Increase colleagues' #productivity by removing all #cable ties on the printing boxes

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  • 1. Increase colleagues' #productivity by removing ALL #CableTies on the printing boxes
  • 2. #Singapore., #GreatEasternLifeAssurance., Printing paper are delivered to the office in boxes as per the photo above. The boxes are tied with the white #CableTies which needs to be cut in order to open the box to use the printing paper. Taking initiative and working as a team, i would remove ALL of the #CableTies on the boxes for other colleagues' convenience even if it is not within my job description. Currently: Given 20 boxes per delivery, people cut the #CableTies off one box as per need basis. There is no scissors in the printing room (need to walk out to look for a scissor). From looking for a pair scissors->cutting the #CableTies for one box result in only caring for your own needs on an ad-hoc basis.  The person cutting the #CableTies varies and occasionally the permanent staff who is paid lots of money will be doing the menial work of cutting the #CableTies. Ben’s idea: 1. Proposed to the paper company to cut the #CableTies off the boxes upon delivery as we are a big account (no cost to own company) 2. Get a Temp staff who is paid $7 an hour (yes thats right- singapore rates) oppose to a permanent important staff or management who is paid $60 an hour to look for the scissor to cut the #CableTies off ALL the boxes in one shot. Cons 1. What if we need to return the boxes for refund? Ans: The company purchased the paper and not the #CableTies. At most, the paper company can charge us $0.10 for each nylon string that was cut off in excess. Would the cost of $0.10 * 20 = $2 a fee that weighs more than the time and effort of the paid staff of the company? P.s. I took the initiative to cut the #CableTies off the boxes. I give you free rights to use this idea for your business or company.