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We are professional PCB design & fabrication in Taiwan and India. We manufacture high precision, high density, and high reliability PCB up to complex multi-layered boards. We PARTNER with our ...

We are professional PCB design & fabrication in Taiwan and India. We manufacture high precision, high density, and high reliability PCB up to complex multi-layered boards. We PARTNER with our customers and suppliers to provide a total test/design solution.



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Zen Voce PCB Presentation Zen Voce PCB Presentation Presentation Transcript

  • ZEN VOCE CORPORATION PCB Products & Services ZV Confidential 1
  • 1. Product Line-up & General Capability ZV Confidential 2
  • Product Line Up PCB (Printed Circuit Board) We define the PCB design and production considerations. This includes the signal type, calibration capability, speed, resolution, and interconnect configuration for power supply, I/O channels, and control signals. These considerations and requirements are factored into fabrication decisions including the selection of a dielectric material, the various metals that will be deposited, and optimum layer stack up. High Frequency Multi-Layered PCB - Customized High Technology products , High Frequency & Impedance Controlled Product - Required short delivery (One Device – Multi designer System) - Massive product library & Experienced in major test systems / Interfaces ▶ We design and plan products considering the degree of noise and produce High Multi site Probe Card PCB through High Multi Layer technology. PCB Specification & Core Technology - CAD/CAM Design Tool & PCB Software - Design & Manufacturing capability of Multi Layered PCB (up to 52 layers) - Signal matching technology for high frequency ZV Confidential 3
  • Test Load Board & Probecard PCB Offer full range of PCB design services, Digital Analog Mixed signal Memory boards Multi-layer PCB Provide design & fabrication solution on probe card PCB, load board and PRVX motherboards. Provide full turn-key solution with component assembly solution according to customer’s request. Very competitive pricing with fast delivery time. ZV Confidential 4
  • PCB Design Capability High Technology PCB - Multi Layer (More than 52Layer) - High Frequency (Mobile Base Band) - High Speed Interface (USB2.0 , S-ATA) - Controlled Impedance PCB (50Ω±5Ω, Custom Spec :±10% , Special Spec :±5%) Design CAD TOOLS - Mentor Graphics, Power PCB(PADS) - Accel (P-CAD) - Cadence, Allegro, Orcad Capture - CAM350 - Auto CAD ZV Confidential 5
  • Product Line Up ZV Confidential 6
  • Product Line Up ZV Confidential 7
  • PCB For Probe Card 2-2. PCB For Probe Card DRAM ø440 WFBI ø440 DRAM ø305 Layers : 14 – 52 Materials : FR-4, FR-5, Polymide, PPE, BT Thickness : 3.2T - 7.0T Impedance matching : 50 ± 5ohm Memory (DRAM & FLASH & WFBI) , Non Memory ZV Confidential 8
  • Motherboards 3. Mother Board (PRVX) We designs and manufactures a diversified product of line of motherboards. Motherboards used in conjunction with probe card analyzing equipment are a critical and necessary component to measure probe card correlation and performance prior to production wafer testing. Configuration - Motherboard PCB - Pogo Mold & Pin - Upper Base & Down Base - Other Tools Product Item (PRVX III) - Teradyne Catalyst - Teradyne Flex - Teradyne Tiger - Yokogawa ST6730 - Advantest T6372 - Advantest T6673 - HP 93000 - Fostes SF3000 ZV Confidential 9
