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Infrastructures today are many and varied. This conference will show you how to manage a heterogeneous infrastructure based on Windows, Linux, LTSP with free software. Based on specific examples and …

Infrastructures today are many and varied. This conference will show you how to manage a heterogeneous infrastructure based on Windows, Linux, LTSP with free software. Based on specific examples and feedback we'll show you how to manage the deployment and management of your clients based on Windows or Linux centrally.

We will also show you how to manage in a unified manner while keeping the specifics of each operating system, the problem of user profiles and deployment of applications on small links such as ADSL or VPN links. We finish this presentation with a look at the challenges to come in this field.

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  • 1. Infrastructure management with FusionDirectory – ­ Linuxtag 2013 – CC­BY­SAInfrastructure managementwith
  • 2. Infrastructure management with FusionDirectory – ­ Linuxtag 2013 – CC­BY­SA● History● What are today challenges ?● The FusionDirectory answer● Philosophy● Architecture● At the heart of FusionDirectory● FusionDirectory plugins● Argonaut system● Roadmap● DemonstrationHistoryChallengesSolutionPhilosophyArchitecturePluginsArgonautDeploymentRoadmapContactsDemonstrationInfrastructure management withFusionDirectory
  • 3. Infrastructure management with FusionDirectory – ­ Linuxtag 2013 – CC­BY­SAInfrastructure management withFusionDirectoryHistory● Community fork of Gosa² on February 2011● 1.0 on 3/04/2011● 1.0.1 on 14/05/2011● 1.0.2 on 4/10/2011● 1.0.3 on 4/06/2012● 1.0.4 on 16/11/2012● 1.0.5 LTS on 24/04/2013● 1.0.6 LTS on 10/05/2013HistoryChallengesSolutionPhilosophyArchitecturePluginsArgonautDeploymentRoadmapContactsDemonstration
  • 4. Infrastructure management with FusionDirectory – ­ Linuxtag 2013 – CC­BY­SAInfrastructure management withFusionDirectoryWhat are today challenges ?● Today architecture are diverse, varied and complexto manage, lots of differents tools with various levelof expertise needed.● No interface to manage them all in a standardizedway, no easy way to give acces to lessexperienced personal● User with various level of expertise should be ableto use the tool● Simplify sysadmin workHistoryChallengesSolutionPhilosophyArchitecturePluginsArgonautDeploymentRoadmapContactsDemonstration
  • 5. Infrastructure management with FusionDirectory – ­ Linuxtag 2013 – CC­BY­SAInfrastructure management withFusionDirectoryHow to resolve them ?● Use some form of data centralization.● Ldap is particulary suited for that kind of use● There is plenty of ldap servers implementation infree software● Lots of service already have an ldap backend today● Security and replication are nativeHistoryChallengesSolutionPhilosophyArchitecturePluginsArgonautDeploymentRoadmapContactsDemonstration
  • 6. Infrastructure management with FusionDirectory – ­ Linuxtag 2013 – CC­BY­SAInfrastructure management withFusionDirectoryThe FusionDirectory Solution● FusionDirectory core– Management of users / groups– Management of department– ...● FusionDirectory plugins– Management of systems, services– Management of sudo, ssh, dsa, aliases, automount ...– …● Management of systems withFusionDirectory– Deploy GNU/Linux, Windows systems– Manage Gnu/Linux, Windows servicesHistoryChallengesSolutionPhilosophyArchitecturePluginsArgonautDeploymentRoadmapContactsDemonstration
  • 7. Infrastructure management with FusionDirectory – ­ Linuxtag 2013 – CC­BY­SAInfrastructure management withFusionDirectoryFusionDirectory philosophy● One interface to manage them all– Account/Groups– Servers– Services● The least intrusive possible integration– This is FusionDirectory that fits.– Maximum use of existing software● Fine grained Modularity– A FusionDirectory plugins for a fonctionnality/serviceHistoryChallengesSolutionPhilosophyArchitecturePluginsArgonautDeploymentRoadmapContactsDemonstration
