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  • 1. Warm-up, 09.30.2009 What do you think the world will be like in 10 years? 20? 100? Are you optimistic about the future? Que pensez-vous le monde aurez-vous lieu comme dans 10 ans ? 20 ? 100 ? Êtes-vous optimiste au sujet du futur ? ¿Qué usted piensa el mundo será como en 10 años? ¿20? ¿100? ¿Es usted optimista sobre el futuro?
  • 2. Earth Science Project (5 Grades DUE 10/12!!)
    • MUST HAVE:
      • 1 Demonstration (a working model, etc)
      • 1 Step-by-step diagram, hand drawn & full color (Poster sized).
      • Poster board with pictures & text (in your own words, or properly cited)
        • The name of the scientific field that studies your subject.
        • 1 notable scientist in the field you are covering.
      • Demonstration of understanding of the material. All group members must speak and be able to answer questions.
      • 1 question to ask each of the other groups, prepared in advance.
      • NO BORING PROJECTS!!!! Entertain Mr. Benson = good grade.
  • 3. Earth Science Project (DUE OCTOBER 12)
    • Subjects:
      • Continental drift
      • Fossilization
      • Volcanoes
      • Earthquakes
      • Earth’s seasons
      • Earth’s interior
      • Earth’s atmosphere
      • Weather
      • Climate change/global warming
      • Planetary formation
  • 4. Earth Science Project (DUE OCTOBER 12, SERIOUSLY)
    • Bonus point opportunities:
      • Come up with a kinesthetic learning technique (think Mr. Benson’s two kinds of waves)
      • Bring in a video clip from a relevant movie (weather - Twister. Volcanoes - Dante’s Peak. Fossilization - Jurassic Park. Climate change - the day after tommorow).
      • Record a video demonstrating your subject.
      • Parody a song using your subject.
      • Write/Recite a poem.
      • Go above and beyond the minimum requirements.
  • 5. Wrap-up
    • What are you going to do to help your group succeed on the project? What are some ideas you might have that would get you an A+ on the assignment?
    • Qu'allez-vous faire pour aider votre groupe à réussir sur le projet ? Quelles sont quelques idées que vous pourriez avoir qui t'obtiendrait un A+ sur la tâche ?
    • ¿Qué usted va a hacer para ayudar a su grupo a tener éxito en el proyecto? ¿Cuáles son algunas ideas que usted puede ser que tenga que le conseguiría un A+ en la asignación?