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    • Ben Mildren Ben Mildren The function in the slide is a simplified formula that was used for the purposes of the presentation. Reviewing the sysstat source, you'll see the function used to calculate the avgqu-sz in iostat.c is: S_VALUE(ioj->rq_ticks, ioi->rq_ticks, itv) / 1000.0, The S_VALUE function is defined in common.h as: S_VALUE(m,n,p) (((double) ((n) - (m))) / (p) * HZ) After refreshing myself with the source it looks like the interval supplied as (p) is actually calculated in jiffies and the HZ (Hertz) is being used to normalize this into ms. In this case we don't want ms, we want requests, based on how the time_in_queue (field 11) is calculated, the additional division by 1000 is being used here to make this conversion and provide an average number of requests over the interval.  1 week ago
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