  • 8. Infrastructure management with FusionDirectory – ­ Linuxtag 2013 – CC­BY­SAInfrastructure management withFusionDirectoryFusionDirectory architecture● Information storage– LDAP-based directory– OpenLDAP/389 Directory/ ...● Manipulation of information– PHP5 web interface● Application of the information (Argonaut)– Client / server protocol using JSON● Dialog with services– Direct: The service deployed directly questions thedirectory– Indirect : Argonaut is used to interact with servicesHistoryChallengesSolutionPhilosophyArchitecturePluginsArgonautDeploymentRoadmapContactsDemonstration
  • 9. Infrastructure management with FusionDirectory – ­ Linuxtag 2013 – CC­BY­SAInfrastructure management withFusionDirectoryClassical ArchitectureHistoryChallengesSolutionPhilosophyArchitecturePluginsArgonautDeploymentRoadmapContactsDemonstration
  • 10. Infrastructure management with FusionDirectory – ­ Linuxtag 2013 – CC­BY­SAInfrastructure management withFusionDirectoryFusionDirectory – Plugins● Users plugins– Windows accounts management– Mail accounts management– FreeRadius accounts management– Quota accounts management● System/Services plugins– Mail (Generic, Cyrus, ... )– Deployment (FAI, OPSI, Debconf, Puppet)– logs (Rsyslog)– DNS (bind9), DHCP (isc-dhcp-ldap)– Quota– ArgonautHistoryDefinitionSolutionPhilosophyArchitecturePluginsArgonautDeploymentRoadmapContactsDemonstration
  • 11. Infrastructure management with FusionDirectory – ­ Linuxtag 2013 – CC­BY­SAInfrastructure management withFusionDirectoryArgonaut● Client / Server System● Server– Scheduling tasks– Provides a dialogue with the client side for long operations (machineinstallation)– Send back informations to FusionDirectory● Client– Applies tasks triggered by FD or Argonaut server● Support right now :– Argonaut::FAI : deploy Linux workstations with FAI– Argonaut::Debconf : deploy Linux workstations with Debian preseed– Argonaut::OPSI : deploy windows PC with OPSI– Argonaut::Ldap2zone : mange DNS zones– Argonaut::Quota : Manage server quotasHistoryDefinitionSolutionPhilosophyArchitecturePluginsArgonautDeploymentRoadmapContactsDemonstration
  • 12. Infrastructure management with FusionDirectory – ­ Linuxtag 2013 – CC­BY­SAInfrastructure management withFusionDirectoryDeployment● Deployment of GNU/Linux systems● Deploying Windows systems● System/service Management● Updates managementHistoryDefinitionSolutionPhilosophyArchitecturePluginsArgonautDeploymentRoadmapContactsDemonstration
  • 13. Infrastructure management with FusionDirectory – ­ Linuxtag 2013 – CC­BY­SAInfrastructure management withFusionDirectory● Deployement● Deployment of GNU systems / Linux 1/3– Creation of the system in FusionDirectory– Creating Dhcp and DNS entries– Adding an installation profile machineHistoryDefinitionSolutionPhilosophyArchitecturePluginsArgonautDeploymentRoadmapContactsDemonstration
  • 14. Infrastructure management with FusionDirectory – ­ Linuxtag 2013 – CC­BY­SAInfrastructure management withFusionDirectoryDeployment● Deployment of GNU systems / Linux 2/3– Start the system with PXE– Mounting a GNU / Linux file system– Autodetection of the hardware– Creation of the FAI configuration directory on the machine– The rest of the installation can be followed through theweb interface FusionDirectory in real time thanks to theinstallation logs transmitted by ArgonautHistoryDefinitionSolutionPhilosophyArchitecturePluginsArgonautDeploymentRoadmapContactsDemonstration
  • 15. Infrastructure management with FusionDirectory – ­ Linuxtag 2013 – CC­BY­SAInfrastructure management withFusionDirectoryDeployment● Deployment of GNU systems / Linux 3/3– We support FAI, Debconf, Puppet– We also support basic puppet managementHistoryDefinitionSolutionPhilosophyArchitecturePluginsArgonautDeploymentRoadmapContactsDemonstration
