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Skateboarding fundamentals
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Skateboarding fundamentals


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  • 1. SkateboardingFundamentals By Ben Perry
  • 2. Skateboarding• Skateboarding started in the late 1940’s when surfers wanted a way of doing their sport on land so they combined surf boards with roller- skate wheels.
  • 3. A skateboard broken down The Griptape is what enables yourThe Hardware is shoes to keep onthe nuts and bolts the board and notwhich attach the slip offdeck to the Trucks The Deck is pieces of wood put together in a specific shape so you can ride the board The bearing is what The Truck is the axel The Wheel is makes the wheels of the boars which what spins spin enables turning and round to make connects the deck the board move and the wheels forward and backwards
  • 4. Skateboarding Stances• The stance is which way you stand on your skateboard whether you have your right or your left foot forward, usually if you kick a ball with your right foot you will skateboard with your right foot at the back because it will be your stronger leg this stance is called regular stance.• If you stand with your left foot at the back of the board it is called goofy stance.
  • 5. Skateboarding stances continued Regular• Once you have found out which stance you are there are other stances involved while doing tricks such as ‘nollie’ ‘switch’ and ‘Fakie’ these are just variations of where you put Nollie your feet.• Nollie – is where you move your front foot onto the nose and push down using that foot instead. Fakie• Fakie – is where you are standing in your normal stance but traveling backwards• Switch – is basically standing in the opposite stance to what you normally do e.g. if you Switch were regular you would skate goofy and it would be called switch because your switching your stance.
  • 6. Basic Tricks• The Ollie is the starting ground for all skateboarding tricks, it is basically just a jump where you push down on the tail of the board then slide your front foot forward this should create the Ollie. From the Ollie you can make variations of it such as a 180.
  • 7. Tricks• From the ollie you can then progress onto more difficult tricks such as the kickflip where the board flips 360 degrees in a rolling rotation like in the picture.
  • 8. Ramps• Ramps are a key part of learning how to skateboard as most people find it impressive when you go on a half pipe
  • 9. Bibliography•••••••