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10 10 Presentation Transcript

  • Warm-Up, 10.02.2009 Observe the demonstration. Describe the kinds of energy present before and after the event. Observez la démonstration. Décrivez les genres d'énergie actuels avant et après l'événement. Observe la demostración. Describa las clases de energía presentes antes y después del acontecimiento.
  • Announcements
    • Due today:
      • Rubric form (1 per group) filled out.
      • Rough draft of info poster board (outline of information, name of scientist, name of field, layout of poster).
        • You may make a powerpoint presentation instead, but Mr. Benson must approve it ahead of time.
      • Rough draft of step by step.
      • Rough draft of demonstration
        • Illustrate what you are going to do.
        • List the necessary materials.
        • Let Mr. B know if you need him to bring you anything you can’t get.
      • 1 question for each of the other groups.
      • How you are going to make your project entertaining and NOT BORING.
      • List of bonus point ideas you plan on doing.
  • Announcements
    • Major Project #2 is an individual grade. You are being observed for the amount of effort you put into the project, and the mastery of the information. Sleeping during research/ deer in headlights during presentation = F.
    • All research must be written in your own words. Printed out or copy/pasted materials will not be accepted.
    • Pictures must be full color. Color them in if you printed out a b&w photo.
    • Scientist info: I need a short biography of your scientist, as well as some accomplishments of theirs. You need to understand what these accomplishments are.
    • NO BORING PROJECTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Extra credit opportunity: Cool Science Stuff (Drops 2 lowest grades)
    • - Bring in a web page, video clip, or news article that describes something in science that you think is cool or exciting. Present this to the class briefly (1-2 minutes).
    • Randomly printed out article about something unexciting = no grade.
    • No, you can’t use any of your current events.
  • Research Day!!!
  • Wrap-up
    • Why are presentation/public speaking skills important?
    • Pourquoi les qualifications de présentation/prise de parole en public sont-elles importantes ?
    • ¿Por qué son las habilidades de la presentación/del discurso público importantes?