  • 16. Infrastructure management with FusionDirectory – ­ Linuxtag 2013 – CC­BY­SAInfrastructure management withFusionDirectory● Deployment● Deploying Windows systems 1/3– Creation of the system in FusionDirectory– Creating Dhcp and DNS entries– Creating a windows system profile– Adding opsi netboot to the profile (package os install)– Adding opsi localboots to the profile (softwares to install)HistoryDefinitionSolutionPhilosophyArchitecturePluginsArgonautDeploymentRoadmapContactsDemonstration
  • 17. Infrastructure management with FusionDirectory – ­ Linuxtag 2013 – CC­BY­SAInfrastructure management withFusionDirectoryDeployment● Deploying Windows systems 2/3– Start the system with PXE– Mounting a GNU / Linux file system– Connecting to a Samba share– Autodetection of the hardware– Formatting a partition fat 16 partition, copy the i386directory on the fat16 partition if necessary– Using a Windows PE starting with vista till Seven– Reboot the classic Windows Setup startsHistoryDefinitionSolutionPhilosophyArchitecturePluginsArgonautDeploymentRoadmapContactsDemonstration
  • 18. Infrastructure management with FusionDirectory – ­ Linuxtag 2013 – CC­BY­SAInfrastructure management withFusionDirectoryDeployment● Deploying Windows systems 3/3– Windows starts– The opsi client starts and connects to the server softwarerepository– Possibility to lock the login as the software is installed in /update– Authentication, ready to workHistoryDefinitionSolutionPhilosophyArchitecturePluginsArgonautDeploymentRoadmapContactsDemonstration
  • 19. Infrastructure management with FusionDirectory – ­ Linuxtag 2013 – CC­BY­SAInfrastructure management withFusionDirectorySystem Management● Creating profiles on demand● Software installation by group membership● Printer installation on demand● ...HistoryDefinitionSolutionPhilosophyArchitecturePluginsArgonautDeploymentRoadmapContactsDemonstration
  • 20. Infrastructure management with FusionDirectory – ­ Linuxtag 2013 – CC­BY­SAInfrastructure management withFusionDirectoryDeployment – implementation● EDF R&D - FranceHistoryDefinitionSolutionPhilosophyArchitecturePluginsArgonautDeploymentRoadmapContactsDemonstrationAHigh Performance Simulation LabAGraphical cluster for the CARRIOCAS projectA64 graphical nodeB2 frontal nodesBNetworking equipementsAPOP 40 Gb/s AlcatelBSwitch/router Ethernet Extreme NetworksCSwitch Infiniband « 2X » VoltaireCStorage cluster : LUSTRE file systemA2 HP racks ( 20 To)B12 OSS servers + 1 MDS serverDCompute clusterA24 nœuds de calculB1 frontalEGPU Fermi – for accelerated double precision co-processingA1 station with 2 cards
  • 21. Infrastructure management with FusionDirectory – ­ Linuxtag 2013 – CC­BY­SAInfrastructure management withFusionDirectoryDeployment – implementation●CHJT – Belgium – Hospital– Migration from ActiveDirectory– Management of users, groups, mail– Management of servers– OPSI for windows Management●IRSTEA – France – Research institution– Management of users, groups, mail– Management of servers– Management of SUPANN and EDUPerson– OPSI for windows ManagementHistoryDefinitionSolutionPhilosophyArchitecturePluginsArgonautDeploymentRoadmapContactsDemonstration
  • 22. Infrastructure management with FusionDirectory – ­ Linuxtag 2013 – CC­BY­SAInfrastructure management withFusionDirectoryRoadmap● Publication of Argonaut management frameworkversion 0.9 in may 2013● Publication of Argonaut management frameworkversion 1.0 at the end of the year based on amqp● 1.0.x is now or LTS version supported for two years● 1.1 is the develop version where we break, clean,and add new pluginsHistoryDefinitionSolutionPhilosophyArchitecturePluginsArgonautDeploymentRoadmapContactsDemonstration
  • 23. Infrastructure management with FusionDirectory – ­ Linuxtag 2013 – CC­BY­SAInfrastructure management withFusionDirectoryContacts● Website– Http://● Forge– Http://● Documentation–● Contacts–– Irc://
  • 24. Infrastructure management with FusionDirectory – ­ Linuxtag 2013 – CC­BY­SAInfrastructure management withFusionDirectoryDemonstrationHistoryDefinitionSolutionPhilosophyArchitecturePluginsArgonautDeploymentRoadmapContactsDemonstration Come see us in Hall 7.1a booth 136