  • PCB Specification 제품명 Layer Thickness Impedance Material 비고 Probe Card 2~52 3.2 ~7.0 50Ω±5Ω FR-4 Memory Customer Spec : ±10% Polyimide DD I (Special Spec : ±5%) PPE Logic BT Mixed Rogers Load Board 2~48 2~6.35 50Ω±5Ω FR-4 Logic Customer Spec : ±10% Polyimide Mixed (Special Spec : ±5%) PPE BT Rogers Mother Board (PRVX) 6~26 4.8 FR-4 580x725.5 470 x 730 x 75 ZV Confidential 10
  • Specifications ITEM Standard Special Material Board Material FR4,FR408,N4000-13 Getek, Polyimide, Ceramic Structure Flatness/Warpage ±5 mil/in ±2 mils/in Layers Max. 24 Layers Max. 52 Layers B/d Thickness Tol. +/- 10% +/- 5% Hole Drilled Hole Size Min. Finish 6milsψ Min. Finish 4milsψ Aspect Ratio 10 32 Trace Width 3mils 2mils(Internal), 3mils (external) Line Spacing 3mils 2mils(Internal), Design Rule 3mils (external) Annular Ring 2.5mils 1.5mils ZV Confidential 11
  • PCB Material Applications in different Temperature ZV Confidential 12
  • Our Major Performance PROBE CARD PCB Item Para Layer Remark Memory 16~256 16~52 T5365,T5371,T5375,T5377,AL6050,FOS8000 DDI 1~12 10~48 T6700,T6371,T6372,ST6730 and etc. CIS 1~32 10~32 J750,IP750,MAGNUM LOGIC 1~4 4~24 T3324,T6682,ITS9000,VERSA and etc. MIXED 1~4 4~30 FLEX,HP93K,SHAPPHIR,FUSION and etc. LOAD Board Item Tester Remark R/F Catalyst, U-Flex Mobile Bandwidth High Speed Tiger, Fusion USB2.0, S-ATA LOGIC T3324,T6682 MIXED CATALYST,FLEX,HP93K, SHAPPHIR ADC,DAC PRVX Mother Board Item Tester Remark Mother Board PRVXⅡ, PRVXⅢ HP93K,T5375,ST6730 and etc. ZV Confidential 13
  • Platform Supported (LCD & Memory) • Universal Probe Card <For LCD Driver> TS6700-B Type T7315-A Type T7315-B Type (No GND) T6371 (ND-1) ST6730 <For Memory > T5335P-8DUTs-Horizon T5335P-8DUTs-Vertical T5335P-4DUTs T5335P-1DUT-T10514 T5363 V3300-8DUTs V3300-4DUTs V3300-4DUTs-Diagonal ZV Confidential 14
  • Platform Supported (Mixed signal/RF) Universal Probe Card Load Board <For Logic > HP93000 HP83000 Tiger HP93000 Uflex DUO 9” IFLEX KALOS Chroma 3600 J750 SC312 Catalyst HP83000 Tiger V7100 J750 SC312 Catalyst ZV Confidential 15
  • Platform Supported (Mixed signal/RF) Customized PCB All Teradyne platform All HP/Verigy platform All Credence platform All LTX platform PRVX Mother Board HP93K J750 Catalyst Tiger Uflex KALOS DUO6” DUO9” ZV Confidential 16
  • Product Line-up ▣ PROBE CARD & TEST B/D LIBRARY ▣ PRVX II & III M/B LIBRARY TERADYNE ADVANTEST MOSAID VERSA CATALYST ITS9000 J750 T3324 V2000 MS3400 V3000 T5371 J750 J937 T5365 V3300 T5335 MS4155 T5377 FLEX J994 T5371 MS4205 ASIA J995 AL6050 SAPPHIRE T5581 A7160 J996 T5377 HP A7162 FOS7000 T6372 J997 T6371 A7163 HP 83K HF3000 T6371 Catalyst T6372 A7164 HP 93K FLEX SF3000 HP93K CREDENCE HP 4062 LTX System A565 T3326 HP94K QUARTET Delta 50 A580 HP 4071 KALOS Delta trillium VALSTAR KALOS HP 4072 YOKOGAWA SC312 VLCT TS6700 SC212 SCHLUMBERGER TS6700 EAGLE ITS9000 ST6730 DUO ETS364 TS6730 ZV Confidential 17
