Interschip Reflection


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Interschip Reflection

  1. 1. My goal<br />Analyze how teachers teach in the US and compare it to the way I do in my school, in order to use its strengths and avoid its weaknesses to improve my professional development.<br />I will focus on teaching methodologies, classroom management, lesson planning, classroom decoration, and use of technology.<br />In what way is the field work going to help me?<br />There is no better way for me to learn than by experience and observation of others. I will ask for the lesson plans of Computer Science and Social Studies, observe the teachers’ classes, take pictures of the classroom decorations, at the end of the day in a reflective practice I will analyze the results that the teachers got and judge if the methods they used can be applied in my school. I will try to strength any weakness (if there is any) with my own knowledge or find out the way to do it using the Internet. By the time I teach at JEB Stuart, I will try to combine their methods with my own methods to see if I get a good response of the students.<br />REFLECTION<br />After my first visit to JEB Stuart High School I could see many things we have in common:<br />Methodologies<br />Students who don't what to collaborate<br />Brilliant students<br />The teacher in my case just used some copies of a story and some comprehension questions about it... anybody could say that that is a very simple method to reach some goals, but I was amazed of the way she did the reading… Intonation, with emotion...<br />I realized that it is not all about techniques and methods; it is also about attitude and the interest the teacher projects to the students.<br />I thought that success in a class depended only on resources and methodologies, but the attitude is the one that makes the difference.<br />I will try to project this attitude in my life and to my colleagues in El Salvador. Even if I have a simple activity, my attitude is what is going to make the difference.<br />In the beginning I got frustrated because I was expecting technology and maybe things I have never seen in my life. But after this reflection I understood why education in US successes.<br />Student’s behavior, buildings, etc. are the same in my school, but bigger.<br />Maybe something that helps a lot in behavior is that Americans use Police officers and security cams at school.<br />