengthened  with  predic8ve   capabili8es     §  Work  will  not  be  centered  on  an  organiza8on  but  on  a   community  of  people  who  will  be  sourced  from  a  variety  of   places:    employees,  contractors,  alumni,  industry  experts   §  Batch  processing  will  be  forgoLen;  real-­‐8me  will  be  the  norm     Source: IBM CEO study 20105 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  6. 6. The  IBM  Workforce  comprises  of  400,000+,  in  170  countries  and  2000  loca8ons   §  Global  and  distributed  across  all  8me  zones,  cultures  and  languages   §  ~50%  employees  work  remotely   §  ~50%  with  IBM  <  5  years   §  Moving  to  distributed  teams  vs  co-­‐loca8on     §  Matrixed  teams  and  management   §  Flexible  in  work  styles    6
  7. 7. IBM Global Business ServicesTHE JOURNEY © 2012 IBM Corporation7
  8. 8. IBM Global Business Services The  evolu8on  of  our  intranet  (w3/ODW)  to  a  Smarter  Workplace,  our   single  portal  a  journey!   Consumption Participation 1996 2012+Launch Version 2.0 Versions 3 & 4 Versions 5 & 6 ODW R1 &R2 Smarter WorkplaceCorporate news and Standard design and Bluepages, MyNews, Profile, Dynamic Content, Business Portals, Enabling Collaborativelinks navigation Web tools, Info Central Taxonomy, Integrated Personalization & Innovation17K page views/day 38K page views/day 500K page views/day Search Role Enablement 1M page views/day 2M page views/day 8 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  9. 9. IBM Global Business ServicesThe  benefits  of  collabora8on  &  networking  are  significant  to  individuals  &  organiza8ons   Ø  87% of IBMers collaborating with others in communities increase skills Ø  84% access expertise more quickly Ø  74% increase their productivity Ø  64% improve personal reputation Source: IBM internal Workplace Effectiveness survey9 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  10. 10. IBM Global Business Services Enabling Culture Change Social  sodware  @  IBM     Why?   What  we  have  done  l  Need  to  connect  400,000+  employees  across  170   l  Transformed  intranet  into  robust  social  compu8ng   countries   plaiorm  l  Enable  employees  to  be  more  produc8ve,  more   l  Created  communi8es  of  enthusiasts  to  encourage   knowledgeable,  faster   grassroots  adop8on  (Digital  IBMer  /  BlueIQ)  l  Facilitate  collabora8ve  innova8on   l  Harnessed  IBM  as  test-­‐bed  for  collabora8ve  tools   we  then  commercialize  l  Organize  the  flow  of  ad  hoc  collabora8on   l  Established  IBM  social  compu8ng  policy  and   guidelines  l  Drive  innova8on  into  products  faster   l  Used  the  enterprise  processes  and    inject  Social  l  Harness  the  knowledge  of  subject  maLer  experts     collabora8on  to  them   from  across  IBM  quickly   l  Created  “reverse  mentoring”  program  to  pair  social  l  Surface  IBMers  as  experts  to  engage  with  clients,   compu8ng  experts  with  IBM  leaders  (I&VT   partners  and  others   Ambassadors)   l  Building  an  Exper8se  and  Eminence  ini8a8ve  to   groom  experts  on  all  levels   Benefits1010 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  11. 11. IBM Global Business ServicesSince  the  end  of  2009,  our  intranet  portal  includes  Social  collabora8on,  placing  the  IBMers  in  front  of  their  workspace!   •  We are putting the IBMer interactions in front of their intranet •  Top down corporate news move from center to left •  We trust user-generated content •  Additional tools and functionality, so called web 2.0, are now part of our single enterprise personalized portal! (along with a new look and feel since 2011 ) 11 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  12. 12. IBM Global Business ServicesWe  provide  a  single  message  to  employees  about  how  to  achieve  the  desired  collabora8on  behaviors   §  We  developed  social  compu8ng   guidelines  (internal  and  external   guidelines  are  the  same)   §  We  embedded  a  social  compu8ng   module  into  IBMs  Business   Conduct  Guidelines   §  Employees  are  required  to  take  a   short  educa8on  module  before   crea8ng  an  external  social  profile   §  Tools  and  help  is  available  to   support  personal  eminence  12 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  13. 13. IBM Global Business ServicesInternally,  we  deployed  a  plaiorm  for  “social”  collabora8on     IBM Connections Create, find, join, and work Quickly find the people you need with communities of people Home Profiles by searching across your organization using keywords that who share a common interest, responsibility, or help identify expertise, current area of expertise projects and responsibilities Activities Organize your work, plan next Communities steps, and easily tap your expanding professional network to help execute your everyday deliverables, faster Use a weblog to present your idea and get feedback from others; learn from the expertise and experience of Blogs Share your files with your others who blog Files colleagues. Everyone can store, share, and collaborate on files. Wikis Save, organize and share Bookmarks Provide a place for groups of people to jointly create bookmarks; discover and maintain content bookmarks that have been through contribution and qualified by others with collaboration. similar interests & expertise13 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  14. 14. IBM Global Business ServicesSocial  Collabora8on  brings  on  various  services...  most  commonly:   “Profiles”  enable  us  to  find  people  and  connect  with   them   The “Board” lets us keep track and interact with our network “Communities” and teams allow collaboration in shared spaces14 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  15. 15. How  the  adop8on  goes  in  IBM  –  2Q  2012  sta8s8cs   IBM Global Business Services Profiles IBM’s internal Profiles hold over 630,000 entries* & serves over 4 million searches per month. It’s the hub of user requests & all applications authentication for IBM. Communities The IBM Communities service hosts more than 96,600 online Communities with 250k users last months. Blogs IBM’s Blog service supports 134,000 users last month with more than 26,700 Weblogs. Bookmarks IBM’s internal Bookmark Sharing system holds 1,394,000 bookmarks with 3.6M tags, and had an active user population of 36,700 users Activities IBM’s internal Activities service has seen all content and usage statistics grow with 277,000 activities; 4.6 M entries and 83,000 users last month. Files IBM’s internal social file sharing & storage service contains 522,588 files shared 1,342,874 times with 298,900 files added to folders [collections]. Wikis The Wiki services hosts more than 63,000 Wikis with 771,000 Pages and was used by 15 282, 000 users last month. From various internal metrics sources © 2012 IBM Corporation
  16. 16. Social  func8ons  are  available  at   mobile  devices  and  we  are  preparing   to  support  pure  mobile  employees  16
  17. 17. IBM Global Business ServicesMY WORLD © 2012 IBM Corporation17
  18. 18. 18
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  32. 32. IBM Global Business ServicesIn  summary,  IBM  uses  social  sodware  to...   •  Empower  people  to  share  their  knowledge  and   exper8se   Be     Change  Ready   •  Enable  people  to  discover  informa7on  quickly  and   easily   •  Find  and  connect  with  the  right  experts  fast   Integrate     •  Work  together  virtually  without  flying  in  for  face  to   Globally   face  mee8ngs   •  Connect  everyone  to  our  customers  and  partners   •  Innovate  our  products  and  services,  entering  new   markets  and  gaining  new  poten8al  customers   Be     Innova7ve   •  An7cipate  change  faster  than  our  compe88on  32 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  33. 33. Thank  you       Kim  Escherich   IBM  Global  Business  Services   +45  2880  4733   @kescherich   /in/escherich   /escherich  33