  • PCB Manufacture Capability Description Korean Fab. Japanese Fab. American Fab. GETEK, Nelco, Roger's, Polymide, Cyanate FR4, Polymide, Nelco, Roger's ,BT, Polymide, Material FR-5, Polymide, Megtoron6, etc.. Ester, ARLON, Hybrid Construction etc.. Combinations Pannel Size 770 x 580 mm 500 x 720 mm 660 x 890 mm Layer (6.35mm) 60 lyrs 58 lyrs 60 lyrs Min Copper weights 1/2 oz (18 micron) 1/2 oz (18 micron) 1/4 oz (9 michron) 6.35T: ∮0.3 6.35T: ∮0.3 6.35T: ∮0.25 6.2T:∮0.3 6.2T:∮0.25 6.2T:∮0.20 4.8T: ∮0.25 4.8T: ∮0.25 4.8T: ∮0.15 Mechanical spec. Min. Drill hole diameter 3.2T: ∮0.20 3.2T: ∮0.20 3.2T: ∮0.15 2.0T:∮0.20 2.0T:∮0.20 2.0T:∮0.10 1.6T: ∮0.15 1.6T: ∮0.15 1.6T: ∮0.10 Normal: NI 4㎛, AU 0.05㎛ Normal: Ni 3㎛, AU0.05㎛ Normal: Ni 5.08㎛, AU0.076㎛ Plating thickness Max: NI 8㎛, AU 0.09㎛ Max: NI 7㎛ , AU 3㎛ Max: NI 7.62㎛, AU 1.27㎛ Min pitch 0.9 mm pitch 0.8 mm pitch 0.8 mm pitch T 6.35mm (P/C) Min. Pad size 0.50 mm 0.45 mm 0.45 mm Clearance 0.20 mm 0.20 mm 0.20 mm Min pitch 0.6 mm pitch 0.5 mm pitch(developing 0.4pitch) 0.4 mm pitch T 4.8mm (L/B) Min. Pad size 0.3 mm 0.30 mm 0.20 mm Clearance 0.15 mm 0.1 mm 0.1 mm Quick turn delivery Hiper Via Low DK speciall material Advance Laser Via for pine pitch, Excelent plating High Thickness of plating Low layer product / stable quality Fine pitch BI Board Low DK Load board Application Probe Card / Load Board High performance probe card High performance Load Board Lead time 7 days 2 weeks 2~3 weeks ZV Confidential 18
  • MLC Design / Manufacture Capability Property LTCC HTCC Dielectric Constant 5.1±0.2 8.8±0.2 Fired Density 3.10 g/cm3 3.54 g/cm3 Flexural Strength 203 Mpa 435 Mpa 200℃ 2.56 9.23 Thermal Dielectric Ceramic Material Conductivity 400℃ 2.41 9.62 RT~200℃ 6.245×10-6/℃ 7.527×10-6/℃ Thermal Expansion RT~400℃ 6.237×10-6/℃ 7.592×10-6/℃ Coefficient RT~500℃ 6.308×10-6/℃ 7.462×10-6/℃ Conductor Ag Ag W W Metal Contents 85±1% 90±1% 85±1% 90±1% Conductor Metal Firing Temp. 850~900℃ 850~900℃ 1,500~1550℃ 1,500~1550℃ Signal Line Signal Line Usage Inner GND Via Filling Inner GND Via Filling Power Plane Power Plane ZV Confidential 19
  • 2. Software ZV Confidential 20
  • EDA Simulation Tools Enough Engineering of EDA Tool Expertise Background Allegro PCB SI Allegro PCB PI Allegro Package SI Hyper-lynx Paksi-E and Tm PowerGrid Hspice ZV Confidential 21
  • Library Advantest Schlumberger Teradyne Credence Yokokawa Mosaid Verigy Versa Nextest TI T5335 ITS9000 J973 SC212 TS6700 MS3440 HP83000 V1000 M1 VLCT 8" T5365 ITS9000EX J993 SC312 TS6700A MS3480 HP93000 V2000 M2 VLCT12" T5371 DX2000 J994 Kalos TS6700B MS3485 HP94000 V3300 Maveric RASP T5375 DX2001 J995 KalosII TS6700C MS40xx HP95000 V4400 All series SPREAD T5377 DX2200 J996 KalosXW AL6050 V5400 T5377(250mm) DX3000 J997 VV AL6060 T5363 J971 Duo Catalyst T5581 Tiger Quartet T5591 J750 Octet T5592 IP750 Sapphire T5595 Catalyst T6371 Flex Series T6372 T7315 T5771 T5575 LM4 ZV Confidential 22
  • Library Teradyne J750-1024 / 512 ZV Confidential 23
  • 3. Equipment ZV Confidential 24
  • Equipment <1> TDR System <2> Digital Dial Gauges Brand : Tektronix Brand : Sylvac Model : TDS8000 Model : S229 Function : Impedance Check Spec : 12.5 mm – 0.001 / 0.5” – 0.00005 Function : Flatness/Thickness Check ZV Confidential 25
  • Equipment <3> 2 Dimensions Coordinate Measuring Machine Brand : ChienWei Model : PJG-600 DV Function : Dimension/Mechanical Hole Check <4> Flying Probe Brand : MicroCraft Model : ELX6146 Function : Leakage/Open/Short Test ZV Confidential 26
  • 4. Special Capabilities ZV Confidential 27
  • RF Capability ZV Confidential 28
