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  • 1. Warm-up, 12.01.2009
    What is magnetism? What are some machines that require magnets in order to function?
  • 2. Assignment, due Friday: Cool Science Stuff, Part 2
    Bring in an article, picture, book, video, or song about a topic in science that is interesting or exciting.
    Brief (1-2 minute) presentation = 2 grades.
    Power point or poster-board presentation = 4 grades.
    Group presentation (3 people max) with Powerpoint and multimedia (music/video) = 6 grades.
    Group presentation with powerpoint, multimedia, in-class demonstration/experiment = 8 grades.
  • 3. Chapter 14 Scavenger Hunt
    Get into a group of three. (No, you can’t have more than three. Yes, you can work on your own.)
    Get a book (Physical Science).
    First team to find all of the missing words gets a prize.
    All of the answers are found in chapter 14 (p. 422-449).
    You may start when I change the slide.
  • 4. 1) A light display that occurs when charged particles from the sun are captured by Earth’s magnetic field.
    2) MRI stands for “________.”
    3) DC (direct current) flows only in _____ through a wire.
    4) Alternating current (AC) ________ in a regular pattern.
    5) A transformer does this to the voltage of an AC.
    6) The force between two magnets depends on this.
    7) A magnet is surrounded by this.
    8) The group of atoms with aligned magnetic poles is called the ____.
    9) Three metals that are attracted by magnets are _____, 10) _____, and 11)_____.
    12) Magnets are surrounded by a _____. This is strongest at the regions called 13) ______.
    14) A small magnet that is used to determine north and south (directions).
    15) A magnet that is broken in half will have this many poles.
    16) The name of the Danish physics teacher who found that electricity and magnetism are related.
    17) A wire wrapped into a cylindrical wire coil is called this.
    18) As the current moving through a wire increases, the strength of its magnetic field ____.
    19) A moving electron charge is surrounded by a ____.
    20) An electromagnet is a (Choose one: temporary/permanent) magnet.
    21) In a simple motor, a(n) _________ rotates between the poles of a (n)22) _________.
    23) In order to create an electromagnet, you need three things: ______, 24) _______ and 25)_____.
    26) A gauge that measures electric current.
    27) An electrical current is produced by ________ or 28) _________.
    29) An MRI is used to take this kind of picture.
    A generator produces an electric current how?
    Create a foldable as seen on page 423 with at least 3 items in each column.