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#Working hard -model #business documents
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#Working hard -model #business documents


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"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success."-Henry ford …

"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success."-Henry ford

Model Business Letters , Emails and other Business Documents (7th edition. Shirley Taylor)

Published in: Career, Business, Technology

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  • 1. BENTSAI.COM#WorkingHard - Model #Business Documents
  • 2. BENTSAI.COM#WorkingHard - Model #Business DocumentsModel Business Letters , Emails and other Business DocumentsI apologise for the short notes and questions.This post serve as a skeleton for you to dofurther research online to gather currentinformation:"Coming together is a beginning; keepingtogether is progress; working together issuccess."-Henry fordWhat are the dangers of poor communication?How many people in your office do you reallyknow ?,
  • 3. BENTSAI.COM#WorkingHard - Model #Business DocumentsDo you listen actively and make others feelimportant?Why does your best relationship work? How canyou replicate those building factors?Do you keep your messages simple ?Is your message accurate, brief and clear?Use singular verb with collective noun.Infinitive, adjective, adverb conjunction,interjection, preposition, pronoun.
  • 4. BENTSAI.COM#WorkingHard - Model #Business DocumentsWhen to use Its and Its?When to use apostrophe?Make a great first impression from the very firstemail you send."We spoke ..." vs "Thanks for your call..."Cut out "Please be advised ...", "Kindly beinformed ..." and "I am writing ..."Use short words.
  • 5. BENTSAI.COM#WorkingHard - Model #Business DocumentsUse active voice " I ..." and place subject at startof sentence.Use "I hope ..." , "Please" and "Thank you""Thank you for ..."Drop "Regards". Add "See you soon" , "Have anice weekend"Use language you would use if you werespeaking.
  • 6. BENTSAI.COM#WorkingHard - Model #Business DocumentsIf you cannot answer email immediately, replywith a brief note.Do not reply to a offensive email in a similartone.Use "Here are...", "Kindly see attached...", "highlyappreciated...", "As spoken earlier..."Complaint: "Unfortunately...", "Problem may beresolved ...", "I was most unhappy ..."Sentences that start with action or object tend tobe passive.
  • 7. BENTSAI.COM#WorkingHard - Model #Business DocumentsPassive voice shows no responsibility on theauthor.Avoid the use of But, as much as possible.Use "You" even when addressing a group ofpeople.Be consistent in dates format and full name vsinitials.Use "Thank you for your letter dated ..." insteadof "We refer..."Use "Sorry" instead of "apologise"
  • 8. BENTSAI.COM#WorkingHard - Model #Business DocumentsLimit 7 ~ 10 words in a sentence.Avoid abbreviations and acronyms.3~5 sentences for an idea.Message structure: Introduction (why), Details(give info), Action (deadline), Close (one liner /Action needed).Use headings, numbered points and bullets."It was great to speak to you ..." vs "As spoken..."
  • 9. BENTSAI.COM#WorkingHard - Model #Business DocumentsUse "Please email me if you have anyquestions.", "I would appreciate your promptreply."Fully blocked layout and open punctuation.Courtesy title to be shown on hard-copy letters.Include "Confidential" markings.Heading is usually placed one clear line aftersalutation."Yours sincerely" for personalised salutations."Yours faithfully" for Dear Sirs etc...
  • 10. BENTSAI.COM#WorkingHard - Model #Business DocumentsOnly add courtesy title for female at signature.Sign letter on behalf of sender, include "for..." or"pp" in front of sender name in signature.Type " Enc" at bottom of signature forenclosures.Two or more copy recipients, "Copy" beside titlein alphabetical orderInclude "Urgent" or "For action" only whennecessary.
  • 11. BENTSAI.COM#WorkingHard - Model #Business DocumentsTurn off email alerts and check email twice aday.Be Specific, Meaningful, Appropriate, Relevant,Thoughtful (SMART)Replace "Dear xxx" with "Hi xxx" or "xxx" inopening.Use closing "Cheery greetings" , "Your Friend","Smiles", "Until Next Time" or " Take Care""Im so pleased..." or "Ill be here"
  • 12. BENTSAI.COM#WorkingHard - Model #Business DocumentsWrite Clear, Concise-Straight to the point,Consistent-ReliableAsk yourself these questions when composing amessage:-Who are they?-What is your relationship with them?-What do you know already?-What do they want to know now?-Is your language and tone appropriate?
  • 13. BENTSAI.COM#WorkingHard - Model #Business DocumentsGood Status update:-Do Something - call for action-Think Something - sharing useful info-Feel Something - evoke an emotionDo not use misspellings for Facebook - might beviewed by potential employers.When making an enquiry:-"Would you please give me the followinginformation:1. xxx"-"I look forward to receiving your advice on theseissues."
  • 14. BENTSAI.COM#WorkingHard - Model #Business DocumentsWhen reply to an enquiry:-Thank you...-Assurance-"Please let me know if i can be of any furtherhelp."First enquiries:-Mention how you obtain their contactStructure:-Introduction-Background Info-What i will do-What you should do-Close
  • 15. BENTSAI.COM#WorkingHard - Model #Business DocumentsInspire confidence in potential customer by:-Work done elsewhere-Discounts-Completion date-Unforeseen circumstancesQuotations not accepted or amended:-thank the supplier for their offer-express regret at inability to accept-state reasons for non-acceptance-if appropriate, make counter offer-suggest that there may be other opportunitiesto do business together
  • 16. BENTSAI.COM#WorkingHard - Model #Business DocumentsClose:-As the matter is urgent we should like thisinformation by the end of this week.The above information are some pointers i getfrom the book.I highly suggest you get this book if you want toimprove your written communication skills.Share this book with someone else that maybenefit too.#BusinessDocuments, #Admin, #BusinessLetters,#Work, #Communication, #Corporate