  • RF Test Capability Actual Tester Environment Verigy, Teradyne,Credence,etc.. ZV Confidential 29
  • Design Signal Integrity (SI) Capability ZV Confidential 30
  • Design SI Simulation Load Board Design – Micro strip Implementation – Single ended ZV Confidential 31
  • Design SI Capability ZV Confidential 32
  • Design SI Capability • Rise time becoming more rapid (bandwidth increasing) – Reflection and Ringing – Crosstalk – SSN – Skew – Jitter – Loss & ISI • Lower power-supply voltage and High current – Power supply droop and ground bounce – Adequate power plane decoupling is the key – Power delivery impedance is frequency dependent – Common-mode radiated noise (EMI) EMI SUSCEPTIBILITY THERMAL NOISE RADIATION N T IO ATTENUATION L EC GROUND BOUNCE R EF CROSSTALK INTERCONNECT DELAY ZV Confidential 33
  • Signal Integrity Analysis Flow Schematic Pre-layout Driver Models Analysis Constraint Driven Layout Post Layout Analysis Meet No Spec. Yes Fabrication ZV Confidential 34
  • Pre Layout Analysis • Define Specification & Verification • Schematic & Topology Optimization • Stack-Up & Floor Planning ZV Confidential 35
  • Pre Layout Analysis • Reflection and Ringing Analysis • Propagation delay variations (skew) • Crosstalk Analysis • Single-ended I/O supply noise (SSN) ZV Confidential 36
  • Power Layout Analysis • Power supply droop and ground bounce • De-coupling Capacitors Estimation • Common-mode radiated noise (EMI) ZV Confidential 37
  • RF Capability Teradyne Catalyst ZV Confidential 38
  • RF Capability Integraflex ZV Confidential 39
  • 5. Process Flow ZV Confidential 40
  • Artwork Flow Getting Design Info. Part Placement PCB FAB Verify Design Info. PCB Art-Work PCB Inspection Design Registration of Library Verification Assemble of Plot (.DXF) Parts Sch. (Net_list) CAM OUT Delivery Import ZV Confidential 41
  • Working Procedure ZV Confidential 42
  • Load Board Design Request •Tester Channel Mapping •Tester Data •Tester Mechanic Drawing ZV Confidential 43
  • Load Board Design Request • Schematic Critical Line SPEC Socket Drawing • IC Datasheet IBIS(IC/Component) ZV Confidential 44
  • 7. Quality ZV Confidential 45
  • Quality Policy Our goal is to provide the highest quality our item available anywhere. We guarantee the customer's satisfaction. Prompt delivery is our objective of production. Our experienced engineers guarantee the quality and schedule production. So that you can catch up on challenging market. ZV Confidential 46
  • Quality Assurance • by SMD system. • TDR , L R C Check in House ( Not depend on third party ) • Repair Service in Local ZV Confidential 47
  • Quality Assurance * All signal ( Leakage / Short ) being guaranteed by QA system for Probe card PCB ZV Confidential 48
  • Outgoing QC Inspection System • External Check • Dimension • Thickness • Flatness • Bending • Open/Short Test • Leakage Test • TDR for Impedance Test ZV Confidential 49
  • Quality Assurance •All signal ( TDR / Impedance ) being guaranteed by QA system for all product ZV Confidential 50
  • 7. Contacts ZV Confidential 51
  • Contact us Zen Voce Manufacturing Pte Ltd 5004 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5 #04-06 TECHplace II Singapore 569872 Tel: 65 6319 9991 Fax: 65 6319 9997 www.zenvoce.com ZV Confidential 52
  • Thank You ZV Confidential 53